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What Is Your Body Type?

It should go without saying that exercise has great benefits. Whether you are looking for increased muscle size and tone, improved cardiovascular function, or another variable that define fitness; provided you follow solid training principles, you will see improvements in desired areas. However, one aspect to keep in mind when you start training is body type- also know as somatotypes, created by William Sheldon (1899-1977).

Each human being is genetically unique: no two humans are the same. While this is the case, an individual will fall into one of the three categories of body type: Ectomorph, Endomorph or Mesomorph.

Ectomorphs are characterised by a slim build, low body fat, short trunks, long limbs and minimal muscle mass. Ectomorphs will have a hard time gaining weight and muscle mass; training should be focused on compound: multi joint, weight bearing exercises. Ectomorphs will generally have a fast metabolism and burn calories rapidly. Well know ectomorphs include: David Beckham, Lisa Kudrow, Edward Norton, Brad Pitt and Cameron Diaz.

Endomorph will tend to have a pear shaped appearance, with much of the mass being concentrated around the abdominal area. Endomorphs arm and legs tend to be short in length, whilst the upper region of these limbs are more developed that lower sections. This body type will also feature a spherical, large shaped head. Training for the endomorph should focus around speeding-up their naturally slow metabolism, with cardiovascular exercise being ideal, as well as circuit training also being appropriate. Famous endomorphs: John Goodman, Shane Warne, Roseanne and Jack Black.

The mesomorph is identified by well-defined muscles and large bones; torso will taper to a relatively narrow and low waist creating a V-shape for males, and an hour-glass for females. The bones and muscles of the head are projected, with features of the face clearly defined; cheek bones and a square- abundant jaw. Mesomorphs can develop and build muscle mass without much difficulty, and can usually eat without fear of gaining fat. Mesomorphs are athletic by nature, so training can consists of any individual preference. However, it must be noted that high volume cardiovascular exercise can cause the mesomorph to lose lean muscle mass. Celebrity mesomorphs include: Mike Tyson, Marion Jones, Bruce Willis and Laila Ali(daughter of Muhammad Ali).

Combination of Body Type
Whilst the body types are segregated into the three categories, many will find that they are a combination of body types. An individual may carry the characteristics of an ectomorph in long limbs, mixed with the well defined muscles and large bones of a mesomorph.

While people may see one of the above three body types as superior, it is important to remember that a healthy body should be a persons main aim, because at the end of the day: there is no such thing as a perfect shape.


Natural And Organic Skin Treatment Recipes

Healthy, younger looking skin is a little something that just about every person would like to have. You will recognize that it is generally the women that bother about their skin, even so there are furthermore a lot of guys that care to. Since this program can show you on the ways to make your own, and you will not have to purchase them in the shops ever again, you can save a lot of cash. And so in this post we're going to be taking a closer look at the "Skin Care E-Learning and Resource Center".

First permit me to point out that we will be going over the three biggest reasons every person should be making use of this program. You will recognize that these kinds of three topics are extremely important to many men and women so keep reading.

The ingredients that you're going to end up using to make these product are things you can buy in most any store and they're all natural. Be truthful with yourself and ask yourself if you would rather utilize natural items on your skin or perhaps if you would favor manufactured chemicals? Many products which you buy in stores are packed with chemicals and other elements that really are not good for your skin in the first place. You will recognize that there are natural anti-aging attributes in the skin care treatments which you make yourself together with natural ingredients.

Men and women will have different things that they want to give attention to on the subject of their skin care and you will come across different recipes for treating different things that relate to the skin. You'll find recipes that will help do away with lines and wrinkles from your skin. You also are not going to spend anywhere near what the stores charge you regarding anti-wrinkle cream that never appears to work. In case you have age spots you will appreciate that there is a recipe in the program which can help with that also. Age spots are generally something that many men and women have to endure but now you can take care of it on your terms. There are plenty of recipes you can find with this program but we just wanted to talk about a couple that you may find valuable.

And the final thing we want to talk about is how much money you can conserve when your generating your own skin care products. For only one anti-wrinkle product that you can get in a store, you may possibly find yourself paying $50 for just one jar. Now for the very best part you can start out to make your own, and only expend a few cents. The majority of females have a great deal more than just a jar of anti-wrinkle cream, so when you begin finding out how much money it can save you, it could add up to large sums of money every month.

"Naturally Skinsational" is the title of the particular book that you receive with this particular program which is where you will discover the all natural skin care recipes. This was in addition highlighted on Fox News, so that really should tell you something in regards to the way this program works. You can in addition get this program for only $19.95 when you buy through their web page. And it likewise features a 2 month refund policy if you are not satisfied with the product for any reason.


Must Have Beauty Supplies Simply Look Great

Beauty may be only skin deep. It might be in the eye of the beholder. But, for most ordinary women, that beauty needs a little help to shine. This is where good makeup products can come in. By enhancing features that stand out, and de-emphasizing flaws or imperfections, a good makeup collection can really help almost any woman look and feel better.

When makeup is necessary (as it is for most of us), there are a few things a woman's collection shouldn't be without. They include:

* Foundation. Unless you've been blessed with skin that's smooth and balanced all over, foundation will be key in creating any look. By smoothing out the skin's appearance and helping hide any trouble spots, foundation is up there with necessities for any good makeup kit.

* Blush. The only problem with foundation is the fact it tends to give skin a monotone appearance. To overcome this and add some depth and beauty, blusher comes in. This can be light and natural or wild and eye-popping; it's all up to the user. The key here is to highlight cheekbones and add a little color to the foundation's finish.

* Lipstick. Ask almost any woman and you'll find she won't be caught without her favorite lipstick. Adding a little touch of color when it's needed, plus a lot of other side benefits, such as conditioning the skin on the lips, this is a basic essential for any well-rounded makeup collection.

* Mascara. When the eyes look good, the rest of the face tends to. While it's not always necessary to wear full eye shadow and liner to look great, a little mascara can go along way all on its own. The choices here are many, too. The look with mascara can be natural or it can be dark and dramatic even when no other eye makeup is worn.

There are, of course, other makeup products, but the four above are the absolute essentials. Add to this list, however, powder, concealer, eye shadow, eye liner and even lip liner and you'll have what it takes to complete an upscale and glamorous look or a natural and alluring appearance.

Choosing the right making is perhaps the most difficult thing for a woman to do. One color might look good in the store, but becomes awful outside of it. The key to finding the best makeup is to shop around, trying different colors on and be willing to experiment.

Also important is making the decision of what kind of look you'd like to achieve. The makeup essentials for a natural, but enhanced, look will be very different than those chosen for a glamorous night on the town in most cases. Daytime makeup, for example, should generally be more subdued while nighttime fare can be bolder, darker and more dramatic.

When possible, experiment with different colors and be willing to try different combinations to achieve different results. Pick out those colors that compliment your natural looks while also drawing attention to your best features. Do take advantage of free samples whenever possible to try looks on for size before buying them.

Makeup isn't needed in abundance to help a woman look beautiful, but a little bit can really help Mother Nature along. Simple, basic products can go a long way toward this end.


Pick The Best Roses For Your Garden

Roses have long been a favorite amongst gardeners, and the rose continues to enjoy great popularity today. In addition to their beauty as cut flowers and in bouquets, roses are among the most useful and attractive flowers to grace the landscape of any home. As a matter of fact, the exterior of any home can be made more graceful and more inviting through the use of wonderful landscape roses. Choosing the right ones, and ensuring that they compliment the overall style of the home, is very important to the overall success of the landscape.

There are literally hundreds of types of roses that you can grow in your garden. With such a selection to choose from, it can be extremely difficult to choose the rose that's right for you. To make this task a bit easier, We've outlined a few important factors you should consider.


Choosing the right roses for your particular climate zone is essential. In order for roses to grow healthy and bloom generously, they must be able to adjust to your climate.If you live in an area that is prone to cold winters, you would certainly want a rose that could survive during the off season. If your climate is mild you have many more chooses to consider. Choosing the best rose varieties for your specific climate should mean fewer pesticides, fewer disease issues and an overall healthier garden.


Color may seem trivial at first glance, but it's usually an important factor to those that want to grow roses. Usually it is simply a matter of personal preference, but you may want to try creating a complimentary color palette for your rose garden. The goal of choosing the best colored roses for the landscape should be to compliment the color of the surrounding landscape. For instance, a spray of plain white tea roses can be striking against a dark red brick home, or an arrangement of pink roses can be the perfect compliment to a stone or marble entranceway. With so many colors of roses to choose from, it should be easy to find colors that compliment and enhance any decorating scheme.


The size of the roses you choose is also very important. Consider the height of the rose at full growth. If the rose grows 15 feet tall, will it look unattractive in your garden? Remember, roses vary in size. While some roses may grow up to 8 feet, others can grow as high as 20 feet.Measure the area of your garden prior to choosing your roses. Compare your width and height measurements with roses you'd like to purchase. Your roses will need plenty of space to grow as well as room for exposure to the air.


You need to consider the size of your garden space, so that you can ensure proper exposure to the air and other elements as well. Crowding too many plants into two smaller space won't give you the results you desire.If you have only a small amount of space to dedicate to roses, you may want to grow miniature roses. These roses do not take up much space and they are easy to plant and care for.


Old Garden Roses bloom for several months at a time, and have a strong and beautiful scent. If however, certain fragrances would invoke an allergic reaction, you would certainly want to plant roses that have a softer fragrance than the others. Shrub roses are a good choose, they have less sent than some other types.


How much time will you be able to spend maintaining your roses? Are you one of those people who lives to be in the garden, or are you more of a low-maintenance gardener? There are several types of roses which are very high-maintenance. Although they'll be dazzling in your garden, they'll require a lot of your time. The classification known as "Modern Roses" are very stunning, long blooming, and highly fragrant; however, they are very high maintenance and are prone to disease. The rose classification known as "Old Garden Roses", on the other hand, have been bred to be very disease-resistant and require less maintenance. "Old Garden Roses" bloom for several months at a time, and have a strong and beautiful scent. The bad news is that people with strong allergies to fragrances will have a terrible time around them. If that could be a problem for you, then consider any of the variety known as "shrub roses". They are also disease-resistant and long blooming, but produce a mild scent.


You should also consider what other types of flowers or plants you plan to add to the garden. You want to add plants and flowers that will not create a damaging environment to your rose's ecosystem. In other words, make sure any other plants are good neighbors. A popular trend in the world of landscaping is to use a variety of different plants and flowers in the landscape. Doing so not only makes for a vibrant garden, but it is thought to enhance the health of the soil as well. Fortunately, roses lend themselves well to this mixture, and roses can be a beautiful part of an overall landscape of plants and flowers.

The bottom line is while there are a wide variety of rose plants, do your homework and pick the plants that are best suited to your locale and your particular garden situation. But don't be afraid, just forge ahead and soon you will be enjoying both the beauty and fragrance of your own rose plants.

With a little up front planning and consideration you can have a lovely Rose Garden for years to come. Enjoy the journey and enjoy your garden!


The Quality Bafi Wines Are Now-a-days Available Online Also

Banfi: Are you looking to buy some quality Banfi wines online, but do not have any idea where to begin your search? Well, it's a good thing you are looking for quality stores, and there is a good reason for that. It is essential to buy from stores that have been around for some time now, and have reputable clients and customers who can bare testament to their association with the store. This can always be a good idea, another aspect to look out for; the stores duration of service, this also gives you a good idea where to go and where to avoid spending your money, and this is of course just a general out line, not to say that all new stores are scams. One store that has been around for a while, and can provide you with some wonderful Banfi brews is Nick's wine corner.

You will find lots of quality Banfi wines to choose from, and will be most pleased with the sheer variety at you disposal at Nick's wine corner. Try the much talked about 2006 Banfi Centine Tuscan Blend 5 liter Imperial. Now that's what you call an imperial sized Tuscan so you can get the big picture. This is a grand brew ready to be enjoyed with friends and family, and gives you tremendous value for money, and is also most popular amongst many Banfi wine enthusiasts. A great buy if you happen to be looking into the Banfi collection at Nick's wine corner. And you can rest assured that you will find many similar value based offers at Nick's wine corner, so do make sure you sight out all possible options.

This particular Banfi Tuscan is a wonderfully well brewed wine, and is bound to be one of your favorites if you are fond of the Banfi labels specific style of making wines, and also enjoy a good Tuscan brew. It has a very rich presence of blackberry, and the introduction of earth flows perfectly to provide a full bodied palate, and as a result you can just sense the arrival of the soft tannins that slowly takes over to lead the notion towards a slow and progressive fruition. This Banfi may just be the ideal Tuscan for you, and you can enjoy this super jumbo sized Banfi, at an affordable price at Nick's wine corner, always giving you more for less, time and time again, so that you do not have to go anywhere else.

Whenever you are looking to buy quality Banfi wines online, Nick's wane corner should be your store of choice. If it is variety you crave, then you will have it at Nick's wine corner, allowing you to pick and choose from an impressive range of wines and fine brews, over one thousand labels at your disposal, now that's a hand full. And if it is economy you are worried about, Nick's wine corner is the ultimate store to buy Banfi labels and others from at highly competitive prices, ensuring quality and satisfaction all the way.


Morgan Freeman's Journey In The World Of Movies

Probably you already know who Morgan Freeman is. For sure, you have seen some of his movies, such as Driving Miss Daisy, Street Smart or Million Dollar Baby and I am sure that you just loved them. He is not only known as a great actor; he is also capable to capture the public with his wonderful played roles.

For the past years, Morgan Freeman has captured the interest of every viewer. He was able to wrap up various character presented to him. Playing his role distinctly and in accordance with the character he must portray. At the present time, he was a remarkable figure of the United States contemporary film industry. Thus many critics regard him as sparkling actors and positive comments are pouring onto him. Currently, he is an actor, film director and a narrator. Because of his films, he became a very prominent actor with various award nominations. Among of the awards he recently won was from Golden Global Award and Screen Actors Guilt Award.

Morgan Freeman took birth in the year 1937 at Tennessee. His acting career started during his childhood. He was only 9 years old when he started to perform in various school plays. After three year, he was able to perform a lead role in drama and was able to won that competition. Then he also tried performing in radios. A few years after, he worked in the United State Air Force as a mechanic. After that work, he became a transcript clerk. At the same time he was also engaged with dancing and singing and in a little while, his passion in acting surfaced.

His first riposte emergence was in Who Says I Cant Ride a Rainbow. But that did not give him any recognition. After some time, Morgan Freeman's performance got even better thus performing good roles which became a way for him to be well accepted by viewers. This led him to expose his acting skills and talents.

Morgan Freeman was good at playing elderly roles like that of a father which opened doors for him to obtain different roles like an army Sergeant Major Rawlings or Hoke. A few others of his well acclaimed films include Deep Impact, Seven, Unforgiven, and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

Morgan Freeman's acting career is revived in 1990s, bringing him many successful roles. His first one was Jurassic Park. For that, he specially went to the American Museum of Natural History. He was curious to see the prehistoric beasts. He confessed that until that time he did not know that the birds are a result of dinosaur evolution. As well, another great movie, Million Dollar Baby, brings to Morgan Freeman another award for his real-life character performance.

Morgan Freeman has been well-known in the film industry. As we watch every movie he created, we are being absorbed with the character he show thus bringing us to the world of his movies. This talented actor truly affects us in his movies and that's what you call outstanding.


To Imitate or Not To Imitate: Hollywood Celebs and Their Hair Styles

"There is only one cure for gray hair. It was invented by a Frenchman. It is called the guillotine." This is what Sir P.G. Wodehouse, English novelist, playwright and lyricist, once proclaimed of the never-ending concern for hair style. It may seem like an exaggeration, but to some the style of their hair is a matter of life and death.

Hair obsession, however, starts a long time before people started imitating Paris Hilton or Justin Bieber.

Hair Styles through the Ages

Ever changing cultural perceptions of what makes a good hair style have changed over time, like all fashion trends.

In Ancient Egypt, noblemen and women clipped their hair close to their head while in classical Greece, women's hairs was pulled back into a chignon. In ancient Rome, more ornate hairstyles were in as hair was tightly curled and then piled high on the head.

In ancient China unmarried Chinese girls were required to wear long and braided hair. In some Africa countries, hairstyles signified status; Masai warriors tied the front of their hair into sections of tiny braids with the hair grown to waist lengths. Some Native American Indian tribes, on the other hand, are famous for long braids adorned with feathers.

The Renaissance Period saw many women plucking their entire front hairline to get a higher forehead while wearing elaborate headdresses. This continued until the Victorian era when hair nets were used to keep curls clipped to the back of the head.

The roaring 1920s set the trend for short, bobbed and wavy hair. This signified the independent and free-spirited status women had rightfully achieved. It wasn't until the 1940s however, when masses, especially women, flocked to theaters to see their favourite movie icons and the imitation of "Hollywood Hair" began.

Hair Accessories and Hollywood Celebrities

Imitating Hollywood icons continues to be the trend today. Fashionable Hairstyles have become a vital aspect of a celebrity's look. For example, actresses like Emily Blunt and Zooey Deschanel love wearing hair clips to accentuate their long, brunette hair.

There are also celebrities who just love wearing headbands. Natalie Portman, Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie and Vanessa Hudgeons are almost always seen on red carpets wearing fashionable headbands (even) baby headbands) and other hair accessories. There are even Hollywood celebrities who go all out. Take Sarah Jessica Parker for example. She has become famous for wearing over-the-top headdresses that are almost her height! Although sometimes she tones it down by wearing something as tiny as a wedding tiara, which would never be complete without the intricate Swarovski glitters!

Hairstyles in the Modern World

Hairstyles and hair accessories are like time, they're constantly changing. What was in before may be back today, and what was fashionable today may not necessarily be "in" tomorrow.

It's not necessarily a bad thing to imitate your favourite Hollywood icon's hair style but it's probably better to style your hair according to what's comfortable for you. In the end, what matters is how you feel about your look not necessarily how others see the similarities between you and Lady Gaga.


New or Used Ford Ka?

I never used to make New Year resolutions. The dream of owning a Ford GT was never more likely to happen if I made it my resolution to get one and the mundane day-to-day stuff seemed so in control to me that I didn't feel I needed to change anything. All this altered a few years ago when I woke up on 1 January with yet another blistering headache ready to make my brain pop. I vowed never to drink again and I didn't...for three days. There were other things on my list that I did stick to like getting a better job, getting in shape (although that's going back on the list this year) and to start a band and record a demo - it was a successful year.

Since then I've religiously stuck to a few key resolutions, one of which this year will be to change my car (it's a sort of self improvement). Ford will also be hoping your resolution will be to ditch your used Ford Ka or alternative and buy a new one when it launches in January. There is quite a major problem that Ford face however and I liken it to the rock band The Darkness.

For those unfamiliar with The Darkness they were formed in the early nineties by brothers Justin and Dan Hawkins. Recruiting two old friends on bass and drums respectively, The Darkness wrote songs that harked back to the glam metal and classic rock of Led Zeppelin, T-Rex, AC/DC and Queen. In a world where hip hop, R 'n' B and shiny pop were ruling the airwaves, The Darkness in their spandex and with their cheesy rock were destined to be a massive failure. Yet somehow, amazingly, they weren't.

In 2003 they burst onto an unsuspecting public and guitar music was reborn. Their debut album went to number one for four weeks in the UK and sold 1.5 million copies. They toured the world with superstars like Metallica, won two Brit Awards in 2004, had a massive Christmas single and were on every form of media constantly. Yet when it came to following up this unexpected success, they were unable to do so. Their bassist quit, singer Justin went into rehab and their second album flopped, resulting in the record company cancelling their contract.

Ford are in the same boat with the Ka (albeit a less musical one). Part of Ford's 'New Edge' design philosophy in 1996, the Ka was so futuristically styled when it launched that it had the potential to send any prospective customers running away screaming. I was on the verge of calling NASA the first time I saw one. Even today the old car looks fresh so it's no wonder that Ford have let the original Ka design run for 13 years.

Yet people didn't run away - they loved it. With a combination of styling that was ahead of its time but appreciated, good build quality, nippy 1.3 litre engine and neat and tidy handling - particularly around town, the Ka sold in droves. Crucially it attracted young women to the Ford brand and the Ka was so small they could carry it around it their handbags. With the Ka becoming every bit a style icon as good little car, Ford developed a brand loyalty with its Ka owners that boosted sales across its range.

Now you see the size of the new Ka's task. A used Ford Ka is ridiculously cheap and on average will be £4,000 cheaper (for a two year old model) than the new derivative. The new car is also a Fiat 500 and Panda in drag (well all the unpinnings are the same) but it doesn't look anywhere near as good. Despite it being the ugly step-sister of the Italian firm the Ka is streets ahead when it comes to the driving experience. The Ford PR guff said the new Ka had "the most exciting driving dynamics of any small car" and this is the case.

To encourage buyers you can also choose from three 'personalisation packs' for your new car: Digital Art, Grand Prix and Tattoo. What? Well basically each pack contains exterior graphics, matching coloured seat fabric colours, steering wheel and floor mats. It's clear that Ford is aiming to retain its young female customer base which considering the number of fans of it, isn't surprising.

The new Ka then, is Ford's second difficult second album and you may be better sticking with their original material. It's ironic that despite the new car being a good one, the success of its elder means that it may very well be judged a failure. Time and how well it fits inside a handbag will tell.


Hulk vs Superman

There are two superheros, from different universes, who are considered the representations of physical might: Superman the Man of Steel for DC Comics and the Incredible Hulk for Marvel. As displays of their strength, these two mighty characters are often shown taking down entire groups of super-teams, or requiring entire groups of super-teams to stop them (this latter goes for Hulk, as he is an antihero more than a hero). Understandably, comic book fans from both companies have always tried to discern which character is stronger in impromptu Hulk vs Superman battles, and always relish the chance to pit one against the other in message boards and YouTube battles.

The Incredible Hulk's Power

Who is the Incredible Hulk, and why is he so darn strong? Dr. Bruce Banner is a nuclear physicist and one of the smartest men on earth; but a freak accident involving a gamma-ray explosion - that should have obliterated his physical form - unleashed a dormant beast of extraordinary power called the Hulk. The Hulk actually is very much a part of Dr. Banner and represents his id, an angry, boiling sub-consciousness of rage at all the things Dr. Banner hates. Whenever Banner gets angry enough, his puny form transforms into an absolute green powerhouse of virtually indestructible rage and immense strength.

Despite how strong Hulk is when he first starts out, the beast's main power is his ability to get even stronger as his anger level rises. And because his very existence is a testament to anger unleashed, it isn't very difficult to make Hulk angry. In the Marvel universe, the Incredible Hulk often requires several beings of significant power to pose even the slightest chance of taking him down temporarily once the rage-fest begins.

In addition to his almost incalculable strength, the Hulk has the ability to heal so effectively that he is capable of outright regeneration. He is, frankly, nigh-indestructible (though not invulnerable, Hulk is resistant to high-caliber rounds).

Superman - Kal-El, the Man of Steel

Born on the alien planet Krypton (well, not alien to him), Kal-El was sent by his father and mother to Earth on a starship, because his home planet was falling apart. He landed in Middle America, in a cornfield in Kansas, where Jonathan and Martha Kent stumbled upon the smoking starship and extracted his toddler form. They adopted him as their own and called him Clark Kent, raising him as a human child - which they thought he was. Clark didn't actually start developing his powers until later (depends on the writer; some say he started quite young, other say his first power of strength manifested itself when he was a teenager).

Powered by the yellow sun of Earth, Superman gained his incredible strength first, then his ability to fly (well, jump very, very far and then outright flight), his tremendous resistance to harm and finally, his heat vision. We can clearly see that in a Hulk vs Superman bout, the Man of Steel steps onto the battlefield with significantly more weapons. Although it's a fight that has been done before, it has yet to be done taking all of their powers into account and and as comprehensively as you will find in the links below in the resource box depicting Superman versus the Incredible Hulk.


Top Upcoming Mobile Phones with Latest Android Kitkat Version

Year 2014 will shake the world with sound beat of multifarious offering which soon going to jumble up the excitement of future technologies surprisingly on tip of the toe, by means of upcoming Smartphone's with latest Android KitKat version whose little bit of achievability already shown in the year 2013.

Hereby, move on to the roll of top Smartphone's that are going to be uncovered in 2014 with full fledged new technologies as stated below:

Samsung Galaxy S5 - Samsung Galaxy S5 will be the first Smartphone of 2014 with new feature called water and dust resistant like Xperia Z1.

iPhone 6 - Apple will soon rhythmic on beats of upcoming offering expected to be launched in November with version of iPhone 6. Undoubtedly, each offer from the renowned face brilliantly leaves strong footprints in the mind of user.

LG G Flex - G-Flex will be a forthcoming phone of 2014 which expected to be under price tag of about 59,000, though, it is most awaited offering so far due to its special feature integration called self healing capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy F - this will be the upcoming phones with latest android OS especially for its premium aluminium casing. No more details have been uncovered by the official sources yet.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - Samsung has not only famous for its Smartphone but also for Note introduction. Galaxy Note 4 will comprises some special features like have 8 core processor, Aluminium premium body, wireless charging at par.

Sony Xperia Z2 Avatar - Xperia Z2 Avatar will surely grab your attention by means of its 506 ppi resolution with promising features such as wider global coverage, smoother screen orientation transition and network compatibility.

Samsung Galaxy Lite - it is most awaited biggest offering which is expected to release in Mobile World Congress Event February 2014. Moreover, it will be available in midnight black, white, lime green and in orange colors.

Huawei Glory 4 - This phone will be inexpensive but still functional android handset that eventually sports on octa-core processor.

HTC Butterfly 2 - HTC Butterfly is also from the upcoming offering of 2014 Smartphone series which is 5.2 inch full HD display that encompasses extensive features like super sound sterio speakers, Ultra pixel camera respectively.

Blackberry Z50 - this upcoming phone Z50 is a successor to Z30 and Z10 which will surely entice business confers by means of its significant features.

Blackberry Q30 - Blackberry Q30 is another new bee with special integration of speed accuracy, good performance are some of the clear features of Blackberry Q30 that expected to be launched in quarter of 2014.

HTC M8 - HTC is going to begin its new flagship with the codename M8 with latest android version Kitkat 4.4 accordingly.


Ibiza Car Hire

Think you knew Ibiza? Book a car in Ibiza and think again. Ibiza car hire allows you to see a whole new side of the island. From scenic drives to tranquil escapes and secluded beaches, renting a car in Ibiza is a true voyage of discovery.

Ibiza Airport Mini Guide: Ibiza Airport is situated 8km to the south of Ibiza Town. The airport offers passengers a good range of facilities including shops, bureau de change and ATMs.

Things To See/Do in Ibiza:

Ibiza may be amongst the smallest of the Balearic Islands but it's by no means the quietest. In fact, the island is synonymous with parties and excess. Renting a car in Ibiza allows you to see a whole new side to the island though. The island contains myriad white-washed houses, beautiful sandy beaches hidden coves and bays and rolling hilly landscapes dotted with ancient fig and olive trees.

The island's main town is the port of Ciudad de Ibiza, known as Eivissa to the locals and Ibiza Town to Brits and English speaking tourists. The town is located in the south of the island and boasts a lively marina and charming little old quarter, where you'll find some great seafood restaurants. Seasoned travellers may be more familiar with San Antonio, the main resort town of the island. If you're looking for an authentic travel experience though, it's worth giving this town a wide berth and heading instead to the stunning coves located close to the shimmering beaches. With Ibiza car hire, you'll discover a whole lot more. A 14km drive to the north of the island capital will take you to the charming little town of Santa Eulalia where attractions include Puig de Missa, a hilltop church and Sant Carles, the last true hippy commune on Ibiza island. The salt flats of La Salinas make for another worthwhile excursion. The saltflats have been in use since the Carthagians traded in salt. If you plan to take a day-trip here-be sure to bring a camera along. The glittering saltlakes

Eating Out in Ibiza:

Dining out in Ibiza is hit and miss. On the one hand, there's a whole range of wonderful seafood restaurants offering net fresh catch, while fast food restaurants do their best to satisfy post-club revellers.

Day Trips/Events in Ibiza:

With Ibiza car hire, you'll discover a whole lot more. A 14km drive to the north of the island capital will take you to the charming little town of Santa Eulalia where attractions include Puig de Missa, a hilltop church and Sant Carles, the last true hippy commune on Ibiza island. The salt flats of La Salinas make for another worthwhile excursion. The saltflats have been in use since the Carthagians traded in salt. If you plan to take a day-trip here-be sure to bring a camera along. The glittering saltlakes.

Provide some of the most stunning backdrops on the island. Cova de Can Marca makes for another interesting drive. This cave complex offers a wonderful choice in tapas and lighting effects.


Personal Makeover: A Rejuvenation of Your Body, Mind, and Lifestyle

Do like the person staring back at you in the mirror? Does your wardrobe speak of who you are or who you want to be? Do you feel like you need a change? Do you want to feel better about yourself? Do you want to see a new you? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, then you are like the many hundreds of people out there who want to change, who want to look good, and who want to feel great, so don't be afraid and take a bold step towards the new you. Have the courage and confidence to be the best you possible.

If you're ready for a complete personal makeover, then we're ready to help you as well. The first and probably the most important key you need is the one that will open yourself to positive change. Can you open yourself and accept the changes that are about to happen to you? Are you willing to embrace the new you? If you do, then let's move forward and start the rejuvenation of your whole self. Remember, this is going to be a holistic personal makeover. We will help you enhance all areas and every aspect of your life so you would find yourself walking in perfect timing and in tuned with the world around and in you. We want you to embrace life now and be ready for whatever tomorrow may bring.

A holistic personal makeover from head to toe and from outside to inside

This rejuvenation of 'the best you' will actually be drawing out the real you - with just the right proportion of life balance, quality, and enjoyment. Because this is all about you, you have to honour what you feel, what you love, and who you are. This will bring out the best version of you because a real personal makeover should come from within. It should start from how you view yourself, where you want yourself to go, and what you value in life. When you know what you want, your personal makeover then comes easily and smoothly, because you have finally believed that it will enrich your life. Unless you're truly convinced, you won't have a successful personal makeover. If you're clear with what you want, then everything will fall into place.

With the help of our experts and our range of products and services, we will educate and help you as you go through your personal makeover. Unlike other makeover programmes, we won't just do everything for you; we will also teach you how to do it so that you will develop the skills to continue leading a more beautiful and fulfilling life. With our makeover sessions, you will also learn something new, practical, and lasting. This way, you can keep the new you and live the change you desire.

Personal shoppers, personal stylists, and celebrated experts will give you a complete makeover

Men and women alike will find the rejuvenation needed to begin anew. From head to toe, you will be revitalised; from mind to inner self, you will be recharged. We have experienced hair stylists who can do your hair and makeup stylists who can do your face. There are facial treatments that will make your face look younger and refreshed, and detox massages and exfoliation for whole body cleansing and relaxation. And after being pampered, the next step is to update and relaunch your wardrobe. You can spend time with and learn from our personal shoppers. Our personal stylist will help you recreate your wardrobe that matches your personality and lifestyle. Whether it's for a formal or casual wear, office or outdoor getup, a personal shopper will help you shop and find the perfect combo. Your very own personal shopper will not just pick, mix, and match the clothes but will guide and advise you on which tops match skirts and jeans, which styles are trendy, which colours complement you, and other helpful shopping and fashion tips you could use when go shopping alone next time.

For your physical health and fitness, you can work out and train with famous experts through personal or group trainings and discover nutritional and healthy food preparations through cooking sessions. For your inner well-being, you can rejuvenate your mind and spirit with yoga sessions and cleansing programs. Now that you've renewed and re-energised your body, mind, and inner self, you must follow the change in your surroundings and relationships. We also have those lifestyle packages to help you through.

The decision to change and see a more improved you depends on you. We're just here to assist and guide you as you make this life-altering change. If it's a personal makeover you really want, then we can give you're the best personal makeover available. Contact us now and experience a personal makeover you won't regret.


Chicken Wings Recipes for Home Cooking Experience

Chicken Wings Recipes are the one of the fastest and famous dish among children. Here are below 3 easy and fast ways to cook them. For food lovers, here is a very exciting way to do home cooking and to eat as you like with little money spend.

Hot Chicken Wings Recipe


1 x Oil for frying (optional)
1/2 cup of Melted butter
2 1/2 lb of Chicken wings
6 oz of Tabasco sauce or hot sauce


At the joints, separate the wings into two parts. Fill a large pan with half oil then heat it up to 360F. For about 10-15 minutes fry the wings until it becomes crispy. Heat the oven to 450F before you start cooking. Display the wings on a baking sheet and let it cook until 45 minutes.

For the sauce, mix up the hot sauce or Tabasco together with melted butter and mix it thoroughly. When the chicken are ready, cover it with the sauce you have just prepared above, and serve as quickly as possible.

Serves: 2-6 people

Mandarin Chicken Wings Recipe


20 Chicken wings
3 Eggs
6 tb Water
Cooking oil
1 cup of Sugar
1 1/2 cup of Cornstarch
1/2 cup of Catsup
1/2 cup of Slivered almonds, walnuts
1/4 cup of Water
1/8 teaspoon of Garlic salt
1/8 cup of Soy sauce
3/4 cup of Vinegar

Remove the tips and split the wings at first joint. Clean it well with water and dry it on a paper towel and put some garlic salt on it. Combine eggs, water and cornstarch; turn it into a kind of soft batter. Deep fry the wings in oil after dipping the wings into the batter.

For the sauce, in a pan, cover all wings equally. Mix up water, soy sauce, sugar, catsup, vinegar and boil them all together and at random turn the mixture. As the mixture thicken , on a medium heat add the wings and cook them. Stir in way that all wings are covered totally with the sauce.

Honey Chicken Wings Recipe


1 cup of Honey
1 Garlic clove crushed
1/2 cup of Soy sauce
2 lb Chicken wings, disjointed & tips discarded
2 tablespoon of Ketchup
2 tablespoon of Vegetable oil
Freshly ground pepper


Heat oven to 350 degrees then with pepper, season the chicken. In a cooking dish, place the chicken. Mix together soy sauce, honey, ketchup, garlic and oil until well mix together. Cover the chicken with the mixture. Cook for about 40-50 minutes until the wings are cook and the sauce is thick.


The Pearl Is a Natural Gem

Do you have pearls or are you thinking of getting some? Pearls have a fascinating history, so let's look a bit closer at this popular item of jewelry.

Pearls have been worn for thousands of years. Pearl popularity reached its peak during Roman times when women of the privileged class were richly adorned with pearls. Pearls even found favor with Julius Caesar and Cleopatra dissolved a pearl in wine and drank it to prove her love to Marc Antony. The Roman general Vitellius is said to have financed an entire military campaign by selling just one of his mother's pearl earrings.

The Persian Gulf was one of the main sources of natural pearls for centuries. Venezuela and Panama became pearl sources when they were discovered by Christopher Columbus and Vasco de Balboa.

The demand for pearls dropped when diamonds were discovered in the early 1700s. The demand for diamonds soared as they became more affordable than pearls.

Pearls also lost some of their attraction due to imitations and poor quality. This led to worldwide decline in pearl consumption. However, in the late 1700s, they gained ground again when new pearl sources were discovered.

By the early 1900s, three Japanese men -- Kokichi Mikimoto, Tokichi Nishikawa and Tatsuhei Mise -- had independently discovered the secret of culturing pearls. Kokichi Mikimoto bought out the rights of the other two and started a huge business of pearl culturing. To this day it retains the name Mikimoto and is the premier brand of Japanese Saltwater cultured Akoya pearls.

Mikimoto is reputed to have swallowed two pearls every day of his life from the age of twenty to maintain and improve his health. The Chinese have also used pearls medicinally for thousands of years.

The appearance of cultured pearls on the world markets caused the demise of natural pearls. Though it took many years for cultured pearls to be accepted they now account for over 95% of the world's production. Only a few Middle Eastern countries still have a preference for natural pearls today.

Before the creation of cultured pearls in the early 1900s, natural pearls were rare and expensive, available only to royalty and the very rich. With growth of cultured pearls, the price of pearls has generally decreased.

The name Margarita means pearls. Other names such as Margaret, Peggy, Marjorie, Margot, Maggie, Gretchen, Gretal and Rita also mean pearl which signifies purity, innocence, humility and sweetness.

One of the most famous pearls in the world is called La Peregrina (the incomparable) and was found in South America. It is pear shaped and the size of a pigeon's egg. Famous owners of this pearl have included Philip II of Spain, Mary Tudor of England and Napoleon III. The last owner is believed to be Elizabeth Taylor.


How To Treat Poor Eyesight And Improve Vision?

Lifestyle holds a prominent role in improving eye vision of a person. Maintenance of proper eyesight may not be an easy task in today's busy lifestyle. How to treat poor eyesight and improve vision? This is a common query heard from people across the world. Today, you have different options available to improve eyesight. In this article, we are going to see how to improve the eyesight of a person without undergoing surgery.

As per studies, regular practicing of yoga exercise is found to be very effective to treat health issues like eye problems. In order to get the best result, it is advised to do regular yoga exercises for at least thirty minutes per day. If possible, do palming. This habit can naturally reduce stress and alleviate the difficulties due to weak eyesight.

Both diet and exercise play equal roles in improving the eye vision. To get effective result, make it as a habit to practice eye exercises. Rolling eyeball in clockwise and anticlockwise direction is found to be very effective to improve the flexibility of eye muscles. Similar to rolling exercise, you can also put focus on near and far objects. It improves eye muscles and decreases the troubles due to eye stress. Licorice root, enriched with antioxidants is a safe cure for weak eyesight troubles.

Today, many among the products for treating weak eyesight are added with licorice root powder as a key ingredient. As per studies, including carrot juice in daily diet is found to be very effective to improve eyesight. Presence of high carotenoids in carrot juice naturally promotes the functioning of eye muscles. Similar to carrot juice, you can also make use of spinach to improve eye vision. Always make use of spinach in diet after boiling thoroughly in water. Studies say that boiled spinach leaves contain lesser oxalic acid than raw leaves. Hence never hesitate to make use of boiled spinach leaves.

At times, raw fennel seeds are also found to be very effective to improve the eye vision of person. In order to obtain the best result, it is recommended to make use of fennel seeds in food items that you prepare and consume. Cayenne is another safe cure to treat weak eyesight problems. Anti-inflammatory property enriched in cayenne naturally treats inflammations and alleviates a wide range of health issues naturally. It improves blood circulation to eyes and improves eye vision.

Massaging of legs with mustard oil can also promote the health of eye muscles. Hence it is advised to do massaging of legs with light strokes. In order to reduce eye vision troubles due to high stress, make it as a habit to drink green tea daily in the morning and in the evening. Lemon balm tea, chamomile tea and lavender tea are some among the common green tea products that can be availed from market. I-Lite capsule is one among the best sold products to treat health issues like cataract. This herbal cure assures health benefits devoid of side effects to all users.


The Upcoming Hollywood Star

Samuel Henry J. popularly known as "Sam Worthington" is a television and film actor. This English-Australian actor born in England has completed almost a decade of his career with Australian TV shows and films. Later in the year 2009 he gained Hollywood attention by playing the role of Marcus Wright in "Terminator Salvation" and lead role as Jake Sully in "Avatar".

His performances and hard work in the movies "Bootmen" and "Somersault" bagged him Australia's highest film awards. His major interests are low budget movies ranging from romantic drama and comedy drama to science fiction and action.

Worthington though born in England was raised in Perth, Western Australia during his childhood and later immigrated to Australia with his parents. He grew up in Rockingham with his sister. At the age of 17, he dropped out of school and attended John Curtin College of Arts. He began doing odd jobs as a handy man at construction places and eventually settled in Sydney. At 19, he worked as a bricklayer when he auditioned for the 'National institute of dramatic art (NIDA)' and was accepted with scholarship.

His debut film was the Australian film "Bootmen" and was nominated for best lead actor by the Australian film institute (AFI) for his performance. He guest starred in many Australian TV series and also did leading roles in "Dirty Deeds", "Gettin Square" and "Hart's War". In 2004 he succeeded and won the AFI award for his lead role in "Somersault". He began his international film career with small roles in Hollywood production "The Great Raid" which was filmed in Australia.

He also played Michael Reed in the romantic drama "Last Night". Later this year, he is set to star in "The Debt", a remake of the 2007 Israeli film of the same name. Currently, Worthington played Perseus in the recent 2010 remake of the 1981 "Clash of the Titans". "Clash of the Titans" is a movie which is based on the book "clash of the titans".

It is the adaption of the 1981 movie of the same name. The story revolves between the three Olympians who were ready to battle the titans. Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades are the three brothers who exploded the war in the Greek city of Argos. Hades was the one who planned and provided means for defeating the titans. The means provided was known as the 'kraken'. The three brothers were successful in their plan of defeating the titans. After the defeat, Zeus created and ruled humans while Poseidon ruled the sea and Hades was forced to rule the underworld.

Director Louis Leterrier impressed lot of people with his debut, "Danny the Dog" thus people's expectations raised with "Clash of Titans". This movie has a combination of action, adventure and a little cheesy humor to add the fun element in the movie. Set your expectations accordingly.


Click some best moments of African wild lions fighting and roaring

Wildlife photography is one of the toughest photography as it is not an easy task of clicking pictures in jungle, wildlife sanctuaries, and National parks. A person needs real guts for clicking pictures of the African wild lions as one has to be cautious while clicking their pictures. People get a chance to click their pictures and that is from so close only after gaining lots of experience. It is quite a difficult task as lots of risk involves in it specially clicking pictures of the animals, which could be dangerous, if someone enters into their habitat. In Africa there are so many such places where scientist come for research on various animals and their species. Proper record of their number is kept, which is quite necessary. Many channels cover the activities of the animals of Africa and telecast it to every country through various channels. They do this so that people remain updated.

African wild lions are the main attraction and beauty of the African safari world. The White Lions of the country are quite famous all around the world. These are found only occasionally in the wildlife reserves in South Africa. What attracts most of the photographers to catch them in their cameras is their rare colour mutation. These are conserved by the selective breeding in zoos present all around the world. These special lions are not at all a separate subspecies. They are considered as the native to the Timbavati region lying in South Africa. Among other animals, leopards are the most are the most unsociable of the Big Cats. They are also significant part of the wild safari of Africa. They are tactful hunters, which prey upon smaller mammals, and sometimes rodents when there is scarcity of food.

Most of the professional wildlife photographer love to catch the fight of African wild lions. Such scenes are quite rarely found and some of the lucky people get the chance of capturing the best images in their cameras. These are the unique scenes where two males fight for showing their dominant nature and also for deciding, who will rule a particular area. Clicking the photographs of various fighting scenes in an appropriate way shows a talent of a photographer. The top level photographers or those having real photography talent are only able to do that.

Adding the pictures of African wild lions will be the most interesting things ever done before. Lion is considered as a king of all animals and watching this king in real and clicking some of the good moments of this king is a real adventure. It is always advised to try out wildlife snap shooting as it will give you a real fun of life.


At Home Pedicure: Try Doing It Yourself

Researchers have shown that having a pedicure can be extremely helpful. They don't simply help your feet feel better; when they involve things like massage, pedicures can improve blood circulation, melt off your stress, and lessen pain. But then, a lot of people aren't really enthused about the idea of professional pedicures. Getting a professional pedicure means having your feet subjected to tools that have been used on a number of other individuals and you never know if the salon maintains good hygienic standards. Thankfully, there is a way to give yourself a pedicure. If you are interested to learn how to gives yourself pedicures at home, don't stop reading.

To start, you should remove any existing polish with the help of a non-acetone polish remover (acetone can cause a lot of health conditions). After that, trim the toenails (straight across) and use a nail file to smoothen down any rough edges. See to it that you trim the nails with the use of a toenail clipper, not one for fingernails. The curve in fingernail clippers can cause toenails to become ingrown and start hurting.

Try soaking your feet in a foot bath. Try to let your feet soak in a tub filled with warm water for a few minutes. Additionally, you can try mixing things to the foot bath like bath salts, skin soothers and softeners and aromatherapy products. This makes your foot bath more relaxing and is a good way to take care of your feet to help them feel better. Foot soaking crystals are sold in any bath and body area of any department store these days. Of course, several might cost a little more but pick the ones you like most.

Use a pumice to get rid of any rough patches or calluses that could still be there after the bath. It's not smart to make use of a callus shaver (or something similar). A simple pumice stone is all you would ever need to have on hand.

When you're through with the pumice, it is time to wash your feet. After you've washed off the foot soak and any callus dust or dust from the pumice, slather some moisturizing lotion. There are plenty of moisturizing lotions created particularly for the feet. Avoid trying to rub in the lotion (but if you're pressed for time this is fine). However, you're not pressed for time, try to massage it in. Massage works to calm your feet and, by extension, your entire body.

Once your feet are squeaky clean, callus free and moisturized, the next step is to make them gorgeous. This isn't crucial but it can do wonders for your self-confidence to know that, even if they are enclosed in shoes, your toes are beautiful. Cuticle pushers are the best option for pushing back your cuticles (trimmers can trigger a number of cuts and infections). Next, apply a coat of nail strengthening polish. As soon as that dries, you can try to paint your toes in whatever colors or designs you like.

An at-home pedicure is usually more inexpensive than a professional pedicure and typically takes less time to complete. At-home pedicures are wonderful for your whole body health, so get moving!


Tips for a Great Roman Party

Are you bored of the same kind of normal party? Looking for something unusual and different. Read on the article and get a new dashing and delightful ideas about a "Roman Party".

"I think the Romans had the right idea. Why should we sit up to eat our meals?" This remark by Hal to his fellow Latin class members started the ball rolling for a really different party.

The girls in the crowd got together and dreamed up the party. They made invitations out of stiff Manila paper to represent a Roman scroll and sent the following proclamation to their classmates:

Oh Noble Lords: We your slaves ask you to dine while you recline in truly Roman fashion, at the home of Ginny Reynolds on Saturday at six o'clock. Please dress in togas and sandals.

The night of the dinner the arriving guests were indeed a sight for astonished eyes. Their togas, upon close inspection, turned out to be cleverly draped bed sheets. Their sandals smacked of beach wear. The school's football captain bound his crew-cut hair with a Roman headband.

The dinner was served on folded card tables placed flat on the floor. Plate doilies were used and the place cards were tiny Roman scrolls wound on toothpicks. Blankets were spread along the tables upon which the guests reclined. The dining room was candle lighted.

The girls, acting as Roman slaves, served the reclining Lords their dinner. The first course consisted of deviled eggs on lettuce, stuffed celery, olives and crackers. There were no knives, forks or spoons. Everything was eaten with the fingers.

The main course consisted of cold meat, string beans, carrots, and buttered buns. Grape juice and lemon punch was served with the dinner. Dessert was individual pumpkin pies. Trays of dried prunes, apricots, figs and raisins were passed.

At the close of the meal the Roman custom of freeing the slaves for the day and crowning one of them King was observed, only in this case the slaves were all girls, so the Lords crowned a Queen. Immediately the ex-slave Queen ordered all the Lords to Hades to receive judgment for the way they had bossed the slaves during dinner. Each Lord chose an ex-slave lady to accompany him.

To reach Hades it was necessary, of course, for each one to cross the river Styx which was well guarded, according to Roman mythology, by Cerberus, the three-headed dog. The river Styx was a strip of floor covered solidly with twigs and sticks. Three boys under one blanket, except for their heads, impersonated the dog. The three heads made considerable noise with their barking.

When all had crossed the dangerous river each victim paid obeisance to Pluto, king of the underworld. Then each Lord or Lady appeared before three judges to plead his or her cause. The three judges were chosen from the erstwhile slaves.

If the judges decided that the prisoner's lordly manner at dinner was natural and not acquired, he was sent to the Elysian Fields. But alas and alack, few were found to be without fault, and the guilty were promptly condemned to Hades. They were, however, given a chance to redeem themselves. Each was ordered to do a stunt which would meet the approval of Pluto.

Some of the stunts assigned to the guilty would do credit to a truth-or-consequence program. Two of the most studious lads were blindfolded and given bean bags to throw at each other. Each lad to succeed in placating Pluto must hit another lad with the bean bag before he could be released from Hades.

A Roman party takes all the children back to the time of Roman empire. They love to practice some of the famous Roman Customs, Roman tradition and lots more about Roman, which also increases their knowledge.


Oki C9650 toner cartridges

The Oki C9650 is a color laser printer designed to meet the needs of medium and large offices that need a reliable, capable printer than can print with quick speeds and won't take up a lot of space. The Oki C9650 boasts a monthly duty cycle of as much as 150,000 pages, making it more than capable of handling the heavy workload of a busy office. Despite its print capabilities, the Oki C9650 measures only 23.6 inches wide, 24.6 inches deep, and 18.5 inches high, making it easy to fit into an office that may not have a lot of space to spare.

For connectivity to a workgroup or network, the Oki C9650 needs only a high speed USB cable, as well as a wired Ethernet connection. Although the Oki C9650 does not come with a high speed USB cable included, the cable can be purchased from any computer or office supply retailer. The Oki C9650 is compatible with many major operating systems, including Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Apple Mac OSX 10.2.4 and later, and Novell NetWare.

The Oki C9650 can print in black and white or full color through the use of four Oki toner cartridges. These Oki C9650 toner cartridges are available in black, magenta, cyan, and yellow, and are each designed to print a large number of pages with excellent quality before needing to be replaced. The black, magenta, cyan, and yellow toner cartridges for the Oki C9650 can each print as much as 7500 pages before needing to be replaced. The Oki C9650 can print at a rate of up to 40 pages per minute for black and whit images and text, and up to 36 pages per minute for full color prints. The first page out time of the Oki C9650 is only 9 seconds for black and white images and 10.5 seconds for full color. The Oki C9650 can print with a resolution of 1200 dpi by 600 dpi, and supports a page capacity of up to 2880 pages for input, and 700 sheets for output.

TheOki C9650 is powered by a 800 MHz processor, and comes with 512 MB of memory installed. The memory in this printer can be upgraded to as much as 1 GB for users who need more memory in their printer.

Oki C9650
Printer Type: Color Laser
Duty Cycle: 150,000 pages/month
Dimensions: 23.6 inches wide, 24.6 inches deep, 18.5 inches high
Memory: 512 MB, 1 GB (max)
Print Speed by color: 40 ppm monochrome, 36 ppm color
Connectivity: USB and wired Ethernet
Resolution: 1200 dpi by 600 dpi


Women's stylish Flip Flops

Flip flops aren't what they used to be - and they aren't just for kids and men anymore either. Womens flip flops have come a very long way in recent years. Womens flip flops are available in a variety of styles, colors and designs, and they have become a huge part of many women's wardrobes.

Flip flops are even commonly seen in the work place these days! The designs of flip flops have become so flattering that they are now suitable to wear with dresses, skirts, slacks, and jeans. Of course, flip flops and shorts will always go well together. Flip flops come in a wide variety of styles and designs. Some have heels, and some are flat. Some have the traditional rubberized soles, while others are made of leather, wood, plastic, and a huge variety of other types of materials. When it comes to flip flops, anything goes, and all things are possible.

Flip flops are very flattering when worn with Capri style pants. In fact, it seems that the Capri style pants are what made flip flops more attractive to women. Designers were forced to sit up and take notice. They finally realized that women will not be content with the same old - ugly - style flip flops that were available for years in a one-size; one-style fits all fashion. Today, women want their footwear - even their flip flops - to be fashionable and stylish - and designers have answered that demand.

Many famous designers now have flip flop designs out on the market, and there are shoe companies that specialize only in flip flop sandals. Because each woman has an intricate style of her own, many of them even decorate their flip flops to make them even more stylish and unique.

Flip flops are not as cheap as they once were either. Of course, you can still find the old style of flip flops and purchase a pair of those for less than three bucks, but the more stylish - cute - flip flops cost quite a bit more. Some women even pay upwards of $100 for a pair of flip flops - and flip flops by famous designers go even higher.

Aside from the overall appearance of the shoe, many flip flop designers have taken more of an interest in comfort and support when it comes to flip flop designs as well. There are many styles of flip flops on the market today that feature arch support. The thong that goes between the toes is often made of the softest leather to keep the material from rubbing blisters between the toes as well. Comfort, support, fit, style, and design are all factors when new flip flops are made today.

Fit is something that was never important in the past when it came to flip flops. Women had a choice between small, medium, large, and in some instances, even extra large. Today, quality flip flops have actual shoe sizes so that women can get a better - more comfortable fit. This is revolutionary in the flip flop world - kids and men still have to settle for small, medium, large, and extra large in most cases, and their choices are very limited when it comes to flip flops.

Flip flops are seen everywhere you look - everyday. Women even wear flip flops in the winter. They are easy to slide into to step outside or even to make a quick trip next door or to the store. Many women even use flip flops as substitutes for house slippers - because they are comfortable, and they serve the purpose without making a woman's feet too warm.

We expect the flip flop to evolve even more in the future. The renewed interest that women have shown in these types of shoes will ultimately drive designers and manufacturers to give women even more of what they want - before the competition does. We definitely haven't seen the last changes in womens flip flops. Keep an eye on the flip flop section at your favorite shoe store to see what the designers have in mind for us next.


Color Trends for Prom Dresses 2011

Prom Dresses for 2011 have colors that stimulate and lighten up people. There are also tones which calm to make us think musical. Yet you will find those which do not provoke virtually any feelings but nonetheless are intriguing in their own special way. Thus, what colors will be fashionable during 2011? Style trends are very important nonetheless pursuing color trends are equally as imperative.

Considering the fact we have been planning for wintry seasons it is quite obvious exactly why designers paid more attention to darker colors. And it's not surpising in any way that black was amongst the most common. It's classic, slimming and consistently looks elegant. Brown is neutral which makes it a must-have on your closet. Things in brown typically become basics and last for long. Thus, invest in a nice piece you should own permanently.

An excessive amount of dark isn't very good. So, white, like a fantastic contrast to black, was practically almost everywhere. Why not? It's lovely, womanly and provides a wonderful possibility to make the world lighter and more thrilling. Choose this color trend and have a much better atmosphere for 2011! This color abounds in virtually every Spring/ Summer 2011 collection. Now not just short white gowns are in trend but additionally mannish white shirts, skinny white pants and maxi dresses in a variety of textures.

Orange. The same as red and pink this kind of hue would be to brigten up you day, to attract everybody's focus and to have a great time. Do it now and appear and feel trendy this 2011 Fall. It's vivid and energetic and appears to be essentially the most inspiring color trend of Spring/ Summer 2011 fashion season. Many designers applied orange in a lot on their collections. Issa, Prada and Marni employed the hottest tints of orange creating the illusion of textiles burning on skin. Max Azria and Alberta Ferretti prefered considerably softer hues and blended those with neutral colors like black and beige getting outfits handier.

Beige. This tone always has been a trend. It's perfect to combine with other colors and looks tidy and sophisticated. When wearing this color you look very good irrespective of where you are. Beige is a prime movement for Fall/ Winter 2011!

Green. Green is really a tone we missa great deal during cold times. So, a green dress, jewelry or anything will assist you to take good thoughts of summer and spring. Test the green color style and remind yourself of invigorating spring mornings!

Blue. Blue is very popular for 2011. And you will locate variation of it in multiple designer degrees. From light fragile blue to darker saturated and even midnight azure - this style will work just properly for the fashion season.

Prom Dresses 2011 colors are different and still unique. Try to take a color that will enhance your complexion and complement your hair color. Don't focus on which your chosen color is, try the colour on and take a photo by using it, should you look great in it then you found your color!


House Use Of Coffee Grinders Becoming A usual thing

There are many coffee drinkers today that will tell you there is nothing greater than a cup that is made from beans just out of coffee grinders. They will boast of its palatable flavor especially when the beans have been roasted within the past ten days. Now anyone can have their brew just the way they like it.

The blade grinder and the burr grinder are the two types that are available. A burr grinder is also referred to as a mill. The style that you choose for home grinding has most to do with personal preference, because both types of grinders have their good and bad points. Choice is usually dependant on the attributes that you desire most from a grinder.

If you are limited in the amount of money you have to spend, the blade grinder will be your best choice. It will get the job done with a blade that spins rapidly while chewing up your beans. There are no settings so the beans will bring forth a flavor that is inconsistent due to how well the beans are ground. If you desire beans that are more finely ground like those needed for espresso, the blade is known to overheat. This overheating can cause the beans to have a burnt taste.

Known as a mill, the burr grinder is more expensive than the blade model. A more flavorful cup will result due to beans being ground between a blade and a smooth, flat surface. The wheel and the conical are the two styles of the burr grinder.

The burr grinder can be purchased for less than the conical type. This model makes a lot of noise when in use and can make quite a mess at the same time. The wheel moved rapidly to grind the beans and there is a setting for how coarse or fine you want the grind to be.

The conical grinder is a much slower model used to grind the beans. It results in a machine that has a lot less noise. It works on the same premise as the handheld models. It allows for very little heat build up and with the handheld mill you get no heat build up at all. You are able to grind the beans to a fine powder which will make a wonderful cup of espresso. The electric models naturally sell for more money than the handheld models.

A true coffee lover will never use their grinders for anything but coffee beans. There are some who foolishly use them to grind up spices and other similar spices. Nothing will ruin the flavor of a cup of coffee quicker. There are other models now available the will grind and brew using the same machine. If you choose to purchase a model like this make sure it has the burr grinder inside.


A Simple Guide to Saving on Cosmetics Online

Like any person who takes really good care of his/her own appearance, you will probably want to purchase quality beauty products. And with the internet at your fingertips, you have a whole world at your disposal to choose from.

Long gone are the times when women had to go to the mall to purchase their beauty products. Now, you can shop the products you want from the comfort of your own home. Given the fact that women make up the majority of Internet buyers, it's only logical that this is a very lucrative line of business. Shopping online is far more convenient given the fact that the store is just a click away. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection.

Women all over the world are looking for that perfect solution which will give them beautiful soft skin, for example. In the cosmetics business, competition is fierce and thus people have a variety of options to choose from. As a matter of fact, if you finally decide to shop for your favorite beauty products online, you will probably be able to find things which are not available in the shops from your local area.

Also, you need to look for discounts. You are bound to find products with a reduced price. And don't jump in at the first good purchase you see either. Maybe you will be able to get it even cheaper at the next online store.

The best option would be to buy your health and beauty products off the Internet by using a health and beauty price comparison guide before you make your orders. This is recommendable because you can find the products that you need, you can then compare the prices from a large amount of different online merchants and you can then purchase your required products and save at the same time.

So instead of spending a painfully long time looking through every shop just so that you can find the cheapest price for a product, you could always do an online search through a product price comparison guide and then once you have done your search and found the product that you are interested in, you can then place your order.

Another issue is the fact that people are still weary about using their credit cards online. Scary stories of internet fraud have been and still are circulating the world wide web. There are more and more people shopping online each day though, and this trend is countinuously increasing.

However, it's still a good idea to check the online shop's background a little bit. Read some reviews, see if the former customers are satisfied with their service. Usually, you can recognize a fraud the moment that you enter a website, but it's always better to check for recommendations. If there have not been any problems in the past, the great possibility is that you will not waste your money. After all, you might just get used to shopping your beauty products online.


Tips to Buy the Finest Italian Wines

Buy Italian Wines: Buying Italian wines online can be a great idea, considering the price cut's you tend to find at stores such as Nick's wine corner, as online stores can be a little more flexible with their rates, now that is just fine as long as you are getting the real deal. Nick's wine corner has a wide range of Italian wine to choose from, and there are many different Italian wine categories to browse through as well. Italian wines are quite popular, and you will be able to find many well known labels at Nick's wine corner, having said that, there are many others as well, since Nick's wine corner boasts over one thousand wine labels at a time. The more options you have the better of you will be when it comes to bringing home the perfect Italian brew.

If you like Italian reds, then you are in for a treat; Nick's wine corner has got together a wonderful selection of fine Italian red wines, so you do not have to do the sifting out yourself. Try the 2001 Masi Valpolicella Classico Superiore Serego Alighieri 650 Anniversario wine. This is an Italian wine that displays fresh character, and is a well put together blend. You will have no problems with this extremely pleasant scented Italian red wine, combining the flavors of plum and its mineral character extremely well. This particular Italian red ends with a slightly dry feel, and has incorporated fine amounts of tannins to give it an overall medium bodied flow. This is a wine you will appreciate if you are into well balanced Italian red wines.

Another classic Italian red wine you should consider at Nick's wine corner is the 2001 Tommaso Bussola Amarone ClassicoTB, with its wonderful blend of three fine Italian grapes, providing you will a dynamic and fresh Italian blend you will thoroughly enjoy. This is an extravagant wine with a huge impact, yet you will find that its structure is tremendously well focused, and it does not loose its head at any stage, a very well measured effort indeed. This 2001 vintage Italian wine has had its fair chance to mature, and the tannins have softened up quite nicely, making this a prime pick at Nick's wine corner in the Italian red wine section. This label has gained a lot of recognition and it is not without producing quality wines such as this one that they have been able to do so, defiantly a fine Italian wine and label.

So you have to remember that variety is not a problem when you are shopping for Italian wines online, especially if you do it from well stocked online stores such as Nick's wine corner. What you have to look for while buying Italian wines online is the quality, and price that is involved in the transaction. The basic focus should be in try to get the best for a reasonable price, and not half a fortune, unless it is really worth it, and there are plenty of fine Italian wines that are just that.


Modern Tile Floor in Henderson

The latest in flooring are the use of tiles in residential and commercial surface flooring in Henderson City. When tile use for surface floors covering, it looks very inspiring with shine and smoothness. It is most preferred options when comes to tile flooring Henderson. There are tile professional working in this filed who carefully lay the tile installation Henderson with quality work. There are many floor-covering outlets in Henderson, who provide the installation service from their side and there are artisans who are into tile laying profession in Henderson City.

Porcelain Tile Installation: These are preferred as end user tile for surface floor covering. This is hard when compare to other tiles and can be glaze whenever required. The gauge of these tiles is thick and the tile installation Henderson works with great care when art depictions are there in these tiles.

Mosaic Tile Installation: These tiles are really long lasting when used for surface floor covering for residence and commercial places. This is installing with manual and by machine work. Much care is required to lay tiles having designs on it. Few tile stores install tiles as free to its customers.

Quarry Tile Installation: These are much durable and cost less when compared to other tile flooring Henderson. The tile laying is also very simple since, these are available in earthly color.

Decorative Tile Installation: This is a difficult and time-consuming task when comes to decorative tile installation Henderson. However, these are simple task for experts who work in tile flooring Henderson. Since, this requires skilled work to place the proper piece of tiles to make the designs, which are preference by customers. These may be a custom design or designs provided by the floor covering stores. The installation time may require more when the designs are tiny and have motif type all around. When motif type is, there it may require running around the entire floor of a hall or a room. These are fixing by using mortar.

Polished Vitrified Tiles Installation: All most all modern homes prefer the polished vitrified tiles when comes to tile flooring Henderson. The tile installation Henderson lays these on surface floors by fixing it with cement. These are very easy to lie since it is ready made and no need any polishing or cleaning works after laying it down on the surface floors. The large square type is even very simple to cover the floors when installation works happen in halls and rooms. Always get professional tile workers in Henderson for tile installation works.

Ceramic Tiles Installation: This is the cheap and best floor tiles available in tile flooring Henderson stores. These tiles are lay by tile installation Henderson by adhesive and grout. The installation works can be carried out very fast since these are ready made products and only takes time when their size are small. Many of the residence in Henderson use these ceramic tiles in bathrooms and kitchen room. The cost of laying ceramic floor is also cheaper when compared to other flooring materials available in floor covering stores in Henderson.


The Perfect Hairstyle To Flatter Your Face Shape

As stylists and makeover experts around the world would tell you, your best bet when aiming for a makeover is to change your hairstyle. The perfect hairstyle for you depends on your facial shape and should highlight your best features, while downplaying the problem areas.

Follow the guide below:

Hairstyles for a round face: You want to add height to your face and reduce the width. Make sure to choose a style that downplays the roundness of your face. A soft layered long cut with a middle parting is your best bet. Avoid bangs and anything that adds volume on the sides of your face.

Hairstyles for a long face: You will look amazing in short haircuts like the graduated bob. Generally speaking, any style that does not add extra height on top will make you look gorgeous. We suggest a medium length cut with bangs in the front and wavy sides. Avoid middle partings.

Hairstyles for an oval face: You have the most versatile face shape and can get away with any cut or style whatsoever. However, avoid styles that conceal the shape of your face such as heavy front bangs. Instead, accentuate your face with a chin length bob or a wavy long cut with side-swept bangs.

Hairstyles for a heart face: We recommend cuts that give you height at the top as well as long bangs that accentuate your forehead. Avoid short bangs and cuts that add width to your entire face. Try a long cut (straight or wavy) with layers at the chin area.

Hairstyles for a square face: The main objective here is to soften the jaw area. Avoid super short cuts because they highlight your strong jaw line. Instead, go for medium or long cuts that allow some hair to fall on your face. Side swept wispy bangs will create visual interest as will any style that frames the entire face.

Experiment with your hair to find out what looks best on you. A simple way to do this (without actually committing to a cut) is to try on a wig that is somewhat similar to the cut or style you want. Also remember that it is important to maintain your haircut with regular visits to the hairdresser. Ask him or her for personalised recommendations for hair care products. Choose a shampoo based on your hair type, a good conditioner and a styling gel to keep your style in place.


Donna Krech Weight Loss Guru Review

Donna Krech is noted for her versatility: a renowned fitness trainer and at the same time a motivational speaker and author. She packs over 25 years experience in the weight loss and fitness industry. She is also a respected media personality who has hosted several national TV shows.

You're right: Ms Krech is more popularly known for the fun ways she employs to help people lose weight permanently. But it is her ability to motivate her audience to voluntarily get involved in the whole process that has marked her out in the weight loss industry.

And we really don't expect any less from anyone who's shared the stage with such personalities as Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, and other top motivators. Thus, despite her primary niche which is the weight management field, Donna Krech is definitely an expert in the business of motivational speaking in her own right.

Entering the fitness and weight management business in the early 1980s, Ms Krech has observed all the highs and lows of this exciting, and sometimes frustrating field. She has seen what works and what doesn't, what motivates people to work at losing weight and what discourages them, why some lose and regain the lost weight and how to lose it for good.

Drawing on that 30-year experience, Donna has developed a cutting-edge, ahead-of-the-pact program that enthusiastically involves the audience as they come to understand the true solution to permanent and beneficial weight loss.

Her Thin&Healthy licensing program has seen millions around the world lose millions of pounds. And as she often states, her goal isn't just to help people lose weight, but to help them learn the lifestyle that would make it unnecessary for them to need to lose weight again.

This is the proven methods that she has taught to over 1500 audiences in more than 26 countries. And if you are aware that over 97% of those who lose weights through the commercial weight loss organizations often gain them back, you'll appreciate Donna Krech's novel idea.

Most of all, her animated, energetic, and positive and passionate manner of speech delivery often captivates every audience. Isn't it true that how we say things is as important as what we say?

Ms. Krech reaches out to her audiences in ways that truly move them to action. Which is why her 75 Thin&healthy locations continues to attract more and more weight loss enthusiasts who have continued to see their dreams come true in more ways than one.

A visit to her website and blog easily demonstrates that Donna Krech doesn't necessarily have her eyes in your pocket. Based on the resources I found there, it would seem that above all else, she genuinely desires to help people improve various aspects of their lives--including their mentality.

Thus, Donna Krech's teachings isn't all about wealth and health.

For example, she lists "Blessings In Burdens" as among the things we all should embrace. She explained this to mean that without the difficulties and adversities that we all encounter every now and then, there would be no basis for faith.

Difficulties and adversities, she said, strengthened her own faith and self-belief. She therefore advised her audience to see opportunities in what appears to be only obstacles. She also cautions against living a life that lacks meaning, a purposeless life. Above all, Donna Krech encourages us all to live in such a way as to leave a good legacy behind.

Donna Krech understand that a healthy diet is a very important factor for the survival of a People. A good diet is based upon the organic elements that give and sustain life. Daily Nutritional Cleansing is the key to your good health. Many people take the human body and its functions lightly.

They do not consider what they consume as having a direct and permanent effect on the quality of their overall health. Visit these website for more weight loss tips. weightlossanddiettips.info and thehealthdiva.com Remember you are what you eat.


Our Review of the Cafe Tasse Dark Chocolate Orange Bar

Now that Christmas is over we think you may now have had enough of the humdrum boxes of chocolates which are usually handed around at this time of year. We think that since you are a true Chocolate Fan you are probably ready for some serious dark chocolate.

To help to choose we have taken a long look at one dark chocolate bar in particular; the Cafe Tasse Dark Chocolate Orange bar.

All year around you probably are used to buying and eating regular chocolate bars. Maybe you normally buy dark chocolate Bounty Bars or ark Chocolate Mars Bars. Well, in 2013 we can offer you something different enabling you to Buy Dark Chocolate Bars Online of all sorts.

Our choice for this chocolate review is the Cafe Tasse Dark Chocolate Orange Bar. As the name suggests is is a dark chocolate bar With pieces of candied orange peel which gives an intense orange flavour along side a rich dark chocolate taste.

We were impressed by the combination of rich orange flavour and smooth dark chocolate. This makes a great alternative to regular dark chocolate bars and are part of a range of dark Belgium chocolate bars.

This dark chocolate bar is made by Café Tasse who have a number of bars available on Chocolate Fan. Café Tasse specialise in making smooth and luxurious dark chocolate bars. This particular chocolate bar was produced using traditional methods that have been passed down through generations.

The mixture of rich sumptuous dark chocolate and aromatic candied orange peel combine to make a truly delicious gourmet chocolate bar. We think that chocolate fans will love it.

This particular chocolate bar doesn't have a intense dark chocolate bitter taste which some chocolate fans like to taste. The cocoa content is around 50% and is therefore a little lower than some of the other dark chocolate bars you will find on the Chocolate Fan website where cocoa content can be 70%, 80%, 90% or even 100%.

Even though the cocoa content is a little lower the combination with the intense orange flavour works well and provides something a little different. We think it would suit someone is perhaps may otherwise buy dark Chocolate Mars Bars or perhaps may buy dark chocolate Bounty Bars. The dark chocolate intensity is similar.

The Cafe Tasse Dark Chocolate Orange Bar comes as an 85 g bar but at Chocolate Fan you can buy a pack of 4 to save you money and enable you to share the experience with friends, family and other chocolate fans you may know.

The Cafe Tasse Dark Chocolate Orange Bar can be found by visiting the Chocolate Fan website and using the search facility. Enter the words Cafe Tasse Dark Chocolate Orange in to the search box in the top right hand side of our home page. To read more and place your order you simply need to click on the picture and follow the instructions which will allow you to pay and have this great dark chocolate bar delivered to your home.

We hope you enjoy the Cafe Tasse Dark Chocolate Orange Bar as much as we did and come back to the Chocolate Fan to read our next review of the best dark chocolate bars online.


Mineral Water Plant- Types and Uses

Nature is providing pure water, but in the way, water will contaminated with other sources like pollutants, chemicals and other impurities. Now, one must be thinking that how to treat water is best ways. At such situation, a water treatment plant is purchased for purifying water. There are many Mineral Water Plant Manufacturers In Ahmedabad supplies different types of treatment plants. With the help of water purification, one can easily do chlorination, filtration, sedimentation, disinfection, coagulation, etc. One can also find different types of water purification equipments such as screening equipments, ozone generator, sludge treatment equipment, oil water separators, water filters, etc. Different types of water treatment plants are available in the market that is helpful for purifying water. Below you will find some different types of Water Treatment Plant with its uses.

Packaged Drinking Water Plant

With the help of Packaged Drinking Water Plant, one can easily purify water and minimize the COD levels. In such kind of plant, various processes such as coagulation, precipitation, ion exchange and reverse osmosis is used. Mainly, this type of plant is used for untying suspended solids that are present in lake or river water. There is well-popular Packaged Drinking Water Plant Manufacturers Ahmedabad selling such water plant at best cost.

Ozone based plants

Ozone based plants is one of the best plants, used for treating pool water. In order to disinfect the water, the help of ozone plant is taken. One of the best things about this type of plant is that it doesn't require other chemicals.

Waste Mineral Water Plant

Using Waste Mineral Water Plant, one can easily reuse water that comes from homes, industries, etc. it is considered as one of the effective method for reusing natural resources. Rather than this, pollutants like physical, biological and radioactive elements can also be removed.

Mobile plants

Mobile plants are much helpful for treating water at the time of emergencies and natural calamities. Mostly, these types of mobile plant are used at army regiment units. Add to this, one can use such type of mobile plants for treating surface water and ground.

Bottle water treatment plant

At present, the use of bottle water treatment plant is increased among people as they don't get pure water. Bottle water is especially treated in water plant. After that, it packed into bottles.

Compact water treatment plant

Those people, who want to treat ground water, can use compact Water Treatment Plant Ahmedabad. The cost of such plant is economical. One of the best things about using such type of water plant is that it easily filters tiny particles instantly.

Seawater Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plant Manufacturer also selling Seawater Treatment Plant that helps to remove unwanted minerals and salts from sea water. In this plant, user will find process like vacuum freezing, desalination, membrane separation, etc. for purifying water.

Containerized Water Treatment Plant

Mainly in remote area, we have noted that getting pure water is not possible. To make water pure, Containerized Water Treatment Plant is used. This plant is mainly fixed nearby mining and military camps.


Jack The Ripper Sighted In Victoria Station

During a break in filming for an upcoming Doctor Who episode at Victoria Station, spectators were started as a digital advert began to display a bleeding sulfur symbol followed by images of Jack the Ripper, Elizabeth Bathory, and American born killer Lizzie Borden. The video, available here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xbeag7OjSKM

Shows the animated ad run through what seems to be its entire cycle.

In late June a similar image, then only showing the bleeding symbol, appeared in the tube at Shepherd's Bush (see video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGvsdgmhPmc ).

It is all part of a marketing scheme by New York based Mezco Toyz for their popular Living Dead Dolls line of collectible beasties. Each summer they produce a special "Resurrection Series" of the limited edition horrors, the theme of the latest series is a murder mystery that has kept fans wondering not only who is the killer, but who is the victim.

Jack The Ripper, Elizabeth Bathory, and Lizzie Borden are all notorious killers, but they are also suspects in a murder mystery that has been slowly unfolding over the past eight weeks at http://www.resurrectionix.com/ . As Mezco Toys moves forward with the upcoming release of the world record setting doll's latest Resurrection Series, fans around the world are showing who they suspect is the "killer" of the mysterious fourth doll in the newest limited edition series.

Using the tags #LivingDeadDolls and #Mezco they are posting photos of themselves wearing shirts picturing one of the evil dolls who may be responsible for the demise of their fellow collectible.

In an interesting twist, Mezco isn't selling the shirts...they have posted them randomly to Living Dead Dolls fans. Mezco representatives won't comment on how fans were selected or how many shirts were distributed, but it appears at least a baker's dozen were sent to celebrities who expressed their love for the eerie effigies. Again, Mezco reps wouldn't comment on the record but did indicate that they had recently been told that they are the only people on Earth trying to get Magic Mike XXL star Channing Tatum to put a shirt ON.

Living Dead Doll fans and lovers of the macabre can follow the clues for the latest series at http://www.resurrectionix.com/, follow Mezco (specialization in the manufacture, design and marketing of toys and collectables for all) on Twitter at https://twitter.com/mezcotoyz, or visit Mezco's San Diego Comic Con booth #3445.


Vincent Van Gogh's Life, Works And Death

Born on 30th of March, 1853 in Groot Zundert, a small town in the Brabant, the southern Netherlands - Holland at the time - Vincent Van Gogh was destined to become the most popular post-impressionist painter of all ages, alas only appreciated after his tragic death.

He was named after his brother who died exactly the same day a year before and arguably this naming had a huge negative impact on all his life.

His father Theodorus Van Gogh (1822-1885) was a minister of Dutch Reformed Church and it seems that Vincent became very much interested on his father's profession which as the result years later he chose to work as a preacher in a mining region in Belgium known as Borinage and even worked for free after he was dismissed.

Vincent had 2 brothers named Theodorus and Cor and three sisters named Elisabeth, Anna and Wil. Theodorus who was 4 years younger than Vincent played a very significant roll in his life. Theo not only financially supported Vincent throughout his life but he was the one who encouraged Vincent to take up painting seriously. It is widely accepted that if it hadn't been because of Theo's support the world would not had such a remarkable painter.

Having lived more than a year together Vincent ended his relationship with Clasina Maria Hoornik and a year later he fell in love with Margot Begemann, his neighbor's daughter who was ten years older than him but it didn't result a happy marriage either as both families opposed their relation.

Vincent started his career as an employee for the art dealer Goupil & Co. Later the company sent him to London where he increasingly got interested in religion. Later he was sent to Paris where the company found him troublesome and dismissed him. In 1880 he started taking painting lessons seriously.

Some of the most famous and expensive paintings in the world were created by Van Gogh, in fact four of top ten most expensive paintings are Van's work, sadly he didn't have much luck selling his works during his life time which left him a poor artist.

"Red Vineyard at Arles", the only painting that Vincent managed to sell before his death earned him just 400 Francs - roughly the equivalent of $1000 today - was painted in 1888 and exhibited in 1890 in Brussels.

The most expensive painting by Vincent is "Portrait of Dr. Gachet". Gachet, a hubby painter himself, was the doctor who took care of Vincent during the last months of his life in Auvers-sur-Oise, France. As with many paintings of Van this one has two versions, one of which was sold for $82.5 millions in 1990. The current estimate of value is $136.1 millions.

It is believed that Vincent suffered from insanity and depression all his life which ended in committing suicide several times. Finally on 27 July 1890 he shot himself in the chest which caused incurable injuries that killed him two days later. He left behind him many highly respected and extremely expensive paintings which changed the course of Neo-Impressionism forever.


Human Uses Of Spider Silk

Humans have used spider silk for a number of uses for a long time. The Roman encyclopaedic Pliny tells us that spider web is excellent for sealing wounds and this is true as far as I know.

It has certainly been used by many people since then. The answer may lie in both its immunity from microbial attack and its strange combination of softness and strength.

Many people through the ages have also used spider web silk to make clothes from. When woven it is both strong and light. Although the weaving of spider silk has never become a commercial proposition it is still carried on by a few traditionalists in places such as Madagascar.

Spider silk is known to have been woven by primitive peoples to make simple bags, such as those once used to carry arrow heads by the natives of the New Hebrides and as such must be a skill that has been practised for a long time.

Spider silk was also regularly woven more technologically advanced places like India and China where it was worn by the richest people only. In 1896 a Chinese delegation to Europe presented Queen Victoria with a spider silk gown.

Spider silk never had a chance to compete with silkworm silk because spiders are much more difficult to raise in large numbers and because their silk lacks the lustre of silkworm silk.

Spider silk has found other uses however, in the early nineteenth century a family of painters in Innsbruck made a name for themselves by painting on cloth of spider silk. One of the interests of this is that the silk is so thin the image can be equally clearly from both sides.

Primitive peoples have found ways of using spider webs other than weaving them. The literature of several European explorers contain references, sometimes quite detailed, to the use by various native peoples in the Austropacific area of spider webs to make nets, both for fishing and for catching butterflies.

These nets were either made from several webs collected across the fork of a branch, or by bending and tying off a branch to make a metre wide hoop and then encouraging a spider to spin a web within the hoop.

As a slight digression I must mention that man and spiders are not the only animals to find a use for spider silk. Birds also like spider silk, it is in some ways the perfect substance for binding up the materials that make a small birds nest.

In Africa, the Americas, Asia Australia and Europe there are birds who not only enjoy spiders as a tasty meal but who also rob them of their webs. Some Hummingbirds make ropes of spider silk to suspend their nests from, and others build their nests almost entirely from spider silk.

No discussion of spiders and man, even as brief a one as this, would be complete without mention of the giant figures dug into the earth's surface 2,000 years ago by the by the Inca people of Nazca Peru. Among the many animals depicted is a spider. By far the largest spider image in the world this incredible piece of art is 50 metres or 160 feet across. Nobody really knows why it was created.

However this is not the oldest, spider image in the world, that record belongs to a splotchy image drawn by an unknown prehistoric artist on the wall of cave in Gasulla Gorge Spain. This painting is not only interesting because of its great antiquity, but also because the spider is attended by 6 smaller blotches that some people interpret as flies.

Since these ancient times, spiders have often featured in human art works and now it is not unusual to find modern art and jewellery representing spiders and their webs. You can now easily buy clothing and wall posters decorated with spider motifs.


Musica Universalis or Music of the Spheres

The Law of Universal Order, the doctrine that there is Law behind the order of the Universe was echoed by Shakespeare." That the heavens themselves, the planets and the spheres observe proportion, ratio and Order"

The Music of the Spheres is a philosophic concept, that regards the proportions in the motion of the celestial bodies as Musica Divina or Divine Music The Music of the Nine Revolving Heavens, the Nava Grahas !. Though not literally audible, this Musica Divina is accessible to the divinely intoxicated mind, in a state of Cosmic Consciousness. It is harmonic, mathematical and Sacred Music !

The concept is Pythagorean. Pythagorus, the father of Astro Numerology, with his semi-mystical and semi-mathematical philosophy, declared that the Mystery of the Universe is discernible through Unio Mystica or Mystic Union. Mystic systems in the West like Gnostic Christianity and Free Masonry use this concept, as both these systems were influenced by Pythagorus.

Johannes Kepler, the great astronomer who gave the western world the Laws of Planetary motion, declared that Sacred Geometry, Cosmolgy, Astronomy, Astrology, Harmonics and Music stemmed from this Musica Universalis. Kepler elaborated this concept in his Harmonice Mundi , relating Astrology and Harmonics ! Kepler declared that

p1^2/p2^2 = a1^3/ a2^3

that is the ratio of the squares of the sidereal periods of planets is equal to the cube roots of their semi-major axes. ( The Third Law of Planetary Motion ).

Dante elaborated this concept in his formidable poem The Divina Commedia The spheres were believed to be related by whole number ratios of pure musical intervals, generating musical harmony.

In his book De Musica Beothius defined three types of Music

Musica Universalis or Musica Mundana ( Music of the Spheres )
Musica Humana ( the internal music of the human body )
Musica instrumentalis ( Instrumental music by instrumentalists )

This music can be heard in the Region of Concrete Thought, according to Max Heindel. This is a different state of Consciousness, different from the mundane. In Esoteric Christianity, this is called the second heaven.

Indian Philosophy gives great importance to Sacred Music. Most of the poems of the great poets have been musicalised. We find that great epic poems, like Geetha, like Devi Sooktham etc have been musicalised. Singers like Lataji, Anuradha, Chitra, Jesudas etc has sung the glory of these poems. Listening to these poems can make the Kundalini rise.

In 2006, Greg Fox divided the orbits of the planets in half again and again till they were literally audible. The result was Carmen of the Spheres.

Yogic schools like Nada. Laya and Shabda Yogas give importance to Sacred Music. The Shabda Yoga Gurus consider Pythagorus as a divine Guru, his name stemming from two Sanskrit words, Pitha ( father ) and Guru ( preceptor ). This Guru or gorus occurs in such names as Protagorus, Anaxagorus and Pythagorus !

Fortunatley I grew up in a tradition of Sacred Music. As a child, I used to get out of bed, hearing my mother sing Sankara and Jayadeva. I grew up listening to Sai bhajans, which can spiritualise any one.

In the Masonic Initiation, the Heirophant or the Guru tells the initiate " We have selected for you, selected by the Grand Organist, some selections from the Music of the Spheres ". He tells him " how all heavens and earths, the Grand Lodge below and the Grand Lodge above are all held together by that Music, though few on earth have the ears to hear it".

Genius hears the overtones, also the Music of the Spheres. Genius knows what it meant when Pythagorus said that Philosophy is the highest Music.

According to the Indian tradition, all Music is Samaveda . Musicology is the 17th science which constitute Indian philosophy ( ayurvedam dhanurvedam gandharvo veda eva cha ). Gandharva Veda is the eternal Music of Nature, the Universal Music, whose infinitesimal expression is all earthly music. What the Seers hear in higher or altered states of Consciousness is nothing but this Heavenly Music ( Ananta Vai Veda ).

Gandharva Music is the divine music in alliance with the Laws of Nature. If you make yourself still, you can hear this music in the rising of the sun and its setting. All you have to do is to prepare yourself spiritually and tune in and you can hear this wonderful music. This celestial music has psychotherapeutic properties.

The healing properties of Gandharva Music has been lost to the West and now many of India's professional musicians are touring the world, performing ancient melodies and demonstrating its psychotherapeutic properties to people from all civilizations.

You can listen to these music videos and make your Kundalini rise !


Korean Kpop

Kpop Korean music genre began in around early 90s, or to be more precise, in 1992 when Seo Tai-ji & Boys gained immense popularity. Kpop is an abbreviation of Korean Pop music and it originated in the South Korea. This music genre consists of dance, R&B, electro pop and hip hop music.

Korean pop is basically genre fusion of rap and singing. In addition to this, strong visuals and solid performance forms an integral part of the overall genre.

The Korean Kpop changed the entire way of music in the country. Although the older genres are still there, this new sensation has definitely taken over. So much so that it is now regarded as a subculture of the area. The main listeners include teenagers and young girls. After South Korea, the music conquered most parts of Asia and Europe. Now the wave had hit America as well.
The Kpop Korean music owes a lot to the internet and the social networking platforms. It is via websites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook that this new music sensation spread across the globe. People learned about how it started and what it is about. From one corner, that is South Africa, to the other, the America, the music genre has spread at a viral speed just because of social networking.

Among the most famous Kpop idols are the Girls' Generation, Big Bang and 2NE1. Teenagers and youngsters throughout the world are crazy about these Korean stars, although people in most parts of the world do not even understand the South Korean language.

For crazy fans around the world who want to learn about the new hot genre and latest Korean Kpop news, there is this website koreankpop.net. It features all latest information on Kpop celebrities. The website is a simple Word Press blog with a very user friendly interface. The site is solely established to cater for the needs of the fans of Korean Kpop throughout the world.
What the Kpop legends up to, where did they show up, what are their plans for future albums, what are the most recent songs released, news like this and a lot more can be found on this website. It also has celebs pictures and various relevant videos too. In addition to this, whatever is posted or tweeted on profiles of these Kpop stars is instantly published on this site. The upcoming new brands and rising stars are also featured. Hence, this website is one place for all sorts of information on the Korean pop.

So if you are looking for a place where you can learn a lot about this music genre or the recent news about your favorite Kpop star, you can visit koreankpop.net. Browse through different posts and find out what is going on in the world of the Korean popular music that has taken over the youngsters around the world and become a part of it.


6 New Uses For 220 Volt Hair Dryer

Did you know that a 220 volt hair dryer is not just for hairstyling? This appliance is one of the most versatile tools you can have in your home, making it a great investment that can serve many purposes in the long run. Here are six new uses for a 220 volt hair dryer that will change the way you treat your hairstyling tool:

1. Remove stubborn price tags and stickers from surfaces - Picking and peeling stickers off goods, windows, boxes, and other things can be cumbersome. They do not come off easily--especially if they have been there for a long time. Hence, you end up scratching the item to continue removing bits and pieces of paper from it, and you have to endure the sticky feeling the stickers leave on your fingers. Here's a better way to do it: Blast some hot air from the hair dryer directly onto the sticker to make removal easier. This trick works on contact and protective sticker paper and lining from shelves, too.

2. Remove crayon stains and drawings from the wall or floor-Kids tend to treat floors and walls as their canvases, but you can easily remove the crayon from these surfaces with your 220 volt hair dryer. Aim it at the wall and blast some warm air onto it, and then use a damp sponge with a small amount of dish soap to scrub gently and remove the crayon. This method is suitable for removing crayon stains from fabric-free furniture, as well as on candle wax drippings. Crayons and candles are made of wax, so heating them makes them easier to remove.

3. Warm your sheets and towel - Set the hair dryer to hot and aim it at the towel. Be sure that the dryer is a foot away from the surface, and avoid using it near water.

4. Defog your mirror - Do you always get foggy mirrors when you step out of the shower, and wiping the moisture with your hand will only cause your fingerprints to stick on the mirror's surface. Use your hair dryer to clear the haze and remove the moisture with ease. The same trick can help defrost a frozen or frosted window or lock.

5. Dry damp clothes or shoes - A 220 volt hair dryer can be handy for drying damp spots on your clothes or inside your shoes. Doing so will prevent unwanted smells and bacterial buildup on your clothing and closed footwear, too.

6. Prevent the cake from sticking on the pan - Use the hair dryer at the bottom of the pan, and then invert it to allow the cake to drop out. A 220 volt hair dryer can help set the icing on your cake quickly, too.


Headband flower kit

A seriously easy way to create a bit of joy to your bundle. Fabric headbands that snap made from simple Flower headband kits.

In just minutes you can make three different flowers that will snap on and off a neutral white headband, perfect for the little gal in your life, or as a gift for someone you love! I have four daughters, and this will make the Sunday morning hair-do fiasco that much easier :)The headbands and flowers will stay in your child's hair! Not only is this felt flower headband kit SUPER adorable, the design is brilliant with a simple snap-on, snap-off concept!

First start by: Taking your strip of fabric and, using the circle templates, make 10 circles in a range of sizes. Don't stress about getting perfect circles!

The next step will be to cut out a circle from the felt, making sure the silver snap is in the center. These snaps are already in the perfect place to get the flowers on straight.

Take your smallest circle; fold in half, and then half again. Thread your needle through the point of your circle a couple of times and then open it up.

Layer all of your circles starting with the largest on the bottom and finishing with the smallest one that was sewn on the top.

Secure all of the circles together through the center a few times with your needle and thread. Make a knot in the back and they will stick together.

Using your glue gun, apply the fleece circle (with the snap facing outward) onto the back of your fabric flower.

Determine the length of elastic that you need and hot glue the ends together. Make sure the snap is on the outside.

If you want to, use the extra fleece to make leaves and hot glue to the back of your flower.


Top Things To Do In Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan and it is also named as the most populous metropolis in the world that's why it is often called Greater Tokyo. It is located at the upper part of Tokyo Bay on the Pacific Coast of central Honshu which is the largest among four main islands of Japan, where it lies between the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Japan.

Being the major gateway to Japan, tourism is a major industry of Tokyo with millions of visitors a year visiting from other countries and other cities of Japan. Aside from magnificent temples and shrines, high rise buildings and modern bullet trains, Tokyo also has beautiful parks and gardens. Tourists can also visit the museums and theme parks.

Here are the top things to do while visiting Tokyo:

Visit the tallest building in the city - Visit the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building or also known as Tocho or the Tokyo City Hall. It is highly recommended to visit the observation deck when it opens in the morning because it is the best time to view Mount Fuji.
Walk around the Tokyo Imperial Palace East Gardens. Enjoy the beautiful scenery especially during the cherry blossom season between March and early April.

Go to the oldest and one of the most significant temples in the city, the Sensoji Temple. It is the focus of the largest and most popular Matsuri, the Shinto festival which takes place over 3 to 4 days in late spring.

Enjoy shopping and learn about Tokyo's fashion in these places: Odaiba, Shibuya and Harajuku. Those are the hottest shopping areas of the city.

Meiji Jingu Shrine is a must to see for every visitors of Tokyo. Witness a Shinto wedding parties parading at the grounds of the shrine and see beautiful brides wearing the gorgeous traditional kimono.

Buy your high tech gadgets at Akihabara, the "electric town" of Tokyo. All the amazing gadgets you can imagine are there, from cameras to play stations, tiny cellphones to DVDs and many more. There are also maid cafes in Akinabara where the waitresses are like the typical manga-style maids who serve tea and cakes.

Do park hopping at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea, or spend one day at Disneyland and the other day at Disney Sea. Tokyo Disney is the most popular theme park in the city.

See the Akasaka Palace. It is also called the State Guest House and it accomodates visiting dignitaries.

Learn more about Tokyo at Tokyo National Museum, the first museum in Japan. It is consist of 5 exhibition buildings.
(1) Honkan or the Japanese Gallery - houses Japanese arts.
(2) Toyokan or the Asian Gallery - dedicated to art and archeology of other countries in Asia.
(3) Hyokeikan - built to remember the marriage of the then Meiji Crown Prince.
(4) Heiseikan - built for special exhibitions and displays the Japanese Archeology Gallery.
(5) Horyu-ji Homotsukan - built with the latest conservation technology.

This is just an intro - there is so much more to see in Tokyo. Enjoy Tokyo and learn about the rich culture of Japan.


It's Time to Go Digital as SBI Minimum Balance Norm Comes to Eat Your Money

My friend Sheetal Sharma, a 30-year old marketing professional, loves shopping around to buy the goodies. She holds a savings bank account with State Bank of India, the largest bank in India having more than 15,000 branches and about 50,000 ATMs across the country. And it's the cash that she uses for the bulk of her shopping. But now she would have to change her strategy as SBI has introduced a minimum balance norm with effect from April 1, failing which a penalty would be levied on the account holders. So, if all of you including my friend Sheetal would need to be updated of the new phenomenon that has been introduced or rather re-introduced by SBI. And this platform aims to deliver that dose of update you need to stay free of the charges that could eat into your account balance.

What's the Fuss About SBI Minimum Balance Norm?

It's not that the minimum balance requirement is anything new for SBI as it was charging customers for not able to maintain the same five years back. The minimum balance requirement is ₹5,000 in the metro cities, ₹3,000 in urban, ₹2,000 in semi-urban and ₹1,000 in rural areas. If you are living in the metro cities, a penalty of ₹100 plus service tax would be levied in the event of the balance falling below 75% of the Monthly Average Balance (MAB). Get ready to pay a charge of 50 plus service tax in case the shortfall is 50% or less. The people, living in rural areas, would have to pay a penalty of ₹20-50 if they fail to keep up with the minimum balance requirement.

How is MAB Calculated?

The calculation of MAB is done in a simple way across banks in India. The first step in the calculation is the addition of closing balances of each day throughout the month. The sum total then gets divided by the number of days in a month to arrive at MAB, which you need to maintain.

MAB=Sum Total of Daily Closing Balance in a Month/Number of Days in a Month

Sheetal is residing in Nagpur which figures among the Tier-II city of India. In that region, SBI minimum balance requirement would be ₹3,000. So, Sheetal, if you are reading this article, you can skip the penalty by keeping ₹90,000 in a day and have zero in the remaining days of a month. But depositing ₹90,000 in one go may not be feasible for you. So, stay glued to the calculation process and the formula as shown above to get an idea of how much you need to keep in your account to be up with MAB requirement.

But people like Sheetal are required to focus on other things beyond MAB as well. It is because of the fact that SBI has now started charging on cash deposits and withdrawal from ATMs beyond a specific limit.

Charges on Cash Deposits

If you are a savings account holder with SBI, you can get away from the penalty on three instances of cash deposits in a month, beyond which ₹50 and service charge would get debited from your account.

ATM Withdrawals Too Come Under Charge Scanner

Cash withdrawals from SBI ATMs beyond five times in a month would attract a penalty of ₹10. The penalty doubles to ₹20 when the withdrawals from other bank's ATMs exceed three in a month. But there is a silver lining on ATM withdrawals for account holders. Dying to know what is it? It's the balance of a specific number that holds the key here. If the balance is more than 25,000, account holders withdrawing from SBI's ATM will not be charged irrespective of the limit set by the bank for a free transaction. Those customers who are using SBI debit card to withdraw cash from other banks' ATMs won't be charged provided they have a balance of more than ₹1,00,000 in their account.

Given the way the charges have come up with regards to SBI minimum balance requirement and cash transactions, it won't be a bad idea if you transition your financial life into a digital mode. By doing so, you can escape the charges while executing the transactions without any worry. There are many e-wallets today which you can use to shop and avail discounts at the same time. Get cashless and prevent your hard-earned money to become the bunny of 'Charge' syndrome.


NordicTrack ASR 700: Inexpensive Elliptical Machine With Inventive Features

For its price, the NordicTrack ASR 700 elliptical trainer sure packs a lot of features. It has a magnetic front-drive mechanism that provides users with smoother leg movements. There are a total of 20 resistance levels, each one providing you with added challenge for every fitness level you reach.

Built-in 14 workout programs are available to help your burn unwanted calories and get you in shape fast. With a press of a button, the machine automatically adjusts itself to simulate various exercise forms. For instance, it can give you the same workout you get when climbing a hill. There's a heart rate monitor sensor on the moveable hand grips themselves. In other elliptical trainers, the sensor is usually placed on separate and fixed hand grips.

It fully supports the ground-breaking iFit Card Workout feature. For this, there are a variety of cards you can purchase separately. Each one is aimed for a specific goal. For example, some are for building endurance, while some are for losing weight. Sliding an iFit card into the console activates a voice, motivating and guiding you through an 8-week workout plan.

The programs used on the iFit cards are created by professional fitness instructors themselves. The elliptical machine's console remembers where you left off, then gets back to it when you resume working out. In a sense, it's just like having your very own trainer. But without the steep cost of actually hiring one to help you workout at home.

An inbuilt speaker system in a fitness machine isn't really something new. This NordicTrack elliptical has such, which permits you to plug in your MP3 player and listen to music. However, it has something new that others don't yet have. And it's a couple of cool video games integrated into the console. Choose whether to play "Calorie Destroyer" or "Fat Blocker" as you press buttons on the movable handgrips.

It's important to keep yourself hydrated throughout your working out. That's why there's a handy water bottle holder. Users weighing up to 275 lbs can be supported by the ASR 700's sturdy construction. The motor, frame, various parts and labor are covered by a one-year warranty upon purchasing.

The NordicTrack ASR 700 failed to include other features, despite having the innovative iFit Card Workout support or a couple of built-in games. The 18-inch stride length isn't adjustable, so very tall people may find that as a setback. In addition, there's no adjustment available for the incline. Parts can't be folded up for storage when the machine is not in use.


Learning How to Play Chinese Checkers Game

The Chinese checkers game is one of the most favorite board games by every family because of the simplicity of its rules. Learning how to play it is very easy for it has few rules which are quite easy to understand. This board game is just great for players from ages seven years old and above. With the simple rules of that it has you will be able to master this in such short period of time.

This game was introduced as Hop Ching Checkers in the U.S. sometime in 1928. It was based on an old German board pastime called Stern-Halma and still known as Halma in most European countries. It was renamed Chinese checkers and retained its name even up to the present time due to the growing interest by the Americans in oriental culture.

The standard design features two overlapping triangles at the base to form a hexagon from the intersection of the triangles. Chinese checkers boards can be made from hardwood or metal and even fiberglass for long lasing use and durability. The most expensive type of material used for this board is the fiberglass. The shapes of the board may be square or round or hexagonal which can also be perfect ornaments or wall decors.

Some creative designers have made the other side of the board as a conventional chess board with matching chess pieces. This game can be played by at least two up to six players using sixty pieces of marble of six different colors in a set of ten for each color. Thee holes on the board are designed to hold one piece of marble. The instructions or mechanics of the game are often engraved on the other side of the wood. There are also instructions which are printed in a separate sheet of paper.

You can browse and check online on certain web sites and inquire as well about this type of indoor family entertainment. The board comes in so many different variations although the standard form and holes are being maintained. Playing this type of indoor fun is truly an enjoyable thing and learning it until you attain full mastery is quite easy in Chinese checkers game.


Get Your Own Bunch of Personalized Hand Sanitizers

In a few past years, many people reported illness due to germs and viruses infection. The good news for you is that there is a method to keep your hand's bacteria free with the help of a logo hand sanitizer. The hand sanitizer is the effective hand cleaning substitutes to soap and water. In case you are travelling from your home to another place, and you have to clean your hands, you can just tip a little amount of hand sanitizer, rub it in between your palms, and you get immediate disinfection. Some health organizations have attested to the efficiency of this product.

Hand sanitizers are also used as a very useful promotional tool these days for businesses. You can print your company's name and can print logo on these hand sanitizers.

Following are other benefits of using hand sanitizers for hands cleaning:

High Usability: Almost everyone may use Logo hand sanitizer. You may even teach your children how to take advantage of it so they may be safe and protected from germs and virus as well.

Outstanding Publicity Potential: Personalized hand sanitizers are very successful marketing tools for businesses. They can represent a big market and can influence high product recall.

Plenty Printing Space: Hand sanitizers can provide effective promotion for business as they are intended to give you maximum print space for all your business messages, logo or name. All you have to do is modify them as per your taste and requirement.

Available in different Variants: Various hand sanitizers are available in a variety of colors, scents, and sizes. It is up to you to determine which is most suitable for you according to your choice.

These days, hand sanitizers are the best promotional tool in the market today and if you are interested in buying here are some tips in buying logo hand sanitizer.

Devise Your Resources: In every trade investment, it is always reasonable to plan a financial policy first so you can prevent the risk of over investing.

Study your viewers: It would be practical to consider more about your target customers first so you can recognize their requirements. Always try to conclude which types would appeal to them and which forms would best favorable for them.

Select the Right Size: Imprinted hand sanitizers come in a variety of sizes that can supply to all kinds of business companies. You should need to pick one that is best matched to your business's objectives.

Effective Color Scheme: Before you print your company logo or name on hand sanitizer, choose an existing color scheme first that will suit your design. Keep in mind that your aim is to make it as noticeable and tremendous as possible.


Buying A Grim Reaper Costume Online

Right now is the time to shop if you want to get the best Halloween costume around. One of the best places that you can find a grim reaper costume is over the internet. In fact you can get all of your Halloween needs fulfilled if you look online. Here is what you should be looking for when you are shopping for all of your All Hollow's Eve supplies!

One of the best things about getting your shopping done online is the amount of money that you can save. There are sites all over the internet that offer great costumes at a fairly low price. When you look for the reaper costume, make sure that you take the time to look at a couple of different sites.

When looking around at different costume sites make sure that you take note and compare. You want to get the best costume and you also want to save some money. Look at 20 sites and then you can make your decision from there. Make sure to take note of all of the prices of each site as well. Price will play a big factor when the time comes to choose a site and buy the reaper costume. On average you can expect to pay $20 to $100 for a grim reaper costume. Of course it simply depends on the quality of the actual costume.

Costumes are made out of a lot of materials and this is what typically makes up their price. The more authentic and real your costume looks, the more expensive it is going to be. This is where you need to find a costume that looks as real as your budget can afford. If you look in the right place you may be able to find a couple of great reaper costumes.

In order to make your costume look even better you need to have the right accessories to match. There are plenty of canes and ropes that you can buy for a reaper costume to make it look more real. Of course these accessories will cost you some extra money and if you do not have it, you may need to look at a costume set.

A costume set is great for those who do not have a lot of cash. A typical grim reaper costume will come with the cloak, the makes and even the cane. Each set might offer something different so take a look around and see which one you like best. Most sets will not cost more than $50 which makes them incredibly affordable.

When you come across the right site and the perfect reaper costume, do not hesitate to buy. People are getting online all days long to buy the perfect costume for Halloween. Make sure you get on board and start looking at costumes, sets and accessories. Try and find a site that even offers free shipping to save more money!

Right now, consumers are turning to buy costumes online. If you want to find the best grim reaper costume around, you need to find the right online shop. Take a look at online auction sites to help save you money and get the costume you have always wanted!


Scary Games to Play

All of us are familiar with the quirky tales of ghosts and goblins our nannies have told us. Or perhaps it is this love for adventure and the curiosity to unravel the realms of the dark world which lead us on to scary games to play.

The market is full of computer and video games of every genre possible. There are fun games, girlie games and practically a game to suit every palate. But in this wide world of games the scary games to play have a special place of honor since they are the most avidly searched and widely loved of all games.

Trying to define horror has taken up volumes of print and endless documentaries in the making. In trying to seek that unexplainable feeling of fear and excitement teenagers, men and women are inexplicably drawn towards scary games to play. There are of course plenty of games that seek to titillate the human psyche and provide entertainment to all and sundry.It must be said though that while playing horror games, one needs to exercise caution. In case you do not have a strong frame of mind it is difficult to compose one self having played such games.

Parents of course need to exercise caution when their wards choose scary games to play.At times however even the best of computer games fail to evoke the required emotional response to a certain game of horror leaving the players with a feeling of frustration and being cheated of a good scary game to play. There are plenty of games, which take on a cheap and quick approach rather than trying to build upon the feeling of dread and horror that eventually leads to the excitement of the game.

Scary games to play can be extremely time-consuming and addictive if they strike the right chord of the player. On an average 30 to 50 hours can be easily consumed by playing such a game. It is not only a good and exciting way of passing time, but also in an odd way teaches the player to face adverse situations.A problem though with all scary games to play are that the bond with the game is broken and the concentration level re-achieved every time that game has to be newly started.

Good scary games to play should try to cajole the gamer to return to the computer whenever free. The horror games industry would mature if they emphasize on a great script instead of only graphics and bloodshed. It is up to the makers to make the game more interesting by adding a mind game and interesting twists and turns instead of only gory scenes of destruction and evil being the order of the day.

Most scary games to play have a strange crossover appeal which fits the mind of both the young and the old. Men as well as women can play theses games and feel good about it in their own different ways. Men feel macho in overcoming their fear through the game while girls feel feminist enough having overcoming their fear of the game.

In fact it's a win-win situation for all those involved, including the makers and the sellers too.Some all time favorite scary games to play are:

Fatal Frame - available on PS2 and Xbox.

Silent Hill 3 - available on PS2 and PC.

Clock tower 3 - available on PS2

Scary games to play reveal a good deal of what goes into the minds of their creators, as well as the cultural influences on them. Good horror games strike at the very root of our culture and psychology.


Why Septic Tank Pumping Is So Important

Septic Tank Pumping and Maintenance Just as it's always prudent to maintain your car by changing the oil every 3,000 miles, the best practice for keeping your septic system operating safely at its best is to have your septic tank pumped every three to five years. There is a homeowners guide online that may help you create a maintenance program to make sure your system operates properly and safely for years to come. A regular maintenance program will also identify any potential problems early so they can be fixed with minimum cost and disruption.

A common misconception is the belief held by some homeowners that when the septic system is installed, the septic tank is empty. Then one day in the distant future, say 20 or 30 years, the septic tank will fill up. When the tank fills up you simply pump it out and the clock starts all over again. This myth could not be further from the truth and has led many such owners to unknowingly neglect their septic systems only to have them fail prematurely and to require expensive repairs that could have been avoided..

Actually, newly installed and recently pumped septic tanks are designed to fill quickly within a couple weeks and to remain full until they are pumped again, which should be about every 3 to 5 years. This is how they are designed and supposed to function.

Septic tanks work the best when they are full because when they are full they provide the largest possible home for the bacteria your septic system needs to function. The bacteria break down the waste coming into the septic tank and help purify and clean the water exiting the septic tank. The wastewater from the home or residence enters the septic tank from one side of the tank. When the wastewater enters the septic tank, an equal amount of bacteria-processed water is pushed out into the leaching system on the other side of the septic tank.

There are actually two solid layers inside the septic tank, the scum layer above the wastewater and the sludge layer below it. These two solid layers will accumulate and grow together over time without septic tank pumping. Once both layers have kind of merged together, the amount of both liquid and active bacteria in the tank drops measureably and untreated solid waste begins to enter the leaching system. When the solid waste enters the leaching system it can plug up and ruin the entire leach field, or drainage field, causing the need for very expensive repairs.

Regular septic tank pumping keeps your septic tank system in the best working condition. A regular program of septic tank pumping is the only proven method for prolonging the life of your septic system, providing you with a healthy home, and protecting your investment in this most important utility. Contact a local septic tank service company and get your septic tank inspected and get it pumped out if it has been over 3 years since the last time you had it pumped or don't know when the last time was.


Beneficial Aromatherapy Ideas

Aromatherapy has been used throughout the ages to offer relief from many complaints, both emotional and physical. As of yet, science has neither confirmed nor denied the benefits of aromatherapy as a being a curative alternative health practice. However many people still rely on age-old traditions and wisdom to assist in the healthiness of their lifestyle.

Aromatherapy, by definition, is the use of selected fragrant substances in lotions and inhalants in an effort to affect mood and promote health (The American Heritage Dictionary). By doing a search on the internet, or by visiting your local library, one can find a wealth of information on aromatherapy, both practical and estoric (spiritual) uses. Not only are there unlimited amounts of fragrances to help your health, but an unlimited amount of applications of the fragrances.

Several of the more common applications you probably know about are candles, incense, bath products, lamp rings, massage oils, and diffusers.

Candles can be purchased in an almost limitless variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and most importantly, fragrances. Even people who aren't fond of candles for fire safety reasons can find tart melts, electric votive warmers, so-called "flameless candles", and many other alternatives. A hint for purchasing candles for aromatherapy reasons is to purchase soy candles. Not because any other kind is especially unhealthy or unsafe, but because soy is cleaner burning with a higher scent throw and less soot, bringing you that much more scent than regular candles.

Incense can be found in many forms as well, including your regular stick incense, cones, charcoal, powder, resins, and others. If you are turned-off by incense because of the "woodsy" smell that makes you think of burning leaves, try charcoal incense instead, which has a very clean burning, non-woodsy scent, giving you more fragrance and less of that smokiness.

Bath Products, and Pulse Point Rubs can bring aromatherapy up close and personal. By bathing in or with aromatic oils, you carry the fragrance with you whereever you go. However, you should make sure that the fragrance you are getting has the right benefits you would like instead of just smelling nice. Some more common name brand bath products may smell pretty but have little to no theraputic effects.

Essential oils are the best way to get the benefits of aromatherapy, however the fragrance itself, even if manmade can still be beneficial to you. If I listed all the benefits of each fragrance out there, this article would probably take up about 5000000 paragraphs. However, I highly recommend doing research into the different fragrances and their benefits before jumping on the aromatherapy train. Some fragrances are not skin safe (especially in essential oil form), and others can cause allergic reactions. Remember safety first when experimenting with aromatherapy and your body!

As a few suggestions, generally lavender is used for relaxation, peppermint for energy, ylang-ylang for passion or love, chamomile for calm, frankencense & myrrh or nag champa for meditation, and sage for cleansing. There are plenty more out there though...something for everything one might say!

Aromatherapy can benefit everyone, and is available in so many different forms that it is easily accessible and easy to use no matter who you are. Scent affects our lives in so many ways, and this is just one more way it can benefit you.


Do You Want The Best Sterling Charm Bracelets?

People are excited about wearing sterling silver charm bracelets. The authentic sterling is made of 92.5% pure silver. Having them in your sterling silver jewelry collection is a sensible idea. Fashion statement can be nicely accentuated with a bracelet of charms.
A charm bracelet is worn on your wrist. Each bracelet is graced with charms, which have a variety of designs, shapes, style and color. In most cases, charm bracelets are chosen for significant reasons, such as having a meaningful sentimental value. Charm bracelets come in three types or designs.
The traditional type is a dangling charm bracelet. It is called "charm" because the motifs symbolize traditional "something". The foundation of dangling charm bracelet is composed of interlocking links. Other than sterling silver, charm bracelets are also made of white gold, yellow gold, and stainless steel.
The charms are hooked to the bracelet links. When these bracelets are worn, the charms dangle on your wrist. The most common motif for dangling charms is engraved hearts, initials, dates, and birthstones. Baby's booties are also a popular motif. There are attractive shapes, designs and color for baby booty charms.
Children's jewelry is often sterling silver charm bracelets. The links can be adjusted as your child grows, and the charms can be customized according to your child's interests. The other type of charm bracelet is the Italian charm bracelet.

Italian charm bracelets are another type. The charms on Italian bracelet interlock with each other to form a watch band. The charms are flat and modular links hooked together onto the surface of the link. Using a soldering paste and soldering iron, the charms are securely locked on their surfaces.

The motifs for Italian charms are musical, religious symbols, cartoon characters, a nation's flag, national leaf, or national hero. In a traditional dangling charm bracelet, the charms are fixed on the chain. However, in Italian bracelet, the charms can be interchanged to fit your fashion style.
The last type of charm bracelet is the Pandora. Also known as European, Pandora's sterling silver charm bracelets are the latest addition to charm jewelry. Its design and style are a product of technology with its beads as the charms. The beads are snapped-on around the bracelet, which resembles a rope. The charms are also interchangeable.
Besides knowing the types of a bracelet for charms, it is also important to know its purpose. You can buy charm jewelry as a present for birthday, wedding anniversary, thanksgiving, and graduation.
Many people buy sterling silver jewelry to celebrate friendship. Parents will often grace the wrists of their new born baby with gold charm bracelet. If you are a person interested in jewelry, having a variety of sterling silver charm bracelets is a worthy investment.
To make it special and memorable, look for shops that offer personalized services such as "design your own." Groups and organizations make use of this customized service to have their group's name engraved on the charms.
Married and engaged couples are not left behind with this fashion. Sterling silver charm bracelets grace their wrists to symbolize their vows and love.


The History Behind Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield has been around for about eighty years. It is a national company, made up of thirty-nine locally operated Blue Cross Blue Shield companies. Blue Cross Blue Shield's focus is providing families with top quality, affordable health insurance. Blue Cross Blue Shield reports that it is the most recognized brand in the health insurance industry. Blue Cross Blue Shield has almost 100 million members, and offers products in all fifty states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medicare

There is a lot of debate and discussion about Medicare plans in the news right now. Blue Cross Blue Shield offers some Medicare prescription plans. Medicare Part D plans offer prescription drug coverage. This is a good option for retirees. Actually, the Medicare Part D plan can be so confusing that Blue Cross Blue Shield has put together a document to help explain changes to the Medicare plans. Medicare Part D plans are heavily regulated by the government. Retirees have to investigate and understand all the technical and legal issues that will impact their options so that they can get maximum value out of their Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug Coverage plans.

Other Blue Cross Blue Shield Products

Medicare Part D plans are a big product offering from Blue Cross Blue Shield, but there are others. Blue Cross Blue Shield has HMO plans, which stands for Health Maintenance Organization plans, and usually have a small network of physicians. They also have plans with more choices and freedom when it comes to selecting a physician. These are called PPO plans, which stands for Preferred Provider Organization plans. Blue Cross Blue Shield also offers other plans, such as indemnity and traditional coverage plans, and Point-of-Service plans.

A new development in health insurance has been flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts. These accounts work with the Blue Cross Blue Shield policy to help subsidize the deductible costs on each policy. This is a great way to keep monthly premiums down by having a Blue Cross Blue Shield policy with a high deductible, but yet have flexibility and help when it comes to paying the deductible. This is one of the ways in which Blue Cross Blue Shield tries to help its members.

Blue Cross Blue Shield also boasts the largest network of physicians, health care professionals, and hospitals in the nation. There are also Blue Cross Blue Shield international plans for those living, traveling, or working overseas. There are thirty-nine divisions of Blue Cross Blue Shield, so it is possible that the state where you live has its own division of Blue Cross Blue Shield products. Georgia, California, and Texas are among the states that have their own division. Not all of the divisions are called Blue Cross Blue Shield. Some go under other names, such as Anthem or Horizon. They all have access to the excellent Blue Cross Blue Shield network of providers, though, and all share the same high quality reputation.


How To Apply Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails enable you to attach false nails to your natural nails for a fashionable and long-lasting look. While many women prefer to get acrylic nails done at a beauty salon, it can be an expensive routine. You can save money by applying acrylic nails by yourself at home, at a fraction of the cost! Here's how…

Supplies needed for applying acrylic nails

You might need different supplies based on the specific look you desire, but usually, you'll need:

Acrylic nailbrush

Nail polish remover

Nail glue

Nail clipper

Nail file

Nail primer

Acrylic nail tips

Liquid and powder acrylic

Cuticle oil to moisturize post application

Nail sander and buffer

You can even buy an acrylic nail application kit which contains all the supplies you will need. It saves you the hassle of looking for each item.

Step by step guide to applying acrylic nails

Remove old nail polish, sand the surface of your natural nails and file nails down to the tip of your finger. Apply cuticle remover, push back your cuticles and scrub dead cells away.

Apply a tiny drop of glue onto the appropriate sized nail up to the indicated indentation. Apply the artificial nail to the tip of your natural nail and press down firmly for about 10 seconds.

Cut the nail with a clipper to your desired length and file out the edges.

Take the primer and apply it to your natural nail (the area not covered by the fake nail).

Dip the acrylic nail brush into the acrylic nail liquid and then into the powder, picking up just a little. Spread this out evenly on your natural and fake nail. Make sure the liquid and powder mix is not too thick or runny. Avoid the cuticle area when spreading the acrylic mix onto your nail. Let your nail dry completely.

Next, buff the surface of your nail to make it shiny and smooth.

Apply cuticle oil onto your cuticles, wash and dry your nails thoroughly and end with a clear coat of nail polish on the entire nail. Voilà! Your magnificent DIY acrylic nails are ready!

Making money out of your newly acquired skill

Applying acrylic nails needs patience and practice. Try it out on yourself until you have perfected the art. Experiment with colours, patterns and designs. When you feel confident, start doing your friends' nails at cheaper-than-salon rates to earn some extra cash! Word-of-mouth publicity might rake in more money than you think!

So there you go: a fun and affordable way of glamming up those nails while also earning some cash!


Automatic Edition of Nissan Sunny Rolled Out: Price Tagged at 8.7 Lacs

Its exceptional and spacious interiors put Nissan Sunny ahead of all other sedans in terms of rear seat space, legroom and luxury. Thus, in order to keep the tradition alive and to attract a large number of car buyers, the Japanese auto maker has launched an automatic edition of Nissan Sunny. Available in a petrol variant, Nissan rolled out the 4th generation of Nissan Sunny equipped with continuously variable transmission or X-Tronic CVT in short.

Boasting of being 10 percent smaller size-wise and weighing 13 percent lighter, The all new Nissan Sunny automatic exhibits a 1.5 litre four cylinder engine that is similar to the engine of Renault Scala. The 2013 edition of Nissan Sunny automatic averages a maximum output of 101PS of peak power and 134 Nm of peak torque when paired to a 5-speed automatic CVT gearbox, according to the test results of ARAI. Claiming of being more efficient than the manual transmission version, the automatic transmission will be generating a fuel economy of 17.97 kilometers per litre as compared to the previous 16.95 kilometers per litre generated by the manual edition. Apart from this, the all new Nissan Sunny features an adaptive shift control that allows the gearbox to opt from any one of more than a thousand plus shift patterns that are based on various driving styles.

Other than the above mentioned mechanical features, the Nissan Sunny automatic edition will be made available to the buyers only in the mid-level XL trim. The 2013 edition of Nissan Sunny will also exhibit all-four power windows along with keyless entry and go. One can also witness a double-DIN audio system and the audio controls being mounted on steering. Also, the double-DIN audio system will be compatible with CDs and auxiliary inputs. On the inside, the all new sedan features dash integrated music system with four speakers along with power steering, two airbags and both side electric door mirror. On the outside, the car is mounted on alloy wheels that give the car a ground clearance of 165mm. Measuring 4425 mm in length, 1695 mm in width and 1505 mm height-wise, the all the Nissan Sunny automatic also exhibits 490 litres of boot space. Also, the automatic version of Nissan Sunny that comes in a petrol variant displays body colored bumpers along with rear defogger.

Best suited for mid-sized or nuclear families, Nissan Sunny Automatic offers a lot of reasons to the buyers to be their choice. Luxurious space, automatic transmission and robust structure are few of them. Being loaded with striking features, chances are high for Nissan Sunny Automatic to be in direct competition with Ford Fiesta, Honda City and Hyundai Verna. Holding such an assorted range of striking offerings in its kitty, Nissan Sunny would have been an immediate hit had Nissan had introduced a diesel engine variant paired with automatic transmission. Having been perceived as a luxurious sedan, it will be fascination to see how Nissan Sunny Automatic excels in the Indian market.


The Mercedes CLA Coupe. Designed To Make A Statement.

There's no doubt the striking looks of the CLA are one of the car's selling points, with a streamlined and stylish silhouette that's in line with Mercedes' strategy to attract younger buyers.

The roofline so typical of a coupe, the high beltline, frameless windows, taut sides and powerful low-slung haunches - not to forget the charismatic diamond radiator grille - make for a striking exterior that's designed to attract attention and turn heads. The CLA Coupe's shape together with other measures also gives it wind resistance properties which are unique in series production vehicles.

The sporty character of the exterior is carried through into the CLA Coupe's interior, where the dynamic air nozzles are inspired by the shape of a jet engine, the twin-tube instrument cluster dashboard has a distinct sports car look and feel, the steering wheel features a 3-spoke design with 12 function buttons and the sports seats facilitate a low-slung driving position.

Room for individualization of the CLA Coupe inside and out comes with the optional Urban and AMG Line design and equipment lines and optional Night, Exclusive and AMG Exclusive design packages.

Available in Hong Kong are the CLA 200 and CLA 250 models powered by 4-cylinder engines with power output of 156 hp and 211 hp and the CLA 45 AMG with the newly developed AMG 2.0-litre 4-cylinder turbo engine with power output of 360 hp.

Designed to make a truly impressive statement, the CLA 45 AMG features an AMG front apron with front splitter in matt titanium grey, AMG radiator grille with twin louvres, AMG rear apron and side sill panels with titanium grey elements, AMG alloy wheels in 5-twin-spoke design finished in high-sheen titanium grey, AMG Sport exhaust system and 'TURBO AMG' lettering on the wings.

The CLA 45 AMG interior boasts sports seats with AMG door sills, red contrast stitching, the AMG DRIVE UNIT in the centre console, AMG instrument cluster, sports steering wheel with shift paddles and red seat belts and silver rings around the ventilation outlets to round off the sporty feel.

Among rival models of the CLA Coupe is the BMW 3 Series, classy and elegant and sporty through and through. Exterior speaking, the classic sport-sedan design features aggressive headlights, a wide kidney grille, flared air intakes and rising beltline while inside the horizontally oriented instrument panel helps maximize space and the understated but high-tech-looking appliqués on the dashboard make a statement of luxury. Sport, Luxury and Modern lines are available for the 3 Series, as well as the M Sport package.

Then there's the Audi A4, a sharp car with an aggressive stance yet relaxed profile and which remains a design trend-setter among luxury sport sedans. The A4 exterior features trimmer headlamps, a toned-down grille and wider fog lamps that build more muscle at ground level, the handsome interior cabin is of exceptional fit, finish, design and general feel, and there are optional Black Optic, S Line Style and S Line exterior packages available.

The Volkswagen CC is an appealing middle ground option between workaday family sedans and entry-level luxury sedans. Well built and with an attractive interior, the main draw of this near-luxury sedan without the luxury-car badge, is an upscale and well-stocked interior with ample features. Four trim levels available for the CC are Sport, R-Line, Executive and 4Motion Executive.

As expected, the Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe is fitted with a bevy of safety and assistance systems such as Active Parking Assist including PARKTRONIC, ADAPTIVE BRAKE system with HOLD function, ATTENTION ASSIST, Electronic Stability Program ESP, Anti-lock braking system (ABS), Acceleration skid control (ASR), driver and front passenger airbags and sidebags, driver kneebag and window bags. Optionals include the Intelligent Light System, reversing camera, rear sidebags and automatic child seat recognition in the front passenger seat.

On the road, the CLA Coupe offers a good drive with steering that's progressive and well weighted, good grip in corners and taut body control, although some will say the suspension is too firm.

For decades the BMW 3 Series has been a performance benchmark for sport sedans, offering sharp driving character and long-held standards for handling and dynamics. Handling in the Audi A4 is taut and stable, while the Volkswagen CC achieves a good balance between comfort and poise with handling that straddles the line between a true German sport sedan and a mid-size family four-door.

While the CLA Coupe, 3 Series and A4 offer spaciousness up front, there's somewhat limited space in the back.


How to Cast Revenge Spell with the Help of Effective Kala Jadu Specialist?

The life is not that easy and you may come across many people who are jealous of you or who are frustrated because of your achievements. These jealous people will go till any extent to fail you in your life. Many times such people will take the support of black magic or other such spells to ruin your personal as well as the professional life. Sometimes these people will just take away all your happiness forever. If this is happening to you then now it's the time to cast revenge spell. This can be done with the help of Kala Jadu specialist.

When to cast revenge spell?

If you are experiencing any of the below symptoms, then you may require immediate help from the Vashikaran specialist to cast the revenge spell.

- Sudden fatigue and weakness without any substantial physical reasons.

- Unmanageable financial crisis for no reasons.

- Failure in professional life in the form of job loss or other issues.

- Love life issues where your lover gets attracted to someone else or leaves you.

- Family issues in the form of married life problems, children problems and so on.

All of the above reasons may be the indication of black magic spell casted by your enemy. You can remove this spell by opting for revenge spell. The revenge spell can be casted with the help of expert and you may need to check the following points before opting for the Vashikaran expert.

How to find Kala Jadu expert for revenge spell?

The black magic spell can be casted for good and bad reasons. You motive behind casting the revenge spell should be clear and then you may look for the appropriate expert to carry out the task else this will go wrong on you.

- Find an online expert as distances don't govern the selection.

- You can look for Kala Jadu in Hindi so that you can chant the mantras on your own as directed by the expert.

- Discuss your problem with the expert and if you have love life problems then ask for Vashikaran Mantra for love.

- Guide him well about the kind of damage you want to be made to the other person. Never ask for undue damage else it will come in front of you at some point of time.

- Follow the rituals as guided by the expert. Keep complete faith and be sure of the credentials of the expert.

The appropriately casted revenge spell will bring back your life to normal and will remove all your problems in just no time. You can also send email to kalinathtantrik6@rediffmail.com or call him on +91-9784147882 to talk to the expert.


Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy And Dog Information

The Bernese Mountain Dog is actually an outdoor dog that can adapt to indoors as long as she is given plenty of exercise when it is cool outside. Her heavy coat means that she is comfortable in the cold but suffers in the heat. She has a loving temperament and has been described as stable, faithful, affectionate and intelligent. She is a good watch dog and good with children. Just as a reminder, never leave young children unsupervised with a puppy or dog for any length of time.

*Approximate Adult Size. The approximate adult size (two years old or older) of the male Bernese Mountain Dog is 24 to 28 inches to the withers (highest point of the shoulder) and 85 to 110 pounds. Females range from 23 to 27 inches to the withers and from 80 to 105 pounds.

*Special Health Considerations. Most dog breeds have certain inherited health problems associated with that specific breed and the Bernese Mountain Dog is no exception. Be on the look out for canine hip and elbow dysplasia (genetic based looseness in the hip joint that can lead to arthritis pain and lameness), gastric torsions, metabolic bone disease and hereditary eye disease. She should be fed twice a day to lessen the chance of bloat, another negative health consideration. Additionally, cancer is a real problem with even young dogs can contract it.

*Grooming. The Bernese Mountain Dog has a long, thick coat so she should be brushed as frequently as daily, weekly if time does not permit. She is a heavy seasonal shedder and brushing will help keep your house cleaner. Brushing will help her maintain a clean and healthy coat and also help you keep a closer eye on her health and strengthen your emotional bond with your pet.
Her teeth should be brushed at least twice a week with toothpaste and toothbrush designed for dogs. Brushing removes the accumulation of plaque and tartar which can cause cavities (rarely) and periodontal disease. Dog periodontal disease can lead to pain, loss of teeth, bad breath and other serious disease.
Her toenails may need to be examined for growth and clipped regularly. The toenails of the rear feet grow slower than the toenails of the front feet. Generally a guillotine type trimmer is the best for this chore and competent instructions to accomplish this can be found on the net.

*Life Span. The Bernese Mountain Dog can live between 8 and 10 years with proper nutrition, medical care and excellent living conditions.

*History. The Bernese Mountain Dog came from the pre alpine regions around Bern, Switzerland. She was used as a cattle dog, draught dog and as a cattle driver. The original name of this dog was Durrbachler, because it was so popular in the hamlet of Durrbach. Around 1910 a standard for this dog was set and she was renamed the Bernese Mountain Dog. She became popular throughout Switzerland and Southern Germany. From there she became known throughout the world as a striking family dog. The American Kennel Association first registered Bernese Mountain Dogs in 1937. Currently she is used as pet and watch dog, for therapy work, agility trials, and rescue work.

Some Registries:
*BMDCA-The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America
*UKC United Kennel Club
*NKC National Kennel Club
*CKC Continental Kennel Club
*APRI Americas Pet Registry Inc.
*AKC American Kennel Club
*FCI Federation Cynologique Internationale
*NZKC New Zealand Kennel Club
*KCGB = Kennel Club of Great Britain
*ANKC = Australian National Kennel Club
*ACR = American Canine Registry

Litter Size: 4 to 10 Bernese Mountain Dog puppies

Category: Herding, Mastiff Family

Terms To Describe. Devoted, stunning, companion, friendly, devotion.

She is very beautiful.
Prefer cool climates.
Natural watch dog.
Good with children.
She is willing to please.
She loves people.

Heavy shedder.
Cautious with strangers.
Short life span.
Major health problems.
May suffer in hot climates.
Can become destructive if bored.

*Other Names Known By: Berner Sennenhund, Bernese Cattle Dog


The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Online

Just like how the magic unfolds and grips you in page after page of J.R.R. Tolkein's book, the movie The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings movies does the same too. The first part of the three-part series is awesome. The first part is titled, The Fellowship of the Ring, the Two Towers is the second and The Return of the King is the third and final part of this series. All three parts are equally fun. Never once will you feel like it has derailed from the track.

The Fellowship of the Ring starts of with a prologue that sets up the legend of the ring. This is about eight minutes long. The crux of the story is that a ring was forged with the power to destroy the world. This ring passed from Sauron, the dark lord to a hobbit, Frodo Baggins. Frodo was a sweet natured, peace loving, smoking pipeweed, munchkin short, furry foot young fellow who lived in the Shire. He loved to pass his time with his friends Sam, Pippin and Merry. He belonged to the affluent class.

Once the ring came in to Frodo's hands, by way of inheritance from his uncle Bilbo Baggins, along with the property, his life and the lives of his three friends changed for ever. Other characters like Gandol, the white, Aragon, the human warrior, Boromir another human warrior, the elf archer Legolas and Gimli the dwarf form the fellowship of the ring to destroy the corrupt wizard Saruman. Frodo has to travel to Mordor to destroy the ring. His journey is going to take him across Moria which is filled with magic, dark riders on dark horses, ghosts, ringwraiths, giant trolls and orcs - rotten teeth and flesh, foul smelling, gigantic, ugly beasts.

The ring along with an invisibility cloak and a sword is that Frodo has got for his protection. Besides Saruman, Frodo is the only other human who carries the ring more than anyone else. Though his health suffers, by the end of the third part, on account of being the ring bearer, he understands his duties and tries to fulfill it with determination. The elf princesses, Arwen, with her delicate unearthly beauty and strange elf tongue adds romance in the movie. All three parts have many exciting battles. You will only find your self sitting on the edge of your seat through out the movie, wondering what's going to happen next.

Gollum is one of the most interesting characters. He constantly contradicts himself. His has a duel shaded character, the pitiful good side struggling not to be overcome by the revengeful, poisonous bitter side, is portrayed well. Gollum is at the right place, at the right time. He helps Frodo in going undetected while entering in to Mordor. It is Gollum who takes Frodo to Mordor through hidden paths and short cuts. Gollum's longing for his 'precious', the ring, takes the film to the end that it has because in the final moments, Frodo for a second succumbs to the power of the ring, and wants to keep it for himself.

Watch The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring online, free today. You might enjoy it a little too well. Before you realize it you'll be watching the other two parts at a stretch. The movies fantastic performances, the haunting new-age music, the complexities of each character and the cinematography will leave you breathless.


Nestor Miranda Special Selection cigars

A brand of classy and elegant handmade cigars from Nicaragua, Nestor Miranda Special Selection cigars are mild and tasty, yet has a touch of royalty to them, both in terms of looks and their flavor. Nestor Miranda is the creator of this brand and it being named after him, it needs to be mentioned in this context that Nestor Miranda is the one who introduced another brand of exquisite cigars that is Don Lina.

Nestor Miranda Special Selection cigars are 100% handmade cigars, they are being crafted carefully and special acre is being taken so that the quality is not being compromised under any circumstances. This exquisite brand of cigars is available in two different varieties, which are -

a) Long-filler mixture of Nicaraguan, Honduran, and

b) Silky Rosado wrapper or a dark Nicaraguan-grown oscuro
Both these varieties are prepared from high class tobacco. The flavors are simply mind boggling and if you are a smoker, you won't be able to resist the temptation of having a puff. The smoke is woody and rich, which has a touch of delightful coffee and one can sense a touch of sweetness as well towards the end

Carefully crafted by hand in Nicaragua, the Special Selection is available in two choice varieties: a silky Rosado wrapper or a dark Nicaraguan-grown oscuro. The long-filler mixture of Nicaraguan, Honduran, and Dominican tobaccos is extensively aged, and promises an eventful medium to full-bodied bouquet of flavor. The smoke is rich and woody, with a delightful coffee component and a unique touch of sweetness towards the end.
Here are some details pertaining to the brand

a) Name : Nestor Miranda Special Selection

b) Strength: Variable

c) Shapes: Robusto, Panatela/Lancero and Corona

d) Wrapper: Sun Grown, Connecticut, Oscuro

e) Country of Origin: Nicaragua

f) Flavored: No

g) Machine Made: No

h) Pressed: No

i) Tip: No

j) Filler: Nicaraguan, Dominicans and Honduran

There are 4 different types to this exquisite cigar, they are:-

a) Coffee Break Connecticut (Corona), which is 4.5 inches x 50 in dimension

b) Robusto Grande Connecticut (Robusto) which is 5.5 inches x 54 in dimension

c) Robusto Grande Rosado (Robusto) which is 5.5 inches x 54 in dimension

d) Lancero Oscuro (Panatela/Lancero) which is 7.5 inches x 38 in dimension.

Nestor Miranda Special Selection cigars have taken the world of tobacco industry by storm right from the day it was launched.


Why Do We Eat Fast Food and How Can We Avoid It?

We all know it's bad for us. We hear the endless references to it when experts tell us what NOT to eat. We know it's one of the leading causes of obesity, heart disease and high cholesterol. So why exactly do we continue to eat fast food even when we know it's terrible for us? Here are a few quick tips for overcoming our fast food addiction.

1. Fast Food is FAST Food

Well yeah, that's kind of implied in the name right? The pace of life has never been faster, with most of us on the go with our jobs and our kids, and we feel like there just aren't enough hours in the day to take the time to make a good home cooked meal.

While it's true that there isn't enough time to make a huge, thanksgiving style, feast every day but not all home cooked meals force us to slave over a hot stove for hours. The key to having time to make dinner is planning. Make a schedule of meals for the week, go to the store and buy everything you need. When you have everything you need in front of you, meals don't take nearly as long.

2. Fast Food Is Cheaper

This is more of a lunchtime problem, but if you're low on cash the fast food chains offer dozens of quick, cheap meals, but you pay for it with high cholesterol and loads of sugar. For example, the McDonalds dollar menu (in my area) offers a double cheeseburger, a McChicken sandwich (fried), Chicken McNuggets or two apple pies for $1 each. None of those items have less than 12 grams of fat!

The perception here is that a decent meal costs way more to make, but does it really? Perhaps it is, but it isn't cheaper by much. A turkey sandwich and a bag of low salt pretzels is a much smarter choice and can be had for less than $2.50 a day. The fast food dollar menu may be slightly cheaper but your health is worth more than an extra few cents isn't it?

3. It's Hard To Eat Healthy On The Road

Whether traveling for work or for pleasure, we just don't eat right on the road. People tend to eat at restaurants they recognize and the fast food chains that you see on every other street corner are often the first stop. On top of that, without a kitchen it's hard to prepare a good meal. I'll admit, this one is tough to overcome, but it's not impossible.

I always tend to eat poorly while I'm traveling, but I have found that packing healthier snacks like low salt pretzels, apple slices, oranges or granola bars keeps me from crashing the fast food windows as often, and I don't feel like a ball of flub after I eat them. If you are traveling for more than a few days, inquire about the availability of a refrigerator in the hotel room and find a local grocery store. If you are forced to eat out, avoiding fried foods and mayonnaise when possible can make a world of difference.

4. Fast Food Tastes Better

This one is a total misconception. Fast food chains entice us with whatever they can to get us to buy their products, but with all the money spent on commercials and pictures of a delicious looking food, does it ever really taste that good? Personally, I am almost always disappointed with the quality and feel like I have a brick in my stomach when I'm finished eating it.

If fast food tastes better than your home cooked meals, it's time to get more adventurous with your food. Try some new recipes or add new spices to your meals, and try not to make the same thing too often. Being repetitive with your meals will become boring fast and force you right back in to the rut of eating bad food.


Gel Pens - Putting life in life!

They say that a pen is mightier than the sword! And I always wonder which one of them is the mightiest!! The world is full of different types of pens - different colours, different shapes, different sizes, different technologies.
Each literate mortal who uses a pen, has their own preference. Someone likes the fountain pen, because of the finesse and style it exudes. Some prefer the ball point pen for their convenience and affordability and some like me are hardcore gel pen fanatics.
Gel pens make your writing feel like it's wearing skates on an ice skating rink. Your signature lopes and glides on to the page with grace, never blotching or snagging. With most of us chained to keyboards, gel pens remind us of the tactile joys of hand-writing. They make us want to keep adding noughts to that cheque, kisses to that card.
Gel pens were introduced in the mid 80's in Japan. The pens soon became popular among graphic artists and architects, who could use the control of a ballpoint pen while getting the brilliant colors of a marker. The general design of a gel pen is similar to that of a regular rollerball pen, with a barrel containing the writing mechanism and a cap, and a reservoir filled with ink. The barrels can be created in many different sizes and designs; some have finger grips of rubber or plastic. The size of the nib or pen tip ranges from 0.18 mm to 1.5 mm.
Quality gel pens allow for smooth writing as opposed to felt-tip pens which can drag as you write. With gel pens, you can control the ink flow with the roller type tip as you write for consistent quality.
Gel pens are also easy to maintain. They do not require being stored vertically or horizontally as do other pens. One thing to keep in mind when putting your gel pens away is to keep the cap on when not in use and if you keep them in pen cups, try not to drop it into the cup. This can cause shock to the gel inside by disturbing the pen's vacuum and is commonly known as "ink drop". If you do store your gel pens in a cup just make sure to place it in gently and you will be able to use the pens even longer.
Years of research has been put in by the leading manufacturers, to provide authors, students, executives and artists with superior gel pens in every color you can imagine. Companies like Elkos Pens & Add Gel have heavily invested in Technology to keep ahead of the market in regularly churning out the latest models in Gel Pens which provide the user an experience that simply lingers on.
Remember, when you choose a gel pen, it is quality that matters not simply quantity or a low price. The world of gel pens is alive and well with only more excitement to come.
The story of the gel pen so far has been an intriguing one, and despite the best efforts to move data recording beyond pen and paper into the cloud, its last chapter is still a very long way off.


10 Unbelievably Spooky Haunted House Ideas You'll Fall in Love with Instantly

If you are looking for some haunted house ideas for this Halloween season, sit back and relax because we've got you covered. We will fill you in with all the details you need to freak out anyone who comes knocking on your door for some candy. Many of these ideas have been done before but we'll try and give them a fresh twist. Here goes.

Turn the lights off and use candles instead

You'll need a bunch of candles to do the trick. Turn off the lights and light candles in different spots around the house. Opt for flameless candles because they bring out the spooky effect better. Use fewer candles because things appear spookier in the dark.

Scary sounds

People are not just terrified by what they see that's why you've got to think of ways to stimulate their senses too. You can have sounds of rats playing in the background. You can even hang a fur cloth on the walls so that it rubs people on their skin as they pass. This together with the sounds will make someone think there is a rat in your house.

Use clowns

Most people are scared of clowns and this is one of the easiest ways to decorate your haunted house. You may not be able to get clowns like the ones in Indy scream park 2015 but the basic plastic ones can work too. Just stick it on the wall and play some circus music to scare people away.

Take advantage of props

There's really not much that you can do to decorate your house without using a couple of interesting props. Get high quality props that you can use every season. From skeletons to ghosts, witches and zombies, you need to start shopping for props early enough. Don't wait until the Halloween season is almost approaching to start shopping, you'll end up spending more.

Make a Halloween Mask

If you still don't have a Halloween costume that goes well with the haunted house, consider making one yourself. There are so many great ideas on how to design one online. You can even hang the masks in your house just to add onto the ghostly look. If you have time to spare, then get started on designing a unique mask for your haunted house.

Fake spider webs

You can have these on your furniture, dinning set or even on the staircase railings. Remember most haunted houses look isolated and putting the spider webs brings out that look. You can even get some fake spiders and stick them on the webs.

Create your own ghosts

Your haunted house would certainly be incomplete without ghosts. Good thing is, you can create one for yourself. Just get a balloon and then cover it with a white cloth then stick it on a tree outside your house or hang it on the wall.

Have a haunted doll room

Now if you are looking for something super scary then seclude an area in your home to become the haunted doll room. There are lots of stores where you can get some spooky dolls for Halloween. You can just add them in the space together with other props to bring out the right effect.

A torture chamber

This is another great idea that is easy to implement since you can get so many props such as saws, hammers and chains to implement it.

Get Ideas from Indy Scream Park Haunted House

You may also consider trying some haunted house fun by visiting the famous Indy Scream Park 2015. This is one Halloween attraction you should only visit when you are fully prepared to be scared good. They have made use of every single element you could think of adding to your haunted house and so you'll get loads of inspiration on what you'll need.


Am I A Good Candidate For Laser Hair Removal?

Are you thinking about getting laser hair removal done? Is the thought of tossing the razor, and saying goodbye to painful and messy waxing very attractive and enticing? Do you wonder if you would be a good candidate for the service? Then listen up and we'll enlighten you about how the technique works and the important considerations you should consider before agreeing to have your hair removed permanently.

There are many important considerations that you need to take into account before you decide to go through with laser hair removal treatments. First of all the process is time consuming and, depending on how large an area you are getting treated, could take over a year to complete. This means you will have to make return visits to the center to have your laser treatments. During the time of your laser treatment you cannot expose the area to the sun. So, for example, if you are removing hair from your arms, then you'll have to always wear a long sleeve shirt while in the sun.

Besides the timely process of getting your hair removed, it also is quite pricey. The fee is based on the area you wish to have treated. In simple terms, this means that the bigger the area, the more the process will cost. It only stands to reason that this would be the case.

When you undergo laser hair removal you should obviously be very aware that the process is permanent. Permanent means permanent. The hair should not grow back! Most of the time companies have a lifetime warranty, so in the unlikely event that the the hair ever does grow back they will remove it, no questions asked. This means you should carefully consider getting hair removed on places that could potentially change in style. For instance, if you wish to get your eyebrows done then you should be positive on the way you like them because the hair will never grow back. Of course, hairy legs for women most likely will never become a fashion statement, so you'd be safe there.

On the other hand, laser hair removal can be very beneficial to men and women who regularly remove unwanted facial and body hair. This messy and time consuming job would be a thing of the past. Women who do not want hair on their face, under arms, legs, and arms would benefit from the process because they would never have to shave again. Men could be more confident by getting rid of unwanted back or chest hair. You could feel like a kid again. An unexpected trip to the beach would be no problem.

When you have thoughtfully weighed all the pros and cons, and are absolutely confident that tossing the razor is an attractive idea, then do one more thing. Take the next step and consult with a reputable provider to ensure that your hair and skin type are compatible with the laser process. If you get the green light, take a deep breath and begin your treatments, confident that smooth and hairless skin is just around the corner.


Best Android KitKat Smartphone's under 10,000 INR

Google, the giant of tech savvy continues to put up a jaw-breaking performances and made things much easier with its latest hit of Android 4.4 KitKat operating system, however, the new Android brings several exciting features like immersive mode, transparent status bar, New Dialer app, cloud Printer support and most significantly enhanced performance.

Now, you can best choice of Smartphone with an Android KitKat feature at just affordable price range.

Here is a list of KitKat phones you can buy under 10,000 INR or $160:

Moto E: In India, moto E Smartphone brought the KitKat mutiny for a budget device thus finds the top place in our list. Key Specs:

* Display -4.3 Inch, qHD
* Processor-1.2 GHz Dual Core Snapdragon 200
* RAM-1 GB
* Internal Storage-4 GB, Expandable
* Camera -5 MP, no front camera
* Battery -1980 mAh

Micromax Unite 2: It is the only biggest Moto E challenger by following several other KitKat Smart phones from Micromax.

Main Specs:

* Display -4.7 inch, 480×800
* Processor - 1.3 GHz Quad Core
* RAM-1 GB
* Internal Storage-4 GB, Expendable up to 32 GB
* Camera-5 MP/ 2 MP
* Battery - 2,000 mAh

Lava Iris X1: It's bit by bit gaining pace after the IIFA approval hence offers a great value for money.

Input sign:

* Display - 4.7 inch, 480×854
* Processor-1.2 GHz Quad Core
* RAM-1 GB
* Internal Storage-4 GB, Expendable up to 32 GB
* Camera-8 MP/ 2 MP
* Battery -1800 mAh

Xolo Q600s: it arrived shortly which compliments to worthy Moto E challenger from the Xolo Camp.

Core Facets:

* Display-4.5 inch, 960 x 540
* Processor-1.2 GHz Quad Core
* RAM-1 GB
* Internal Storage-4 GB, Expendable up to 32 GB
* Camera-5 MP/ VGA
* Battery -1800 mAh

Micromax Canvas A105 Entice:

If you are doting of large Display size then it ready to be your only partner like big entertainer.

Point to attract:

* Display -5 inch, WVGA
* Processor-1.2 GHz Quad Core
* RAM-512 MB
* Internal Storage-4 GB, Expendable up to 32 GB
* Camera-5 MP/ VGA
* Battery-1900 mAh

Xolo Q1000 Opus:

It began uproar across Android forums but Xolo acted swiftly to deliver fixes that have worked well.

General Specs:

* Display-5 inch, WVGA
* Processor-1.2 GHz Quad Core
* RAM-1 GB
* Internal Storage-4 GB, Expendable up to 32 GB
* Camera -5 MP/ VGA
* Battery -2000 mAh


Save money when Hosting Bunco

Every year my wife complains about how much money she spends hosting bunco! I see some of the bills and almost go into cardiac arrest myself. In a sluggish economy, everyone tries to save money, even at bunco. Hosting the event does not have to be overly expensive, but the trick is planning ahead.

Our house is a fixer upper that we had been eyeing for some time until we could buy it. Years later we are still working on our home from time to time. Luckily my wife's bunco group tells me a year in advance when her time to host is. Yet my wife and I continue to procrastinate. One way we could have planned better is to break up the cost of the house remodel quarterly instead of one big lump sum.

Hosting a Bunco party can leave you with a large amount of goods after the party is done. My wife over buys which is not a smart way to save money. Planning ahead when stores are having sales make a difference and some of the items can last for a few months. Again, buying items quarterly will take the sting out of one big purchase.

My wife's group knows a year ahead of time when they are hosting. If your hosting time appears near a holiday, buy the paper goods for after this year's holiday. My wife LOVES Halloween, and is hosting in October, 2009. She should be picking up napkins, paper plates, and cups as they are on clearance this Fall. Halloween home decor 75% off will make an economical bunco gift.

We always seem to do Halloween. Which is my wife's favorite holiday. Again we will be hosting in 2009. This year we bought stuff on clearance such as napkins, plates, and cups so we wouldn't pay a premium in 2009. A nice 75% discount never hurts.

Be sure to inventory what you have in your frigerator and cuppord so you won't buy items twice! Once again plan according so you can save time and most of all money!! Don't end up with 12 extra cans of pumpkin like my wife did!!

Bunco is an expensive hobby, but you don't have to make it unpleasantable for you and your wife. Plan ahead and save that hard earned money!! I know I will be!


Why Polish Women and Girls Too Popular at Polish Dating Services

In order to search for true love that could culminate in a relationship, and eventually marriage, Polish dating services are the ideal solution, to lookout for Polish girls. It is just not possible to seek your potential partner, by means of impromptu visits to the city or to the nearest shopping mall. It is embarrassing to meet a person that you are not comfortable with, and then declining his advances, in person. This is initiated in a much better way, online. Due to the advancement in technology and particularly, the internet, Polish dating services have become a renowned phenomenon.

Polish women and girls are popular, at the Polish dating sites, on account of their outward beauty. They are quite good-looking and this could be one of the reasons why they are so popular. They are immensely faithful, to their partners, and work hard to ensure that a harmonious balance is maintained, in their married life. Polish women are different from Western women, as they have an affable nature and are quite caring, as well. They are mainly interested in a lifelong relationship and that is the reason why they do not resort to nightclubs, to find their ideal partner. This is the primary reason why Polish women avail the services of Polish online dating sites, as it helps them in finding an ideal mate, on the basis of their compatibility with them.

Polish women prefer the services of Polish online dating sites, in order to seek their ideal mate, and they prefer this over other options like nightclubs. However, this was not the norm in the recent past, when single Polish women would go to the clubs, in order to seek their ideal mate. Innumerable unions are sealed, through the medium of the Polish online dating sites.

In order to find your ideal partner, it is imperative that you should register with the online Polish dating site, as a member. After this, you can create a personal ad, highlighting your best features. If you can include a photo as well, that would work wonders. After that, as soon as the interaction is initiated between you and the other member, you can start chatting, and ultimately find your ideal partner.

If you want to meet your ideal partner online, you should include essential information in the personal ad, which should be inclusive of an overall description of your background, as well as important details like your current location, hobbies and ultimate career aims. After that, you could browse the site to lookout for potential single Polish women in your locality.

There are innumerable Polish men who are on the lookout for irresistible Polish women, for the purpose of dating, and ultimately, securing a long term relationship. It is due to their affable nature and captivating looks that Polish women easily endear themselves in the hearts of other Polish men, by utilizing the polish online dating services.

All that you have to do is register with an online dating service related with Polish singles and you can meet the woman of your dreams.


Eleanor Rigby by the Beatles - Who Was She?

Do you remember that haunting song by the Beatles, the one with the line "Eleanor Rigby died in the church and was buried along with her name, nobody came"?

A very sad song, and at the time it was rather out of keeping with the type of songs that we had come to expect from the 'fab four'.

Just to remind you, here are a couple of verses of that song.

"Eleanor Rigby picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been
Lives in a dream
Waits at the window wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door
Who is it for?

All the lonely people, where do they all come from?
All the lonely people, where do they all belong?

Eleanor Rigby died in the church and was buried along with her name
Nobody came
Father McKenzie wiping the dirt from his hands as he walks from the grave
No one was saved

So, who was Eleanor Rigby, and was she a real person or was she just a figment of the imagination, something like 'lovely Rita, meter maid'?

Well, I was playing some gigs recently in Liverpool, and although my evenings were busy, the rest of the day was free and so I decided to use my spare time to do some research into this and to try and find out if there really was an Eleanor Rigby.

I looked up a few points of reference in the local library, donned my Sherlock Holmes hat, and set off for a suburb of Liverpool known as Woolton.

In the Anglican church there you will find a typical English churchyard, surrounding the church, and you will find many tombstones, but one headstone in particular caught my attention.

Wait for it. The headstone is dedicated to an Eleanor Rigby.

Having located such an interesting gravestone I then began to ask myself if any of the Beatles lived anywhere nearby. And guess what? As a child John Lennon used to live in Menlove Avenue, which is very close to the church.

This made me think back to my childhood, and I remember as a young boy I and my friends would often play in our local churchyard, playing hide and seek and other games behind the headstones.

Therefore it is not unreasonable to assume that John Lennon also probably often went into this churchyard, and would have seen the headstone dedicated to Eleanor Rigby.

Now unfortunately I only had a couple of days in Liverpool so I was not able to dig any deeper into this, but I intend to return soon and continue my research.

I want to spend some time going through the church records, and I would like to see what I can find out about the other people mentioned on Eleanor,s headstone.

If you would like to be kept posted on this, and kept up to date with my research, then please click on the following link. You will be taken to a page and near the bottom you will find my email address. Just send me a note saying keep me informed or something like that, and I will email you whenever I have found out some fresh information.

Click on Eleanor Rigby to be kept updated.


Choosing Acne Skin Care Products Wisely

Acne is a problem most people will battle at some time in their life. Whether it's a minor break out or a serious condition will deem what kind of treatment, if any, is required to help tackle the problem and prevent scarring and permanent skin damage.

If acne is very serve, medical advice is often warranted for dealing with outbreaks. However, minor cases can be treated at home without too much difficulty. Making the choice on how to proceed should include the severity of breakouts, the duration of breakouts and if visible damage is occurring to the skin. If visible damage is present, checking with a doctor is absolutely in order.

To battle acne, it is first advisable to understand what it is. The condition basically is a blockage of the pores of the skin. When pores become blocked due to oils or dirt or both, eruptions can occur. These can be white heads, which are raised bumps on the skin filled with a pussy liquid, or blackheads, which are inverted breakouts. Both are filled with oil and bacteria.

Although medical science doesn't completely understand why acne occurs, since it can happen at any age, in any skin type or color, many myths surrounding the condition have been debunked. Some prevalent myths include that chocolate, sugar and seafood cause acne. There is no proof to support the notion that diet causes acne. Stress, too, is often blamed, but this doesn't seem to be the case either.

For those who think that face washing will automatically clear up acne, they're wrong. Blemishes take place when a pore collapses from deep within the skin. They don't start from the top down. Too much washing can irritate skin and actually make acne worse. A rough washcloth can further irritate the situation. Washing of course is important for overall hygiene, but excessive washing or scrubbing can cause more problems.

The best way to treat acne is to understand what kind it is and proceed. For those who feel the condition doesn't require medical attention, over the counter remedies often work very well. The options here include benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, sulfur and other topical agents. These can work extremely well in minor to moderate cases and should be tried when possible. Following package instructions and using proper skin care techniques can also benefit the condition.

If acne is very pronounced, it is smart to consider seeing a doctor. Since severe acne can lead to scarring, it's important to be seen before the situation becomes too advanced. A small break out from time to time is normal. In fact, babies and seniors might even experience a break out once in a while. Pregnant women are particularly prone to occasional break outs. This type of break out can benefit from home care and often show signs of improvement very quickly. A single pimple or even three doesn't equate to severe acne, so relax.

Severe breakouts are not normal. Seek help and follow medical advice.

No matter how it manifests, acne is an embarrassing condition. A single pimple or a face-full of them is never good news. For the best results, use good cleansing practices at home, topical solutions if necessary and seek help in severe cases


Top 5 useful duct tape crafts you can make with the red cha cha cherry Christmas duct tape

The red cha cha cherry Christmas duct tape can be used to create plenty of crafts, since its bright red color makes it suitable for almost anything. The thing about duct tape crafts is that they can be used to create decorations, as well as useful things. In this article, we'll be going over some useful crafts that you can easily create with the red cha cha cherry duck brand Christmas duct tape.

1. Decorate your shoes

The red cha cha cherry Christmas duct tape would be perfect for giving your child's old plain white shoes a new look. Red is a universal color, so your kids can wear their new duct tape shoes with any dress, of any color. What more, you can use the red cha cha cherry duct brand Christmas duct tape to decorate both your daughter's cut shoes as well as your son's sports shoes. You can either cover both the sides of the shoe with strips of duct tape, or cut out shapes like stars and circles, and decorate their shoes with it. You can bring your children in on this too; they'll definitely have fun. It'll make a great Christmas present too.

2. Duct tape rose

Who doesn't love roses? One of the best uses of the red cha cha cherry Christmas duct tape is that, you can make an awesome looking rose with it. It would make a cute and affordable Christmas present as well. Does your daughter love roses? If so, why don't you surprise her this Christmas, by gifting her with a bouquet of roses you made out of the red cha cha cherry duck brand Christmas duct tape? Or, maybe you could gift it to one of your girl friends? The best thing about this craft is that, it's very easy to make, and it would be cherished by the receiver.

3. Cell phone case - cheap and efficient

Well, this craft is not exactly related to Christmas, but it is very useful in daily life, so I included it. Cell phone cases can get pretty pricey, especially if you go for the fancy ones. So, why don't you make your own fancy cell phone cover, with just a couple of rolls of the red cha cha cherry Christmas duct tape? It would hardly cost you 5 bucks. A single roll is all you need to make a custom cell phone case that would be the envy of all your friends.

4. Top Hat

Is your son at his magician phase? I'm sure he wouldn't mind a top hat to complete his magician image? You can surprise him by giving him a red top hat you made from the red cha cha duck brand Christmas duct tape. He'd be ecstatic. The crushed texture of the duct tape would make the hat look great.

5. Necklace

This one's for your daughter. You can both make the necklace together, or you can do it yourself, if you want to make a gift out of it. You can either roll up the red cha cha cherry Christmas duct tape to make a single roll that could be worn as a necklace, or make little beads out of it and hook them to a string. A bit of gold glitter wouldn't look bad either.

There you go. 5 awesome crafts made with the red cha cha duck brand Christmas duct tape, that you can either use yourself or gift to your loved ones. Have a great time trying them out!


We Offer You A Good Victoria Secret Bandeau

Berlei is an Australian firm which from 90 years is working immensely hard to develop modern bras that can create maximum comfort and superior fit. The agency was a result of Fred Burley, who established the firm with his brother Arthur. They started as a tiny shop in Sydney and designed custom-made undergarments for their customers. This company gives nearly 2 million athletic bras a year in almost all countries around the globe.

We have all got different tastes and different bodies, some women feel cozy in simple bras with no wires, while others women like something with more support. There are several kinds of bras, and when you want a perfect fit with comfort, then the ideal option is to go for berlei bras. The designs of this bra is just not sexy but also perfect for an active woman. The designs are ideal and simple for everyday wear, yet manage to make women feel stylish and sexy. This kind of bras is accessible in a plenty number of sizes, shapes. This bra also comes in a vast range of colours and lace designs to select from.

This bra comes in a vast number of designs and colors to select from. The designs are lovely, and you can select between lingerie with different decorative patterns, color straps and many other design options to select from.

The Berlei firm has recently released a new Berlei bras, which are designed to provide ease to women, who are recovering from a breast surgery. The recently released Berlei post surgery lace wire bra is designed from the comfort and has padded cups, no wires and no seams. This bra does not have any wires features, this means that the bra does not embed any kind of pressure to the breasts when worn.

Sometimes Women seeking plus size bras may find the process daunting, especially when department stores seem to cater to women with average bust sizes. Women seeking larger bras often find themselves purchasing the wrong sizes, only to find that the bra no longer fits comfortably after the first wear. When stock is limited and a woman doesn't know her true size, the whole process becomes frustrating. Shopping shouldn't cause headaches. Shopping should be fun!

After you know more about women's bras, I want to know if you would like to know our victoria secret bandeau, which are most fashion and popular clothes for women. Put on the beautiful victoria secret bandeau, you can feel comfortable. To give you a perfect good mood.


When OMG Steps In, That's When You Start Living

Oh My God! That's the phrase you would use when you learn about the Oh My God (OMG) Studio apartments of real estate developers, Bayaweavers. As the name suggests, Bayaweaver (which is actually the name of Indian weaver bird), has spent countless days and years to gift you the best housing accommodation in Noida. OMG is a revolutionary project of Bayaweavers which is grand in many ways. It is grand in scale as its towers are at around 200 meters above the ground. It is grand in space as the project area ranges to about 4.67 acres. Finally, it is grand in accommodation as it offers about 545 square feet of floor space, even without its balcony. OMG Noida is truly a marvel and a sight to see in the night sky. It is easily one of the most revered infrastructures of the Noida skyline.


There is a high-end supermarket inside the campus of OMG. Furthermore, OMG offers a 24 X 7 spa service to its customers. Salons, bookstore, banks and ATMs are some other charismatic amenities at OMG, Noida.


The USP of OMG Noida is its praiseworthy construction and structure. Oh My God Noida is conceived and weaved around the ideals of green living. More than four acres of lush green land has been employed to achieve that feat. Open space living makes natural ventilation a treat at OMG. In addition, security is tight since it's a gated community. When it comes to TV and internet, OMG provides its customers with IPTV and Wi-Fi services as well.


One thing that makes OMG a prime hot spot for prospective owners is the location at which it is situated. OMG occupies area in sector 129 of Noida Wishtown. It is just near the Noida Expressway, which connects you to the Airport, Ghaziabad, Delhi, Metro station, Yamuna Expressway and Anand Vihar ISBT among others. These locations are just a few minutes drive away from OMG. The roads that connects OMG Noida Expressway to different parts of the city are totally hassle free and guarded by highway patrol cars.

Floor Plans

A healthy floor plan is the key to sound living. OMG has taken special care while developing the floor plan so that you may accommodate all your living requirements within the given floor dimensions. There are a lot of giant transitions as the kitchenette fits well within the ambit of the living space, the balcony and the washroom. Over all, you get a lot of space to breathe and relax inside each apartment.
For your experienced eyes only, you will always be able to spot brilliance when you see it. Oh My God Noida Expressway is sure to grab your attention when you go through its gallery and pay a visit to it. OMG is definitely one of the best Studio apartment spaces in Noida right now. It is placed at a prime location with all sorts of amenities around it. Following the general pricing policy, OMG Studios becomes your possession within two years only. Together with so many facilities, OMG is certainly an amazing investment.


Great Ideas for the Holiday:Green Toys

New gifts are a child's dream. Toys are critical to the development of a child's imagination and practical learning skills. Green toys is a sustainable choice and an opportunity to teach your children about the environment too.

What are green toys?

Green toys are made from sustainable or recycled materials. These materials include paper, plastic, and sometimes wood. The child that is given a green toy will be happy to have received it. They don't mind whether the toy is made from new or recycled materials. The story that you tell them about the green toy is what will be remembered.

When to give a green toy

Whether it is a birthday, holiday, or a day where parents are feeling giving, it is a good day to give a green toy. A green toy can show how thoughtful you are and how eco-friendly your family is. A green toy offers a gift of happiness and a learning opportunity to the child receiving the gift.

Best green toy ideas

Green toys are fun and entertaining while being sustainable and responsible too. Here are a few ideas:

* Earthworm farm

* Wood play sets

* Natural building blocks

* Puzzles

* Stuffed animals using organic materials

* Cardboard rockets

* Recycled plastic sets

* Natural modeling clay

There are many possibilities in green gifting and it can be connected to product and packaging sustainably, environmental awareness, and importance of cognitive development and imagination of the child.

Green toys are great for kids

Green toys touch on areas of development and creative play. These gifts range from writing tablets and eating utensils to organic clothing such as T-shirts. These toys help children use their imagination whether it is playing with blocks or kitchen play from recycled plastic milk containers.

What is special about a green toy?

Children love receiving gifts. And while there are occasions when they want exactly what someone else has they are also drawn to gifts that are unique and rare. A green gift provides an incredible opportunity for play - and education too.

If you have children, then you know that children connect with the stories that you tell them. They will ask to hear them again and again. They will share it with their friends and family members. A green toy can help better a child's understanding of their role in the world.

Where to buy a green toy

Green toys are so easy to find. Visit Green Ostrich and you will find a variety of green toys and gifts for all occasions. Green gift giving demonstrates a growing awareness of the need for children to take a place in the world and be responsible with earth's resources. Toys can inspire children and can still be fun and educational!


Reed Diffuser Fragrances For Summer - Best 5 Scents

Many people may immediately think of sweet, fruity scents like cotton candy, strawberry, and peach as summer-type scents. I think that too much of that can make you feel sticky! Here are my personal recommendations for mature, refreshing scents to use in your home during June to August.

"The Beach" - Coconut & Lemongrass.
Coconut and lemongrass together create a tropical beach scent without being too sweet or smelling like suntan lotion. The sharp and unusual lemongrass makes an excellent foil to the balmy coconut. This combination suggests a nature full of youth and energy, and free of cares. One sniff will make you feel like "school's out for summer," even if you still have to slave away in the office. You will be inspired to get out in the warm sunshine with this classic, aromatic combination, even if it's just to responsibly do errands... but don't forget your sunscreen!

"The Spa" - Clean Mint.
Cool and upscale, mint is a popular fragrance choice for day spa products. It also makes a refreshing scent for your home, especially if you don't have central air conditioning. Although it may seem like a simple kitchen herb (or remind you of toothpaste), the gentle scent of mint diffusing through the air will make you swear that it's a few degrees cooler. Trust me, it will not remind you of mouthwash; instead, you will feel like you're having mint juleps on the porch or getting a mud wrap at a Swiss spa.

"Summer Canopy" - Leaf and Soil.
Imagine sitting under a tree that shields you from the sun with large green leaves. The scent of growing things surrounds you: crushed stems, clean damp soil, and fragrant branches. Recreate this experience - even if you're stuck behind a desk all day - by filling your reed diffuser with leaves and soil type scents. Though it may sound unusual, and not at all like what you're used to in a home fragrance, the subtle aroma of rich soil and green sap can create a calm, happy mood all day long.

"Energy Lift" - Pink Grapefruit.
If you feel lethargic in the warmer months, you can give yourself a caffeine-free energy lift. Pink grapefruit is the perfect fragrance to keep you awake, a vibrant balance of sweet and tart. In aromatherapy, citrus is thought to be energizing, so refresh your reed diffuser with this sharp citrus scent, and wake up your brain. Pink grapefruit comes on strong, so you may want to dilute this mouth-watering scent more than usual, or fill your reed diffuser with a minimal amount.

"Romantic Kitchen" - Lime and Rosemary.
The crisp combination of lime and this popular herb is a clean, romantic kitchen scent. Strong enough to banish cooking odors that tend to linger in warm, heavy air, lime and rosemary is a totally unisex combination suitable for male or female master chefs. Not only that, it is excellent made with either fragrance oils, or pure lime and rosemary essential oils. A tall apothecary bottle tucked away in the corner of your kitchen will keep it smelling clean and fresh, even after you make your special garlic marinara!

If you're feeling creative, you can also mix any of these fragrances together for a unique blend. To test whether they will go together, hold two scents next to each other and take a sniff. If you want less of one, just hold it farther away. I do this whenever I create a new blend, and it's never failed me yet.


Goema Music in Cape Town

With everything to do in Cape Town, you could be forgiven for wanting to take a little while to sit back, sip on a Mojito cocktail, and relax to some of the unique sounds of Cape Town's music. As well as being home to a wide variety of South African cultures, the city is also home to its own particular brand of music - goema, or goema jazz. Based on a wooden, barrel-shaped Malaysian drum set known as a ghomma, the style evolved into a unique brand of music that became identified as Cape Town's 'goema'.

Cape Jazz

Previously identified as 'Cape Jazz', the music of Cape Town sounds similar to the popular jazz style of marabi, a fast-paced keyboard style known for its energy and the ability to get people dancing in local bars or shebeens! Cape Jazz became more improvisational than marabi, however, in large part due to the celebratory culture of Cape Town. A large part of the improvisational structure evolved from the situations the music would be played in - often street parades, where being able to improvise or extend a piece of music or song would be of tremendous help to an aspiring musician! The style also developed around the instruments used, as the players became accustomed to instruments that could be carried by hand, such as brass instruments, banjos, guitars and, of course, ghomma drums.

The Goema Captains

One of the most famous bands of Cape Town, the Goema Captains featured famous jazz musician Mac McKenzie, Alex van Heerden, and Hilton Schilder, who took a different direction by rearranging traditional songs with the important improvisational elements of goema. Another example is The Cape Jazz Band, an ensemble drawing all of its members from different groups playing in Cape Town.

Where to Go

If you're looking to investigate Cape Town's live music scene, you can't do better than a few of the venues nestled right in the heart of the city. 'Mercury' has long been the favourite haunt of most of the top South African Bands playing in Cape Town. It is divided into a downstairs lounge and an upstairs section, 'Mercury Live', boasting one of the best sound systems in the city, as well as a spacious stage and standing area. For those looking for a little more variety than simply music, the 'Zula Sound Bar' offers a diverse range of music including hip-hop, rock, traditional African, reggae, and goema, as well as live comedy on occasion. Situated in Long Street, it sits in the heart of Cape Town's nightlife and provides a full menu, along with tables on a balcony affording great views of the bustling city.

Whether it's a short visit to Cape Town, or a longer exploration of all the city has to offer, music is an unavoidable part of the urban landscape. With the reintroduction of several traditional songs to the popular repertoire of goema music, it's also becoming a new way of discovering the city's cultural history. Give goema a go, and you never know - you may find yourself unexpectedly tapping a foot along to the beat.


Antique Lamps - A Jasper Accent Lamp Inspired by Wedgwood

The English county of Staffordshire is synonymous with the production of porcelain and pottery. Staffordshire is uniquely positioned with all the potting clay and the plentiful water supply necessary for the manufacture of fine ceramics.

Potting in Staffordshire has had an uninterrupted history of over 300 years, with many household names originating from, what were often, very small, family potteries. Principals amongst these are names such as Wedgwood, Minton and Spode, many of these famous names now amalgamated into large international companies.

In 1775, Josiah Wedgwood developed and refined solid coloured jasper ware and introduced it to the market and it is his name that we normally associate with ceramic jasper. Natural jasper is a naturally occurring opaque quartz; red, yellow, brown or dark green in colour, used for decorative ornamentation and polished as a gemstone.

Captivated by the antique Roman intaglios and medallions carved in this semi precious stone and with typical determination, Wedgwood worked tirelessly to replicate jasper as a ceramic body. He is known to have experimented with numerous systematically recorded trials and the trial tiles of coloured jasper with his carefully written notes are held today by the Wedgwood Museum Trust.

By 1774, Wedgwood wrote with great satisfaction, that his new jasper ceramic body, in fact, white stoneware, could take any tint of fine blue, from dark Lapis Lazuli to the lightest Onyx. It is around this time that we see jasper appearing cut, polished and set like gems in a wonderful range of rings, buttons, lockets and bracelets. The great 18th century English furniture makers soon began inlaying jasper medallions into cabinets, writing tables and bookcases.

Wedgwood, of course, is the big name when it comes to English pottery and porcelain, but, as mentioned, Staffordshire was the hub of English ceramics with an estimated number of 150 factories, large and small, operating in this ceramic county with many of these small factories having now disappeared and little information regarding them remaining.
The potter, Richard Dudson, came from a family of potters and was also one of the great survivors, with a unique, unbroken history of over 200 years. Founded in 1800, the Dudson pottery has descended in a direct line ever since.

A very fine and elegant, mid 19thcentury, Dudson, pale blue and white, jasperware urn and cover as an accent lamp.

The pale blue jasper with classical decorative subjects in white jasper bas relief. The urn in neo classic style with deep swags suspended from rams' heads, the swags interspersed with figures derived from classical antiquity, including Polymnia, goddess of music, song and dance, Winged Victory, Venus Victrix, Aesculapius, the god of healing, the goddess Venus and Andromache, the wife of the Trojan hero, Hector.

The upper border of the urn decorated with a continuous border of classical, white jasper, acorns and oak leaves.
The neck and socle of the urn with a border of formal, stiff leaved, Acanthus. The urn with a domed cover, the knop modelled as an acorn.

This delightful little lamp in original / perfect condition.

The lamp on an understated, custom made, gold plated, bronze stand.

This beautiful accent lamp shown with a gathered ivory silk shade overlaid with fine silk georgette, the bronze, gold plated finial, custom designed to reflect the acorn knop of the urn.

The ultimate lamp for a lady's writing desk, pretty enough to be called a confection! Circa 1850 Overall height including shade 19" / 48 cm

Richard Dudson was born in Staffordshire in 1768 into a typically rural economy with the Staffordshire potteries just coming into existence. Small market towns and villages were just a few miles apart. As the pottery industry began to grow, gradually the gaps between them began to narrow.

At this time, place names such as Burslem, Etruria, Longton and Stoke were small rural villages, which, in time, merged, to become "The Potteries". From the early 18th century, the country potters had their small workshops and kilns at the edges of these farms and villages.

While we know very little of Richard's early life, it is more than likely that his family moved from a small rural farming village to the centre of the flourishing pottery industry.

As the industry developed through the final quarter of the 18th century, significant improvements were made to both factory and pottery techniques, although, by modern standards, the conditions of the poor work force were shocking, with a six day working week being the norm - a working day from 6 am to 6 pm.

We know that Richard started work in 1777, probably in one of the larger potteries in Shelton, where he lived. It was usual for children of 8-9 years old to begin their working life and Richard would have been no exception to this. As a "pot boy" he would have learned much about potting and colours used by potters, the skill of the potter's wheel, the decorator's workshop and the final glazing and firing of the finished product.

Throughout this period, the Staffordshire potteries worked around the clock as the export trade was vast, with orders going to many parts of Europe, India and North America. Goods were shipped from the port of Liverpool and by the last quarter of the 18th century, the principal exports of wares from Staffordshire were destined for America.

While we do not know very much about Richard, other than to assume he had learned his trade, advancing from pot boy to apprentice and eventually to master potter, we do know that at the age of 32 years, he started his own business in 1800.

The competition amongst the Staffordshire potteries was fierce and it appears that Richard was surrounded by several large companies, both potters and porcelain makers such as New Hall and Ridgway. Compared to these, Richard's concern was small and it certainly appears that his business was built by his own efforts, which must have been considerable.

While the backbone of the Staffordshire potteries was creamware, there are records to show a wide range of wares being produced by the Dudson factory. We know that Dudson was producing stoneware, caneware, pearlware and several types of porcelain, which, for such a small factory, was a diverse range.

Although Josiah Wedgwood is credited with the invention of jasper, by the early 19th century, many other makers were producing jasperware, including James Neale, Elijah Mayer and William Adams, some of the great names associated with early Staffordshire ceramics. Richard Dudson is also recorded as an early maker of jasperware and produced both types, solid and dipped jasper.

Solid jasper, as the name suggests, is coloured throughout, the various colours produced with different metallic oxides, whereas dipped jasper, is as white stoneware, dipped into a vat of metallic oxide receiving a surface colour, technically, an applied slip of coloured jasper.

The white jasper decoration we usually see on coloured jasper, known as "applied relief", was made separately in plaster moulds from a design and typically carved in solid wax. The cast relief was then "sprigged on", a ceramic term meaning "to apply", the relief to the surface of the jasper shape, before its single firing.

The best known jasper today is the pale blue with white relief decoration. When we see this, it is usual to assume that we are looking at Wedgwood jasper, but remember, it may not be so!

Richard Dudson died in 1833 with the factory being passed on to his son, Thomas, now a master potter.

Today, Dudson manufacture products for an ever expanding market and remain a privately owned family business; the oldest in the English tableware industry.


What Causes Skin Tags

Known as skin tags to the general population, dermatologists refer to these bothersome things as papillomas, acrochordons, fibroepithelial polyps, pedunculated benign moles, or filoforms.

These are actually very simply referred to as an overgrowth or even called as a hyperplasia of the outer layer of your skin. They usually often occur as and when you grow older and older and very usually during your middle age. Nothing actually has been rightly proven to just like that cause them but still there are some basic conditions, like being overweight, and these are usually thought to escalate their growth. Insulin fluctuations also add up to the possible causes and one would happen to experience this usually during the pregnancy.

This overgrowth in your skin can occur on any part of your body, however skin tags most commonly appear on a person's upper chest, eyelids or in their groin region. There is no known "correct" way to prevent the occurrence of skin tags. Most find that the best and easiest thing to do is to pinch off their skin tag with their nails or cut it off with sharp, sterile scissors. After all, there is no solution for avoiding skin tags, so removal is good to avoid embarrassment. The longer a skin tag is left alone, the more aggravated it can become.

If you think that removing by yourself would hurt you or if you fear to remove it by yourself, all that you can do is that you can have a visit to the dermatologist who is close to your place and ask him to remove it.

If you wait too long to find a solution to what causes skin tags you may have to have them removed at an office visit to your dermatologist, which will of course cost you money and, quite simply, is just a bother. But if you do have them taken off they will normally either freeze them off or excise them. It's fairly painless so not much to worry about.

There are topical and internal medicines in the market for treating skin tags, but these medicines can be costly and they have a questionable percentage of effectiveness. You can spend a lot of money on these medicines and see no results, or it may take a long time for the medicine to work for you. As such, it is better to remove your skin tags yourself or have a dermatologist do it for you.

Again, do not waste your money on purchasing skin tag medicines. As we said before, the medicines are costly, not highly effective and even when effective, can take forever to work. Removing them yourself is fast, not very painful and free! If you are gentle and you cut your skin tag off with scissors or your nails quickly, you will experience little pain- and your wallet will thank you.


Proper Professionals Choose Blackhawk Holsters and Tactical Gear

If you are looking for a gun holster, look first to Blackhawk tactical gear. Truly, Blackhawk holsters are perhaps the most excellent heavy duty holsters available for military or on-duty uses. These tremendous holsters have been designed to hold up under the most extreme military conditions. For any purpose, leisure or specialist, Blackhawk tactical holsters can be relied upon for protection and success.

Blackhawk Holsters

Incredibly, the design of the holsters is top of the line to give strength, resilience as well as the advantage of light weight materials. The CQC holster is a carbon fiber and graphite composite made from aerospace materials for a lightweight and nearly indestructible holster.

In addition to its weight and wear benefits, the CQC Serpa holster uses a very unique locking system that minimizes confiscation of the weapon by individuals other than the wearer. This system allows the wearer direct access to the weapon, but includes a retention system that keeps others from being able to un-holster the weapon. This patented thumb break system is a fantastic feature that once again demonstrates the advantage of the Blackhawk holster.

Blackhawk holster systems come in a assortment of sizes to fit any number of weapons as well as plentiful types of holster system. Primarily a belt holster, similar ankle and shoulder holsters can be found. Although not as popular as the Blackhawk belt holster and certainly not as easy to use, these other types of holsters do present additional options to individuals selecting to bear a weapon.

Although Blackhawk is the leader in tactical gun accessories and holsters, it is not your only selection of weapon retention systems. In the case where the expense and features of a Blackhawk holster are not warranted, there are many other types of holster available. For those individuals who are not in law enforcement, a simple ankle or shoulder holster may better suit your requirements and supply the piece of mind that you are looking for without the expense of a high-end holster.

If you are simply a lover of firearms and looking for a holster with which to carry your weapon, you may select to go with a Blackhawk holster. However, know that you can also go with a holster system that is significantly less expensive. The selection of a holster is as unique as the pick of the weapon that goes into it. It all depends on the requirements of the individual


Movies To Buy Online

For a long time we have used the video store as one of our main ways to access movies. You can now save a trip to the video store and download movies right off the internet. You can get virtually any movie you want with a good movie download site. Here are some examples.

Gran Torino: Walt Kowalski is a tough minded Korean War Vet who doesn?t get along with anyone. When Tao, his neighbor tries to steal his prize possession, his 1973 Gran Torino, he sets out the reform his young neighbor. When other gangs in the area threaten Tao and his family, Walt takes action to protect his newfound friends.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit: This is an animated mystery movie. Roger Rabbit has been framed for murder. Washed up, alcoholic detective Eddie Valiant, is trying to clear Roger?s name.

Dick Tracy: Big Boy Caprice and his mob are wreaking havoc on the streets of Chicago. Add to that, a loyal girlfriend, an orphan needing his help, being seduced by the sultry Breathless Mahoney, and a new threat in town know as the Blank, and you can see that Dick Tracy is a very busy man. It will take all his powers to save the city.

Hancock: This story is of a super hero with an attitude problem. While Hancock saves the city, people still hate him because of his bad attitude. That is until he runs into Ray Embrey, a P.R. executive who gives Hancock a P.R. makeover.

City Slickers: Ad salesmen Mitch, and his buddies Ed and Phil are having a mid-life crisis. They need something different in their lives. So, they decide to go on a vacation, but not just any old vacation. They go out west, to be on a cattle drive, and learn to be cowboys.

Hot Shots: This movie is a parody of many action films, but using Top Gun as the main force. Charlie Sheen star in this hilarious spoof. Not just making fun of Top Gun, Dances With Wolves, 9 ? Weeks, and even Gone With The Wind are all spoofed in this movie.

Ice Age: In this animation comedy we find ourselves viewing the blight of the animals as the ice age is descending upon them. An unlikely quartet of animals, Manny the wooly mammoth, Sid the sloth, Diego the saber toothed tiger, and Scrat the prehistoric squirrel, must find their way to warmer places before the ice age ends their lives. They battle the element, and devious attacks form other animals to try and survive the ice age.

The Last Of The Mohicans: A love story set in the war torn Northeastern U.S. between the English and the French, with different American Indians on either side. Hawkeye a frontiersman adopted by the Mohican Indian named Chingach Gook falls in love with the daughter of an English officer. Can Hawkeye and Cora?s love survive through the battles that surround them?

The Bourne Ultimatum: In the third movie of the series, Jason Bourne is still being hunted by those who had trained him into the ultimate assassin that he is. Having lost his memory when almost being killed, Bourne is retracing his past to try to understand who he was, and why everyone wants him dead. All his skills are put to the test, as the C.I.A. is relentless in its effort to have him eliminated.

We saw an explosion in the music business online a few years ago. We are now seeing the same evolution in the world of movies. Movie downloads just might be the wave of the future.


Advantages of a Compass Metal Detector

Nearly every experienced treasure hunter has heard of the Compass metal detector. For many hunters, there is just nothing better for finding old coins, pieces of precious metal and many other great items.

Compass has been in the business of finding metal for years. Many users even still prefer old Compass models to newer models of other brands. It seems the old age of Compass units just don't make a difference in their efficiency. What makes a Compass stand out from all the rest? Why do some experts still prefer it? There are a couple of good reasons why metal hunters should stick with Compass.

- Compass has been named appropriately. Like a real compass, a Compass detector can really point you to the right direction accurately. Users of Compass have noticed that their detectors can spot a coin even 10 inches below mineral-rich soil.

- Compass detectors perk up quite easily when they've found something. This is even if you don't really take a lot of time on a specific area. Even if you make a brief sweep, a Compass is sensitive enough to find buried coins or other metal items. You can find out for yourself just how sensitive a Compass is. Just bury a few coins in trash and try finding it with a few sweeps of your Compass.

- A Compass metal detector tells the truth most of the time. This means you rarely have to deal with false signs. The makers of Compass has made sure of that because it is just irritating to dig for nothing. The best thing about some Compass models is that they can even tell the difference between gold and other kinds of metal.

- These metal detectors have great features. It has coils shaped in D that other detectors now also carry. It also has an auto notch feature for greater discrimination if you can afford not to think about depth.

These are only some of the basic advantages to owning a Compass. There are many others that you can read about. If you want to learn more about metal detectors from Compass, then the best source of information would be real Compass users. You can find many of them in discussion boards, forums and blogs. These avid Compass fans will be more than willing to share the great benefits of using a unit like theirs. You can also post questions about Compass for fellow hunters to ask.

You may want a Compass now. Where can you buy one? The best places to look are online bargain and auction sites. Several treasure hunting websites might also have old units for sale. These are great places to shop if you want to shave a few dollars off your purchase.

One thing you have to remember though is to be careful when buying online. You do not want to end up buying a defective Compass. Make sure you research a bit about your seller's history and his reputation. Some auction sites will make this easier for you by providing you with feedback from other members of their online community. Be sure to ask a lot of questions too about the unit you are about to buy.

A Compass metal detector is truly a valuable item. Make sure though that you get one that's as good as new.


American Dream - Lost or Found

The American dream is still alive for a few, but for the average person it's a traditional dying dream. Why, well it's our fault you and I. We have allowed the capital in "Capitalism" to flow to the top and we are stuck with the "ism". We have allowed our supposed representatives to pass laws favoring big business Not only have they bankrupted America but now the world.

Diane Feinstein had 92k responses come into her office in reference to the bailout package and 85k said don't do it. That's something like 92% of the people and not only did she vote Yes but the tacked another 150 billion on top of the 700 billion for good measure. Then she had the nerve to say that 92% of the people didn't understand, I guess there just stupid.

This is just one of many examples of the arrogance we see in recent times.

I try to stay with my preferred subject (Health) but I think a individuals health correlates with the health of this nation. Now it's so ridiculous with so many talk show on TV and radio, but no action. When is enough enough?

Now were at the point where Big Government and Big Business are really big. It is going to take some Big action to straighten this out.

There is a place just started called AOA (Awareness Organize Action) that has a plan for action and the test is to see if there is any fight left in the average American citizen.

Click Here (http://www.webestate4u.blogspot.com) to read on or will we just let this country slip into another "ism". We will see.


Give a descent look to the décor of your home and business

In our home and office all the people like to have a clean, good looking, and orderly arrangements of the things inside a room. It will look bad if the wall and ceiling of a room have some stain of damp, or any other stain due to moisture, or water leaking, or due to any other purposes. Mostly in offices and business purposes this things create a bad impression on the clients. The ceiling, walls, and the floor should be knit and clean and if possible then put some of the decent decoration on the wall, roof, floor. That will enhance the ambience.

Decoration of the building
One can put different kind of decorations there. But the simplest thing in this case is just to place different decent designed tiles on the floor or on the roof. The walls can be decorated with colors, panels, tiles, and many types of wall art available in the market as per the latest fashion requirement.

Tile Features & Benefits
The tiles that will be use for the decoration of the rooms should have some property other than the design and the looks. These properties are -
* The tiles should be Waterproof, Washable, and should never sag due to humidity
* The tiles should be Mold, Bacteria, Mildew, and Impact Damage Resistant
* Safety of using the tiles should be approved
* It should be Flame and smoke retardant
* It should be recyclable and provide good health
* The ceiling tiles should be compatible with any ceiling grid system designed for tiles and panels.

Tiles for the ceiling of the rooms
Ceiling tiles are the lightweight tiles used in the interior of the rooms or buildings for residential or for commercial purposes. They can be of different types; mainly white colored as the color gives a descent looks to the ceiling. These tiles very often have patterns on its front face for giving a beautiful appearance to not only the ceiling, but to the whole ambiance of the building or the room.
Tiles are of different types - Flat tiles, roman tiles, Pantiles, Antefixes, and etc. The materials used are also of different kinds. The tiles can be made of faux tin, aluminum, polystyrene, stones, leather panels and different kind of moldings.

Where to purchase
There are many manufacturers who can provide these tiles to fulfill your decoration needs. The reliability is an important factor in this. The information about their service and reliability can be taken from the friends and neighbors of you. These services can be taken from online market also. But firstly check for the trustworthy one.

Choosing the best
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Hades Shoes: Women's Designer Shoes As Stylish Enhancements

A standout amongst the most essential design frill is women footwear. Numerous chic ladies give careful consideration to their shoes than they do to their apparel on the grounds that the wrong match of shoes will absolutely devastate a generally idealize group. While the right matches of Hades Shoes will make a lady look 'a million dollars'

Hades Shoes are the most energizing footwear to experiment with. These are in vogue and snazzy and assist you with keeping in style. High heel boots are basically appealing and generally requesting. These are the must have for lady's closet as these can change your style and your over all identity. On the off chance that you are one among the most concerned trendy and snappy lady, you ought to attempt these marvelous boots. These adds additional something to your identity and gives you the rich looks.

Keep Yourself Fashionable and Stylish With

With some key arranging and proposals you can utilize your energizing Hades Shoes and match them with any of the fashioner dress to look delightful and stunning. You can attempt these boots with the formal and in addition casual dresses. These boots are simply alluring when you are going out on the date or simply need to wear them while going to office.

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Wearing Hades Shoes makes a lady feel effective, certain and essential. It's great never to disparage the force of an extraordinary pair of originator shoes in light of the fact that they are the embodiment of women shoes. Most ladies' originator shoes are created on account of the classy lady. Very much a number are not implied for the 'cowardly', with some of them looking so chic and magnificent, you think about whether they are implied for models and the unmistakably strong.

Choice shoes for ladies range from the charming little cat heels with interesting cuts and points of interest, to the vintage enlivened "spikes" of the 21st century. There are originator shoes, produced using obsolescent and vintage materials, reused, re-cut and re-utilized, to make lovely chic handcrafted couture shoes.

There are the fantastic licenses, "Nubuck" cowhide, softened cowhide, ostrich skin, some with beautiful sequins, studded and eco neighborly women shoes produced using raffia, jute, and other normal materials. Numerous hues and compositions are accessible, and there are ladies' originators shoes for regular wear, for office wear, for stupendous events, sportswear or recreation wear.

Ladies can up their style by changing their state of mind towards stylish shoes, and halt from feeling that wonderful footwear are simply something intended to secure the feet whilst strolling.

An awesome pair of Hades Shoes is similar to excellent bits of craftsmanship on ladies' feet. No one accomplishes a chic refined look with simply any old pair of shoes. Ladies' fashioner shoes must create an impression, 'uproarious & clear'. No chance do consistent comfortable shoes compliment fine clothing types. Plain and basic!


Why Men Are Choosing Male Rhinoplasty

More and more men are getting their noses altered in an effort to improve their appearance. In years past, this type of plastic surgery would have been the province of women. However, given the improvements in rhinoplasty, the lure of a perfect nose has become too much for the male gender. As such, Plastic surgeons have started tailoring some of their procedures towards the male populace. But is rhinoplasty that much different between men and women?

The rhinoplasty surgical procedure is not too much different between women and men. The main difference is in how the nose is shaped and what may look aesthetically pleasing on the face. What look good on a woman may not look good on a man. The angles that the noses need to be are different as well as the forehead ridge where the brows are. Males typically have larger ridges over their eyes so small, thin, feminine looking nose will look out of place on their face.

So why are men coming in droves to rhinoplasty surgeons? The main reason that men give is to reduce the actual size of their nose. Big noses are generally abhorred since they will dominate the area of the face and therefore take away from the other more appealing features.

Men not only get nose jobs to reduce the size of the nose but also to make other cosmetic changes as well. Some of these changes may be a crooked nose that shifts to the left or right or one in which there is a uneven surface.

Another cosmetic change is typically done with the tip of the nose. Sometimes the tip will be too bulbous or turn up or down and cause a very unappealing look.

By far, the biggest changes done during a nose job is the removal of the bump in the top of the nose. These bumps, also known as dorsal humps, are easily recognizable when turned sideways and cause much embarrassment to their owners.

Rhinoplasty can solve all of these cosmetic problems along with the true restorative surgeries to repair birth defects and other deformities such as deviated septums.

One thing that men go to rhinoplasty surgeons is typically a badge of honor amongst younger men. This is the broken nose. An altercation with someone else or a very rough rugby game can leave your nose out of shape and need to be corrected by a plastic surgeon. This type of rhinoplasty surgery is the most successful in men.

If you are man and you want to change the look of your nose, consider Rhinoplasty surgery to become the new you.


Hector Trader Forex Trading Course Review - Is Hector Trader by Hector Scam? Does It Work?

Hector Trader Forex Trading Course (3SMA Forex System) was developed by, you guessed it, Hector. A professional forex trader. He has put together a straightforward forex trading home study course aimed at beginning to intermediate forex traders. The system is trend based and momentum driven in nature. Hector is all business and passionate about teaching forex trading the correct way.

This forex trading course is hands on and by no means mechanical. There is no set and forget software involved like FAP Turbo or Forex Boomerang as you will actually be taught to read charts and react to what they are telling you. More importantly, you will learn when and why to trade a particular currency pair as well as when and why no to. So with that said, prepare yourself to put in some time and effort. This is far from the over hyped, make $2 million in a year type forex trading strategy. Hector Trader is a forex education that should serve you well.

Being able to spot trends in currency pairs is a hallmark of the 3SMA Forex System and is Chapter 1 of the Hector Trader course. The good news is, Hector will give you this all important first chapter video free of charge. This gives you a good opportunity to have a peek inside the course to determine whether or not it suits your needs. One word of warning, Hector speaks quickly and is sometimes hard to understand. After listening for a short while youll be able to keep up with him.

Hector also covers how to find and profit from brakeouts within a trend. Where and how to place stop loss and profit target points, as well as the all important money management rules. Also covered is the London open brakeout strategy that is similar to The London Forex Rush System. This is in essence an intra-day forex strategy that deals with the high trading volume and momentum created when the Tokyo forex session ends and the London forex session begins. Its well known that the first two hours of this session can be very profitable if you know when and where to look. In fact, there are many professional forex traders who specialize in this strategy alone.

Hector also includes a MetaTrader 4 custom indicator as a bonus. This indicator spots trends in different time slices and the Hector Trader course will teach you how to profit from it. You dont need MT4 to put the Hector Trader strategies to use, but will if you want the custom indicator to function. MT4 is a free download, so its not a big deal.

Is Hector Trader worth buying? Ive only touched on a few things in this forex training course. There is much more contained in the 8 chapters, 60+ videos that amount to 17 hours of instruction. In the training videos Hector uses live trades to illustrate the concepts being taught. So this isnt just theory, its practical application of his methods. Hector also includes a custom Excel spreadsheet that helps calculate money management as well as track your trades. Hes also included his top 10 forex profitability rules to keep you on track.

The 30 day money back guarantee should give you plenty of time to set up a demo account with a forex broker and begin to put your education to the test to see if Hector Trader is for you. Many have reported being able to consume the training over a weekend and begin to apply the strategies immediately. But make sure you test, test, test with the demo account before real trading funds are committed. Theres quite a lot to this forex home study course for not that much money and you wont find too many people out there as passionate and committed about teaching forex trading the correct way than Hector.


How Long does Zoom Teeth Whitening Really Last?

This is a very big concern in a lot of peoples minds when it comes to the many options available now when it comes to teeth whitening. Many people don't expect a whole lot in the way of long term results from all of the over the counter at home kits, but the Zoom teeth whitening process is a reasonably large undertaking so people want to know if the results will last before making that kind of financial and time commitment.

The Zoom process is performed in a dentist office and can take upwards of ninety minutes or more to complete - patients also need a preliminary visit that includes a full examination and x-rays to ensure that their teeth are prepared for the treatment. The precursory exam must reveal that the patient has no cavities and that all previously completed dental work including caps, fillings and bonding is properly sealed. Patients that do not meet these requirements will have to have the problems remedied before they are eligible to have the Zoom procedure performed.

The initial results that are to be expected are quite astonishing - a potential for a change in tooth coloration by anywhere from six to ten shades, but potential patients want to know if these results will last before undergoing the procedure and any preliminary work that may be necessary before the treatment even takes place.

What you can Expect

The Zoom process consists of anywhere from one to three twenty minute whitening sessions in which the bleaching paste is rinsed off in between individual sessions. The teeth will get considerable whiter with each application of paste and twenty minute whitening session. The actual number of sessions depends on the results garnered with each session and the individual patients tolerance for the procedure as it goes on. Some patients with very sensitive teeth or a very strong gag reflex may not fair very well during the Zoom whitening procedure which will potentially limit the number of twenty minute sessions that they can sit through.

How Long will my Teeth stay Whiter?

This is the most important question, no one wants to go through any procedure that takes up to ninety minutes in a dentist chair if the results aren't going to last. So every potential patient wants to know the duration of the results before signing up. There are many variables that can potentially effect the duration of the results, but if you follow the after care instructions given to you by the dentist and if you use the at home touch up kit that the dentist office will send you home with after the procedure you can honestly expect a lifetime of whiter teeth.

The trick to long lasting results really lies in the after care, Zoom teeth whitening isn't some cheap, over the counter momentary solution to your stained teeth problem, its an intensive treatment designed to make your teeth whiter than they've ever been. At the first sign of any stains appearing again, you simply have to use the touch up kit provided to you after the procedure, as directed, to ensure that your teeth will remain as white as they possibly can for as long as possible once the procedure is completed.

Is it Worth it?

A ninety minute, or more, overall session in a dentist chair is a pretty big commitment - so coupled with the cost, is the Zoom teeth whitening procedure worth the time and money? The answer is - absolutely, many people struggle with confidence issues brought on in part by their less than perfect smile. Ninety minutes in the chair is a very small investment to make for the possibility of whiter teeth for a lifetime.


Unbeatable Budget Android KitKat Smartphone's Performer in June 2014

Greater part of Smartphone's matrix accessible in market nowadays are running on the popular Android Jelly Bean OS and with the most recent KitKat version available, passage level and in addition high end lead models are displaying the OS.

On the off chance that if you're looking for a healthy and competitive product, and then switch on to the next budget of OS, look at the most recent pocket well disposed handsets that make incredible purchases beneath:

Acer Liquid Z200:

One of the most recent in the KitKat family, Acer Liquid Z200 is controlled by 1 GHz double center Mediatek Mt6572 processor and peculiarities 512mb RAM with 4 GB inward memory and microsd card space for outer memory extension. Different gimmicks ready for double SIM similarity, standard network choices, 3.5mm jack, discretionary flip spread and 1300 mah battery.

Cost: Not yet uncovered

Micromax A105:

Running on the most recent Android 4.4 KitKat OS, Micromax A105 is a double SIM good device with double standby choice. Fuelled by 1.2 GHz quad center processor the handset comes stuffed with 512mb RAM and sports 5-inch IPS show. It offers 5-megapixel back snapper with LED glimmer, 0.3-megapixel front Polaroid, 3g and 1900 mah battery.

Value: Rs 6,999

Micromax Canvas Engage:

Micromax Canvas Engage is an alternate new part in the Micromax family running on Android 4.4 KitKat out of the case. It flaunts 4-inch IPS showcase offering 480 X 800 pixels resolution. Fueled by 1.2 GHz quad center processor coupled with 512mb RAM, the handset is a double SIM GSM good gadget. Others on the spec sheet incorporate 5-megapixel rear cam, 0.3-megapixel front shooter, 4 GB locally available capacity, up to 32 GB outer memory, 3g network, preloaded applications and 1500 mah battery.

Value: Rs 6,199

Xolo Q600s:

Xolo Q600s is a double SIM GSM gadget running on Android 4.4 KitKat out of the crate and is controlled by 1.2 GHz quad center processor. Its 4.5-inch qhd capacitive touch showcase is sustained by Gorilla Glass 3 and offers 540 X 960 pixels resolution. The handset houses 5-megapixel back shooter with LED glimmer and a 0.3-megapixel front camera.

Value: Rs 7,499

Micromax Unite 2:

Running on Android 4.4.2 KitKat OS, Micromax Unite 2 is fuelled by 1.3 Ghz quad center processor coupled with 1gb RAM. It brandishes a 4.7-inch IPS showcase offering 800 X 480 pixels. Different details of the telephone add in 5-megapixel back Polaroid with AF and LED glimmer, 2-megapixel front shooter, preloaded applications, movement sensor, standard integration alternatives with 3g, 2000 mah battery and 21 dialect help.

Price: 6,999


Tokyo - Tourist Mecca of Asia

If there is one place on earth, which symbolizes the confluence of past, present, and future, it's got to be in Tokyo. Known as the metropolitan city of the world, Tokyo leads the global conglomerate of international cities. It is the nerve center of international trade and global finance. The pride and capital of Japan, here are 5 reasons why Tokyo is considered as the tourist mecca of Asia.

1. History

Japan is known for its ancient lineage of history. Tokyo has embodied itself since history as a cultural and historical strategic location for all of Japan, even in South East Asia. From the era of shoguns and samurai warriors to the modern years, Tokyo is a political and cultural nerve center. The foundation of Tokyo as a great city was laid from a humble beginning of a small fishing village called Edo. Even though Kyoto was the capital in Imperial Japan, Tokyo was the de facto competitor. Japanese and Tokyo natives take great pride in their city's history. Tokyo holiday packages by established tourist players ensure that tourists get a good glimpse of the history of Tokyo and Japan with the help of artifacts and museums.

2. Architecture

See an animated movie and you will realize why Tokyo is considered as the birthplace of modern architecture. The high rise mega structures and ancient buildings showcase Japanese style and adaptability over centuries. The structure displays the intelligence and the immense artistic sense since ancient times. Even if you glimpse at one structure, you will see the complexity of the structure and immense intricacy of the interlaying pattern. Even the latest and modern structure defies physics and imagination. The Tokyo skyline is dotted with immense high rises which will capture your thoughts and appreciation. Tokyo tour packages enable tourists to take advantage of the immense architecture which imbibes the cultural vibrancy of Japan.

3. Bullet trains

Bullet trains have become synonymous with Tokyo. Achieving speeds up to 500 km per hour and famous for their punctuality, they have become the lifeline of the workforce in Tokyo. The bullet trains are sturdy and are known for their comfortable and lush feeling even at tremendous high speed. A tourist experience in Tokyo is incomplete without riding the bullet trains at least once.

4. Cuisine

If you are a foodie, then head on to Tokyo, the food heaven of the world. Michelin, the international gourmet rater, has given Tokyo around 191 stars, which is 5 times more than Paris. Sushi, a fish dish is a delight to be savored. If you are visiting through Tokyo travel packages, be sure to taste this world famous savory dish. Sushi is synonymous with Japan and is a national cuisine icon.

5. Gardens

The Japanese are proud and protective of their nature. They have tried to preserve and enhance the nature available in the midst by creating as many parks and botanical gardens as possible. Some of the notable gardens include Tokyo imperial palace & Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. Cherry blossoms are one of the prime attractions in Tokyo.

Book your tour and travel packages to Tokyo now and get set to have a memorable experience with the global capital city of the world.


Great Mothers Day Gifts - Moving Comfort Fiona Bra

Brief Product Description

The Fiona Bra is Moving Comfort's most popular sports bra.

It features seamless molded cups that has the capability of providing an excellent support for your breasts and prevents them from moving up and down.

Also, this Fiona bra has front adjustable straps and a hook-and-loop closure on the back of the band so that you can custom your fit and support.

Therefore, this Moving Comfort Fiona bra is a great sports bra to own especially if you love high-impact sports. The reason is because it can offer you the support your breasts, which we will talk more about it in the next section.

Provides Compression & Encapsulation Support For Your Breasts

The Fiona bra by Moving Comfort has combined compression and encapsulation support.

For compression, the bra cup is able to press breast tissues evenly against the chest wall to limit overall movement.

And as for encapsulation, its bra cup surrounds the breast fully to give it maximum support and maintains its shape. Hence, it can protect your breasts from movement during sports.

The Fiona sports bra is also available in a variety of cups and band sizes, and thus women of all bra sizes will be able to find one that fit them.

Therefore, no worries if you have a larger bra size, as the Moving Comfort Fiona bra will enable you to still be able to exercise and at the same time, still be able to get maximum support for your breasts.

Customers' Reviews Of This Fiona Bra By Moving Comfort

A great majority of the customers who have bought and used this Fiona Bra by Moving Comfort have given this product a big thumbs up, citing reasons such as the fact that it does not have any wires to break or poke them, and at the same time still be able to hold their breasts still so that they can run and play without any pain or discomfort.

They have commented that this bra is amazingly comfortable and supportive, with the velcro straps sturdy, comfortable, as well as very easy to adjust. Finally, users have also noted that the band is non-binding and very comfortable.

However, some customers have noted that there is insufficient fabric in this bra to provide good nipple coverage and comfort upfront. Also, some of them said it may be a little difficult to hook compared to other bras with back hooks.

Final Verdict

After reviewing this particular Fiona Bra by Moving Comfort, along with pros and cons as noted by customers who have bought and used it, we conclude that the Fiona bra can be a good choice as a Mother's Day gift, especially if your mom is one who is very active and loves working out.

Your mom will definitely be delighted to receive this great sports bra as it can provide her with excellent support during her exercises. The Fiona Bra is available in a variety of colors so you can even get her one in her favorite color.


Lobster Recipes

In case you are seafood lover then Lobster is definitely the ultimate pleasure. Most people have no idea that these delicacies are truly quite simple to make. There are variety of ways that can be adopted to make lobster recipes just like grilled, broiled, steamed and boiled. For cooking them, you have to acquire a large stockpot and some useful lobster recipes for you to get authentic lobster dishes.

Primary and foremost, it's essential to obtain some fresh and quality lobsters from the bazaar. Commonly, it is recommended that you select fresh and live lobster. Additionally, it is definitely recommended that you cook the lobster as per their weight and in a specific time limit. Like, just in case you select to boil the lobsters, it is strongly recommended that the lobster must be boiled for a minimum of 10 to 13 minutes. This time limit is fixed for the 2lbs lobster and you require to increase three minutes for each subsequent pound.

It is extremely vital that you just follow the desired time limit so as to make a nice and correctly made lobster recipe. Furthermore, you can even check the doneness of lobster by checking the shade of lobster crust and meat. Typically, a properly cooked lobster shell's color turns into bright red plus the meat changes its color in to creamy white. There are actually numerous ways to prepare and garnish them and one can easily get puzzled about which one of these lobster recipes to pick first. Consequently, we propose you to pick out the most easy recipe first and then move on to complicated lobster recipes.

You can come up with a variety of dishes like bisque, lobster with sauce, rolls, salads, baked lobster and stews. You could make your dish in American, Italian or Chinese flavors, whichever you wish.

Some of the most popular and widely valued lobster recipes are generally known as lobster and vegetable salad, lobster sandwich, grilled lobster with barbecue mayonnaise, lobster tails with Thai curry, lobster pizza, lobster with coconut, corn and lemongrass, lobster and white bean salad, and hot and sour soup with lobster dumplings. Whatever it can be that you select, you can still be sure that you get delectable and juicy lobster dish.

Moreover, it also crucial that you simply present and serve up the lobster recipe in a proper and interesting method. It is really a fact that although this seafood tastes wonderful, its appearance is often probably not that interesting and attractive to the eye. Make it a point to relish your dish sufficient so that it acquires the best reward that it fairly deserves.


Drive in Theaters Then And Now

Remember Grease? However concerning Yankee Graffiti? The first tagline for the latter pic was "Where were you in '62?" Well, back in those days, if you were young and packed with vim, probabilities were sensible that you just were in an exceedingly automotive. The glory days of America's automotive life style fell on the 50s and 60s, the halcyon decade and a [*fr1] that automotive vehicle shippers keep in mind well - wherever newly-affordable cars existed at constant time as still-affordable gas.

One of the peculiarly Yankee product of the time was the installation theater. The conception was born within the fertile mind of recent Jersey bourgeois Richard Hollingshead, back in 1932. Despite its later name as a make-out spot for teenagers, the first sales talk for the new plan was homeward-bound towards families with youngsters, whose reedy antics would be problematic in a normal cinema.

Over the subsequent 2-3 decades, the business model was refined and specialized, and varied technical problems were addressed with totally different levels of success. The matter of sound was one among the significantly acute, since the out-of-door nature of the venues created it troublesome to deliver adequate sound to all or any elements of the rostrum. For an extended time, theaters resolved this drawback by supplying individual speakers for every car; but, this semiconductor diode to issues of its own, like felony and devilry. within the waning days of the installation peak, some theater homeowners began putting in powerless radio stations that might transmit the sound recording to the immediate neighborhood of the rostrum, in an exceedingly means that might be picked abreast of automotive stereos, giving inflated sound quality whereas eliminating the necessity for specialized instrumentation.

This is an answer still most often used nowadays, though the Federal Communications Commission has declared FM transmitters to be ill-gotten for installation use. Despite this, several theaters hang on at their own risk.

Another issue distinctive to installation theaters was that they might solely show pics in the dark - movie projectors square measure merely not powerful enough to vie with daylight, and it's not possible to envision an image on the screen whereas the sun is up. Even at encircled theaters, wherever overhead lights offer solely the fraction of the brightness of daylight, it's barely attainable to envision a picture on the screen till they're turned off. Variety of protecting choices were tried to adapt installation screens to sunlight, however none of them panned out.

There were variety of things that semiconductor diode to the decline of drive-ins as recreation. Increasing land prices in several elements of the country created it more durable for them to supply competitive evaluation, even with brisk concession business. High gas costs, large multiplex theaters with airfield-sized parking heaps, additionally because the speedy increase in home-based recreation choices that was ushered in with reasonable VCR's created installation theaters less enticing and a lot of cumbersome as family recreation.

In the 70s, theaters capable the decline in family group action by shifting their target demographics, promoting progressively risky recreation. This was the age of a budget grindhouse film; these brought in thrill-seeking crowds, however served to worsen the name of installation theaters, lowering group action even more.

The establishment, consigned since the 80s to the standing of a cultural fossil, has been seeing one thing of a comeback in recent years. The provision and low price of projection technology has semiconductor diode to a revival of the installation scene, now homeward-bound largely towards do-it-yourselfers and fans of freelance cinema. Indie drive-ins square measure one among the few ways that to envision a limited-distribution pic on something approaching a giant screen. Armed with micro-radio transmitters and LCD projectors, "guerrilla" installation operators search out quiet spots with giant blank walls, wherever they will share experimental films and different videos.

As a results of this surprising revival, there square measure currently a trifle but four hundred drive-in theaters within you. It appears that the unambiguously Yankee cultural tradition continues to measure on.


Reaching Out to Japan: Interview with Noriko Chapman

In most cases, individuals are not hurt by giving to others. For Noriko Chapman, it has created an international collaboration between a local U.S. nonprofit organization and a global leader in the automobile industry which led to the empowerment and economic independence of disabled workers. Chapman, who is a DENSO production manager, had worked with the Tennessee Rehabilitation Center (TRC) in Maryville to help increase its operations efficiency as part of her MBA project. In 2009, the Maryville TRC was ranked at eighth in contract sales in Tennessee. Its mission is to provide services that help lead individuals who have a physical and/or mental disability to employment and are designed to meet individual needs.

However, Chapman's goodwill had many unintended consequences. S-he has had four versions of her first book published in one year, which is impressive for a beginning writer. She pledged 30 percent of the book proceeds to this organization. Chapman also helped to restore $75K of government funding to the Center. Chapman became connected to this organization. She observed, "I was inspired by the staff and by individuals with disabilities who were trying very hard to learn work skills and seek permanent employment." Through her first book, she was able to bring more attention by the media and the public in general to this disability cause. In fact, it landed the TRC's director an expense-paid visit to DENSO in Japan.

DENSO Corporation, headquartered in Kariya, Aichi prefecture, Japan, is a leading global automotive supplier with customers that include all the world's major carmakers. With more than 200 subsidiaries and affiliates in 35 countries and regions (including Japan), DENSO had worked to assist the nonprofit organization with a contract that allowed disabled workers to earn income. In reality, DENSO was offering these workers a second chance. Chapman had made this relationship possible.

Therefore, Chapman has become a role model to millions of women looking to overcome extreme obstacles in life. She has been noted and quoted in such media outlets as Knoxville News Sentinel, Black Pearls Magazine, What's Going On? Talk show, and The Daily Times. The Knoxville Examiner sat down and talked with Chapman during the preparation of her upcoming book tour in Japan.

It appears you are becoming a role model to many women who do not have these opportunities and freedoms across the globe. What can you tell us about the Japanese culture as it relates to women in power?
Japan is a male-dominated society. Japanese women have more responsibilities at home to raise children, manage household chores and finance and support their husbands who work long hours and usually are breadwinners. Even though the culture is gradually adapting to accommodate the female workforce, career advancement for women in Japan is still limited. The changes are not quick enough to satisfy thousands of bright, hard-working Japanese women. Hopefully Japanese companies recognize the positive characteristics of women who can pay more attention to details or can multitask, and they are learning to utilize these strengths.

In addition, I believe we can find a variety of avenues to enjoy our lives. I was born as the oldest child in my family who has owned a small company for 101 years. Due to the fact of being a female, I was not given the opportunity to take over the business. Even though it was a disappointing cultural practice, I had the freedom to choose my career and chase my own dreams. I moved to the US 24 years ago and never regret it. This country gives me so many more chances than I could have imagined. I'm so glad now that I am not male!

Who are the individuals who influenced you when you were growing up in Japan?
My hero is always my 99-year-old grandmother who lives in Japan. She has taught me to treat people with respect, to be strong and courageous and to be able to say "No" when we have to. She is also a business person whose motto is "customer and quality first." She lost her husband and brother in the Philippines during WW2. During and after the war, she ran a family business while raising my father and uncle. She established a group and became a chairperson to help widows and women in the community. She never remarried but has devoted all her life to her family, business, employees, widows and single mothers in the community.

Discuss your planned international book tour to Japan. Why did you decide to do this?
My Japanese colleagues in Japan learned about the book Second Chance, about the Tennessee Rehabilitation Maryville Center with which Denso Manufacturing Tennessee has maintained a good business relationship for years. Some of my colleagues and friends preferred to read my book in Japanese. My family and friends also encouraged me to translate it into Japanese. Some may be interested in my personal stories about surviving cancer. The book cover is a Japanese painting by a lady who has been fighting against cancer. I truly honor her courage and strength. I am blessed to receive the invitation from Japan to introduce the book.

What activities do you have planned on your book tour?
A speaking engagement with Japanese ladies to discuss not only the book but also my career in the US and women's career-related issues. to compare and contrast the cultural differences in Japan and US.

What do you hope to gain with this new book in Japanese?
I hope for people to receive the message that small acts can help our community in many different ways and by different talents.

The first book was done in conjunction with Lincoln Memorial University's professor Dr. Daryl Green. In your Japanese book, you collaborated with Reiko Farr. Please discuss how this came to reality.
Reiko is my friend and co-worker. She is a very polite, caring, faithful, hard-working mother. I approached her with the translation proposal because she knew my personality and the time when I was going through cancer in 2009. Our friendship became stronger through collaborating on the Japanese translation.

How has your company supported your efforts to work with nonprofit organizations?
My employer, DENSO, has supported me to obtain higher education, prepared me with technical experience and materials to support the LMU MBA project Real World Application, and provided adequate contract work to the center. I'm grateful to have the employer who even provided the opportunity to benchmark a manufacturing facility in Japan for the disabled.

Since you have come into the public view, you have been an advocate for nonprofit organizations such as the Center. What are your plans for the future?
I really enjoy the expanding opportunities to be able to interact with people from different backgrounds. I'd love to talk with them, listen to them, write about it, and maybe find common goals in order to make positive changes in our society.

Where can people get a copy of your book and how do we reach you?
The books are now available at bookstores or online distributors such as Amazon.com. I also can be reached through social media such as Facebook.

© 2011 by Daryl D. Green


How Does Reading Purple Turtle Books Benefit A Child?

Purple Turtle has been doing excellent work in the field of children's books. The story books that they publish have clean and family-friendly stories for all ages. It is accepted worldwide that reading books is good for children. However, many parents are not aware of the specific advantages that a preschool-age child or toddler can get by having exposure to the benefits of reading.

Reading kids' books to a child between the ages of 2 and 5 ensures that a strong relationship is built between the reader (preferably, a parent) and the child. As a baby grows older, it is constantly on the move, running, playing, and exploring its environment. Snuggling up for reading to the child allows parents to enjoy some sweet, cuddly, and quality moments. If reading books is not seen as a task or a chore, it becomes a nurturing and enjoyable activity that brings parents and children together.

Kids reading books exhibit academic excellence. One of the biggest benefits of reading to preschoolers and toddlers is a better aptitude for general learning. Studies have shown on numerous occasions that children who are exposed to reading books before preschool have higher chances of doing well in every facet of formal education. Kids exposed to books at an early age never have problems with putting words or sentences together, and thus have a better grasp over language, vocabulary, conversational skills, social concepts, science, and math that they are presented with when they begin elementary school.

Toddlers and preschool-age children learn important language and enunciation skills. By listening to parents read out to them, kids reinforce the basic sounds that go on to form language. "Pretend reading", i.e. a toddler browsing through the pages of a book with jabbers and squeals of delight, is a significant pre-literacy activity. The more a parent reads out to a toddler, the more the toddler sounds out words on its own.

Toddlers who have parents reading out to them or children who develop an affinity towards reading books from preschool-age are more likely to express themselves comfortably and be good listeners. They gain important communication skills and can relate to others in a healthy manner. Purple Turtle books are ideal for children as these are interactive and inviting. Check out the websites to know more about your choice.


Planks - the Ultimate Ab exercise

Who doesn't want firm, flat abs or even a six-pack? As a personal fitness trainer, I am often asked what is the best way to tone that tummy or slim down that bulging belly. Is it crunches? Sit ups maybe? Or what about hanging leg raises?

While there is nothing especially wrong with any of those exercises, my go to ab exercise is actually one that involves no movement at all - the plank.

The plank is an isometric exercise. All that means, in personal fitness trainer-speak, is that, although your muscles are working, they do not cause any movement to occur. In fact, planks are best thought of as an anti-movement exercise.

Your abs, in fact, like most of the muscles that make up your midsection, are seldom called upon to generate movement. Most of the time they are actually required to eliminate and prevent movement. For example, if you bend down and pick up a shopping bag, your oblique muscles in your waist must work to keep your spine vertical and stop you leaning over towards the load you are lifting. If you palpate (a fancy way of saying touch) your waist muscles when you do this, you'll feel that the side opposite the load you are lifting is tight - a sure sign they are working.

Lifting, pushing, pulling and carrying anything even slightly heavy means your abs will have to work isometrically to keep your spine properly aligned. The plank exercise helps develop this ability.
To perform a plank, using technique your personal fitness trainer would be proud of, follow these simple instructions below.

1.Lie on your front on the floor.
2.Rest your elbows and forearms on the floor and clasp your hands.
3.Make sure your upper arms are vertical by placing your elbows directly under your shoulders.
4.Lift your hips up and off the floor and create a straight line from your shoulders to your hips to your feet. Keep your neck long but relaxed.
5.Hold this position for as long as feels comfortable but stop if you feel your hips lifting or dropping or have any pain in your lower back. Shaking is normal by the way!
6.Keep breathing slowly and evenly - no holding your breath.
7.On completion, bend your legs and rest on your knees. This position is also a good beginner option if you aren't quite up to doing a full plank.

There are a number of variations you can do to make the plank even more effective and challenging...

Three point plank - lift a foot or elbow off the floor so you are only using three points of balance.
Rest your elbows on a stability ball - this really makes planks harder!

Perform pushup planks - rather than rest on your elbows, rest in the top position of a pushup.

Body saw planks - rock forwards and backwards on your toes and elbows in a sawing-type motion.

Side planks - same as regular planks but performed resting on one arm and the side of your feet. This variation hits the obliques more.

Hard style planks - tense every muscle in your body along with your abs but remember the personal fitness trainer's rule - don't hold your breath!

Planks require no equipment and yet are supremely effective. They are my favorite ab exercise so give them a go - I'm sure when you see how effective they are they will be one of your favorites too!


Donna Allen Evolv Review

Donna Allen resides in Grand Prairie, Texas as President and CEO of PreProsper Inc. and founder of Prosper YEA, a non profit organization that was founded in 2006 to bridge the gap between the great business minded individuals and the Young Adults that are aspiring to become one.

Raised in a small town called Bogalusa, Louisiana, the quest to become a millionaire was ingrained into Donna's mind while in the 8th grade. After graduating from Dillard University with a degree in Accounting, Donna went to work for a fortune 500 company as an Accountant and 10 years later, began to learn that the world of entrepreneurialism was the vehicle to be used to accomplish that 8th grade dream.

Shortly after becoming an entrepreneur in 1995, Donna faced years of challenges, setbacks, roadblocks and many hours of hard work. She now transfer all her knowlege into the minds of young adults after studying the industry and mentoring with millionaires who guided and embraced her vision On June 15th, 2002 with only $313 in her bank account, Donna decided that it was time to put into action the knowledge that she had obtained over the years and 4 ½ years later she became a millionaire. Now she wants to give back as much as possible as gratitude for being blessed.

She has partnered up with a few of her dear friends as Co-Founders of Prosper YEA and they have taken on the huge responsibility of taking YEA into the Colleges and Universities, as well as the Youth Departments at the Churches in their communities.

Donna believes that there are 4 key ingredients that anyone can embrace for success and they are: #1. Have a genuine care for others; #2. Never give up on anyone; #3. Never prejudge anyone else's ability and; #4. Never forget to remain humble through it all".

For years Donna has been very successful in network marketing. In fact, she reached the Career Achiever's Level with Tahitian Noni International (which means she made over a million dollars in accumulative income). After reaching that high achievement, she made a business decision to position herself with Robert Dean Jr. in a company called Monavie. In less than one year, Donna Allen and the Top Gun Organization are now with Evol Health Sciences, which is a water company.

As one of the top leaders in the industry being able to move with a team from company to company is not difficult because of the list and relationships she has built over the years. If you want to be a top leader in this industry like Donna Allen and Robert Dean Jr., you need to master attraction marketing, list building and relationship marketing. You do not want to be in the industry for thirteen years to be able to do that. In record time you too can utilize the internet and all its available tools to build your list of thousands of people. Having the ability to monetize your list even if they do not join your primary network marketing opportunity.
Partner with us, let us show you how to become a success online in record time, truly make the six to seven figure income that you are looking for, become a marketing superstar like Donna Allen. Click on the link in the authors box to learn more.

See You At The Top
Ewon Whynes


Abyssinian Cat Breeders - Abyssinian Cat Breeders Have A Wild Time

If you hang around Abyssinian cat breeders you will be convinced that must have raised squirrels at some point in their lives. Abyssinian cat breeders and owners say that living with an Abyssinian is like living with squirrels.

Abys have the wildcat look of felis lybica, the African wildcat ancestor of all domestic cats. You might think they bear some resemblance to a mountain lion, a mini-cougar. Unlike their wild cousin, they area very sweet and affectionate animals that love to interact with their human families. Images in ancient Egypt show cats with a very similar appearance, right down to the ticked appearance of their coats. In the early eighteen hundreds, the first Abyssinian cats arrived in England from Ethiopia on trader ships

The Abyssinian cat has a graceful tail that is as long as the rest of its body. Although Abyssinians can have coats in several shades, including ruddy, red, blue and fawn, they all are tabbies with a ticked appearance. This means that each individual hair has four to six bands of dark and light color. This cat breed has a wedge shaped face with eyes that are green, amber, or hazel colored.

It is no surprise that such a curious breed is also extremely active. While they will spend some loving time in the lap, do not consider them a lap cat. You should also put up your breakables, and rethink your decorating. It may be time to add some cat furniture decor for climbing.

Owners spend a lot of time playing with these 'feline squirrels'. Abyssinians can scale any fences, rail or wall trim as they explore their surroundings. If you adopt an Aby, you'll grow accustomed to seeing her cross shelving and even jump several feet in the air.

Did I mention toys? These cats need lots of toys. If you don't provide playthings, your cat will use your belongings to create his own toys. There goes your necklace, earrings and grandmother's ring.

Perhaps more than any other breed you must keep a close eye on your Abyssinian if you allow him to go outdoors. He is an escape artist. Plus he has to introduce himself to the neighbors.

This breed's personality means that it needs a lot of attention and affection from its owner. An Abyssinian is the wrong choice for anyone who spends most of their time away from home at the office or traveling. This breed does enjoy playing and interacting with other cats. You could add another Abyssinian to the fray, but an Aby really doesn't make a good latchkey kid.

It won't take long for you to teach your cat a few simple commands. He can learn to come to you when he is called, fetch and chase. This helps keep him trim too. It shouldn't be a chore to spend time playing and training this agile descendant of Ethiopian wildcats.

As a breed, Abyssinians are very healthy. The breed can be prone to kidney problems (feline renal amyloidosis), become anemic, have a tendency to develop gingivitis, and develop a degenerative eye disorder (progressive retinal atrophy) which can end up in blindness.

With its short sleek coat, the Abyssinian needs very little grooming. However, they have been known to love water and have fun in the bath -- with or without their human bather.

All Abyssinian cat breeders know, their felines probably won't spend a lot of time in your lap, but they will learn quickly and have a wild time with you and your family.




The Azul Resort On Ambergris Caye In Belize

Ambergis Caye in Belize is where you will find The Azul Hotel and Beach Resort, the most exclusive lodging on Ambergris Caye.

The Azul Beach Resort was specifically created to bring together the top end of the market with the very exclusive private villa and the very best amenities of a world class resort, and that has been incredibly successful. This can now claim to be the very best Belize resort and the ideal destination for an unforgettable honeymoon in Belize.

This may not be part of your everyday Belize vacation Package, but this is definitely beach front Belize at its very best, and is priced accordingly, but for your money comes sheer quality and exclusivity

Without visiting Ambergris Caye it is very difficult to visualize Azul Resort, but this article will attempt the near impossible in words and pictures.

Imagine a cluster of buildings with two dazzlingly white villas on either side of a round infinity pool, situated on 400 feet of private beach which is lapped by an azure-turquoise sea.

There are only the two villas and possibly the best restaurant in Belize called The Rojo Lounge, which is what makes the Azul Resort possibly the most exclusive if not the best Belize Luxury Resort. The food in the restaurant is innovative and quite superb, with good size portions

The villas are really like a very high class home from home covering of 3000 square feet. They are designed very much on open plan lines and marble tiled, with high ceilings allowing for a second bedroom and bathroom in a gallery style. The villa design has used local hardwoods that are unique to Belize and the design effect is one of total simplicity.

Perhaps the most outstanding feature of the villas is the use of the rooftop as part of the living space of the villa. This includes a built in day bed, a dining area and a Jacuzzi tub with a unique lighting system so it can be used day and night.

Alternatively you can dine out under the stars on the roof after watching the sun set over the mangroves and lagoon drinking a frozen Mojitos.

It is quite difficult to look at the fixtures and fittings without pinching yourself. There is a custom built state of the art Viking kitchen, but with the world class restaurant a few yards away it seems unlikely to say the least that you would ever want to cook. When you add to this Apple computers, 50 inch plasma flat screen TV, and Bose theatre system, then you might understand the sheer quality of your surroundings. In fact the even better news is the restaurant also supplies a private chef service to your villa for that meal on the roof.

Much of this may be reminiscent of other exclusive villas, until you add the hotel touches, such as maid service, room service, tour planning, in fact almost anything and everything you should expect and get from the very best, because that is what the Azul Resort and Villas are.

There is a wonderful combination here of the best of good taste and yet a uniquely casual elegance. Wherever you look there is somewhere comfortable to sit on or lie on to relax. Whether it be a hammock, a sun lounger at the beach, or at the table on the roof, the settee in front of the TV, you will find total relaxation everywhere.

The Azul Villas are a magical combination of tasteful and casual. Wherever you choose to come to rest, there is a welcoming spot which has been designed with comfort and beauty in mind: Under the palapas in a hammock, on a lounge chair at the beach, at a table on the rooftop, sitting at the kitchen table or sprawling on the couch.

One final comment is that the staff of the Azul Resort are both friendly and unobtrusively attentive. They have the great skill of only being there when you want them. They will do everything from great drinks, fantastic room service at the Villa, and fetch and carry you to and from the airport. Their performance is faultless.

The Azul Villas on Ambergris Caye in Belize could be just the ultimate best luxury hotel in Belize, and without a shadow of a doubt the only place to go for your honeymoon in Belize.

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How to Choose Decorative Hair Pins

Choosing the right decorative hair pins can be challenging, but it can also be fun. There are several options available and no matter what the occasions, there are hair pins available to suit any style. Hair accessories have a variety of uses. They can be worn to jazz up a hairstyle for a special occasion or they can be functional and keep hair away from the face. They can also help a wearer create more sanitary conditions when cooking or baking. During the hot summer months, pins pull up off a person's neck, keeping them cool when temperatures soar. Hairpins also hold certain hairstyles in place when sprays and other products are not enough. There are several things to consider when choosing hair accessories for you or for someone else.

First, consider the occasion for which the decorative hair pins will be worn. There are hair accessories that are appropriate for everyday wear. In some cases, even fancier pins look nice with casual clothes. Just like a woman might add red lipgloss or a pair of high heels to an otherwise casual look, fancy hair accessories can add pop in a subtle way. If you are choosing hair accessories for functional purposes to hold it all back during activity, opt for the most casual options you can find. Simple elastic bands work well when you just want a ponytail or bun. For special occasion, choose accessories with sparkle or crystals.

It is also important to think about the age of the person wearing the pins. If you are an adult choosing decorative pins for yourself, opt for something sophisticated. Even if there is a bit of whimsy, you should avoid overdoing it. Things like light up hair accessories or accessories with feathers or cartoon characters might be too much. For children, it is best to choose pins that are inexpensive. If buying items for special occasions, choose pins with replica jewels instead of the real thing. This way if a pin falls out and is lost you will not be losing more than a few dollars.

A person's hairstyle plays a major role in the type of hair accessory they should choose. Decorative hair pins are appropriate for both long and short styles, but choosing hair pins that are large and outlandish might overpower a shorter hairstyle. Likewise, small pins might be lost in long, thick styles. You will also want to consider the texture of the hair. Some pins will not stay secure in thin, silky hair types. It is also a problem when hair pins get tangled in thick, luxurious styles. Sample a few different types of hair accessories before settling on the one you think is best, especially if you are shopping for a special occasion.

Finally, take practical matters into account when choosing decorative hair pins. You will want to consider price, the quality of the item, and how easily it is to find the item. For special occasions such as weddings or parties, you can have pins custom made to match the style of the event. This will cost a bit more, but you will get the exact look you want for your hairstyle.


Choosing A Bird Cage

Birds are one of the most favored pets in the world. The bird lovers irrespective of the bird species they choose, the place they keep them, would no doubt like to choose a sturdy and comfortable cage for their pets. There are plenty of bird cages available in the market in various sizes and shapes the selection of a suitable cage for your pet is a challenge. One has to be aware about the uses and abuses of the house of their pets to make a wise decision.

Needless to say birds like more space to move around and as such one should not strictly confine to the size prescribed for the pet. It is always advisable to go for the largest size available in the market to see that your pet has always the luxury of freedom of maximum space.

While considering the shape of the birdcage one needs to remember that most commonly found cylindrical cages are not the best suited for these small flying creatures. Lengthy cages facilitate horizontal flying often preferred by the small birds and as such is more important than the height. Birds seldom fly up and down. Large birds like parrots need to be provided with cages taller in size to suit their habit of climbing up as a routine exercise. The large birds always deserve spacious and bigger cages. Although the cage manufacturers are aware about the danger of incorrect wire spacing of cages, and take adequate care in this aspect one has to ensure that they are uniformly and adequately spaced so as to avoid any danger to the birds by getting caught their heads, wings or beaks inside the wire or bar.

Some of the larger birds like parrots would be best housed in cages with horizontal bars enabling it to climb up with help of their beaks. No such specification need be considered for smaller birds like doves, finches and canaries.

Though price of the cage is always a factor to consider when buying a cage one should not go for the bird cages made of cheaper materials as it may turn to be hazardous for the pets. One has to ensure that the cages need be made of non toxic materials like stainless steel, or powder coated iron that are harmless for these species. Cages that are made of galvanized wires containing zinc have to be avoided. The design of the cage should be such that it allows easy cleaning and maintenance. Certain peculiar shaped cages though gives a different look causes problems for easy regular cleaning of the cages that is of paramount importance to keep the birds healthy and hygienic.

The spacing of the bars or the material used for the cage is not the only factors that matter. The doors, latches and similar parts of the cage should have a fine finish not to endanger these lovely pets.

In short, choosing a right birdcage takes time and it is worthy spending some time and thinking that would lead to a healthy life, security and comfort of your dear pet birds.


Bedroom Furniture Decorating Basics

Of all the rooms in the typical house, the bedroom is unique. Far from just a place to sleep, the bedroom can be a refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The bedroom can be a cozy nook, a sanctuary, and a place to prepare for the day. Choosing the right bedroom furniture can go a long way towards the creation the perfect personal space.

Whether it is the bedroom, the boudoir, or just that place where you sleep, this room is generally thought of as a private space. The room may contain nothing more than a bed and a closet or it may be among the most ornate rooms in the home. Many modern suburban homes feature master bedroom suites, with a separate bathroom and large walk in closets. Other popular design features can include sitting rooms, sun nooks, and dressing areas.

The Basic Bedroom

For the most of us, the bedroom is where we sleep and generally store our clothing. The bedroom basics usually include a bed, night stands, dressers, chests, and perhaps one or two pieces of accent furniture.

The bed may be as simple as a mattress, foundation and some type of frame. There is an almost endless variety of mattress styles and sizes. Standard mattress sizes typically range from twin, to full, to queen and king. Older mattresses may have been manufactured before the time of size standardization. These mattresses are typically referred to as antique and three quarter size.

Bed frames come in all styles and sizes, from the basic metal rail frame to baroque head boards that look like they where owned by the Borgias. Ornate canopy beds, four posters, raised platform, and a myriad of other styles are available. Again, for most of us the bed frame, headboard, and footboard are standard equipment for our bed.

Other than a closet, the drawer is where most of us store our clothing. Drawers are the basic components for dressers, chests, and armoires. Big drawers, little drawers, and every drawer in between hold our hosiery, blouses, shirts, and even our unmentionables. A chest of drawers can have as few as two drawers and as many as six or seven, stacked one atop another. In contrast, the dresser usually has a lower profile and most often has two or more rows of drawers.

The humble nightstand is found beside the bed and is used as a depository for all sorts of things. The ubiquitous nightstand can be home for a bedside lamp, alarm clock, books, eyeglasses, and just about anything else you can think of.

Bedrooms that lack enough closet space may have wardrobe or an armoire. A wardroom simple provides a place to hang clothing just as a closet would. Throw in a chair or two and you have what many people would consider to be the essential bedroom.

Decorating With Bedroom Furniture

Just as with any other room in the home, the bedroom is wide open to decorating schemes and themes. This would include the furniture, floor coverings, window treatments, wall color, and accents. From neocolonial, French traditional or shabby chic, the possibilities are almost endless. The choices of decor go beyond just the colors and the styles. Area rugs, accent pieces such as wall hangings and occasional furniture can be used to brighten up a dark corner or draw attention to a particular area of the room.

Bedroom decorating for children can take a turn to the fun, funny, and whimsical. There is an abundance of bedroom furniture for especially for children. Furniture sizes are scaled down for kids and many pieces offer festive and cheerful colors. A canopy bed for the little princess of the family or an airplane bed for the future pilot can create just the right fairy tale atmosphere for any child.


Elle Magazine for Women Worldwide

Elle Magazine for Women Worldwide

Elle says - "If she reads, she reads Elle"

Elle is one of the foremost fashion magazines in the world today. Considered a style icon in the publishing sphere, Elle is acclaimed globally for its focus on not just fashion; but fitness, lifestyle and more. It has over 49 international spread over 60 countries, making it a part of the most circulated magazines in the world. Every edition of ELLE magazine has memorable articles covering the newest trends from around the world. With content that is so fresh, informative and innovative, it is no doubt that they have successfully completed over70 years in the industry, as their popularity continues to rise.

History and Fame:

The magazine has its foundation in France, the birthplace of fashion. The creators of ELLE dedicated their efforts towards building a magazine to enable women everywhere to express their individuality. The magazine's high desirability quotient among women can be attributed to the well-pieced features on affordable fashion and living. ELLE has millions of ardent followers all around the world making it the world's largest fashion magazine; with 5 million readers from the United States alone. Subscribers of ELLE often compliment the editorials; a feature that is consistently impressive and flawless.

Who does ELLE appeal to and why:

ELLE has captivated readers between the age of 15 and 49, owing to its sensitive coverage of articles that relate to several issues, experiences, anecdotes and so much more about women. It showcases talent from around the world serving as an inspiration to women everywhere. Every single issue of the magazine is packed with insightful content while carefully also advertising products that largely appeal to women.
The layout of the magazine is well designed and not overly cramped; a huge attractor-factor for readers. ELLE also publishes a teen magazine that is exclusively dedicated to fashion and fitness for younger audiences. A good number of young girls who haven't quite tuned in to fashion, adore ELLE Magazine for interviews, book reviews and articles on health and fitness.

Digital ELLE Magazine:

The more recent surge in digitization; digital platforms in particular, has seen the present generation take to magazines like never before. Digital magazines have turned into champions; linking countries, continents, publishers, advertisers and readers. ELLE seized the opportunity and bringing digital copies of their magazine to readers everywhere. Furthering digital magazines are newsstand apps that can be downloaded for free onto several smart devices. Users can browse, click and buy ELLE magazines directly through their smart phones, iPad, iPhone, Androids, Windows 8, other tablets and the web.

Digital magazines have quickly become extremely popular as they are priced less than print copies. Savings on digital magazine subscriptions go upto 70%! As they are eco-friendly you save a few trees and also reduce the carbon footprint with every digital purchase you make. ELLE offers a very affordable cost per issue and prices that can further be reduced by choosing an annual subscription option. Special sales on newsstands bring ELLE at even better prices; quite phenomenal when compared to the print editions.

Another major advantage of the digital magazine is its instant availability. The digital format of the magazine often contains interactive quizzes, polls and contests for readers to engage in. They can click on interesting links and play videos directly, without leaving the issue. Users can easily search for older issues of the magazines and buy them when required.
Digital versions of magazines are most convenient as they does not require any storage place and your coffee table will never be cluttered.


Generations of the Humble Ford Falcon

Ford Falcon was one of the oldest car models the Ford Motor Company manufactured. They were in use from the 1960's to 1970's. Argentina, Australia, Canada, Mexico and Chile all saw the release of the Ford Falcon cars along with USA where they were first produced. Ford Motor Company saw huge success and received large profits outdoing the other major cars that were in use in that time, like the Chrysler and the General Motors cars. In Australia the Falcon is an iconic image which will continue to withstand the test of time.

The Ford Falcon produced a wide variety of car models - two-door and four-door sedan/saloon cars, two-door and four-door station wagons/estates. The Falcon also came as convertible and as two-door hardtop cars during those times.

First Generation (1960 - 1963)

Considered as a small car by the American standards, the first generation Ford Falcon came with a 90 hp and a 144 CID straight-6 single carburetor powered engine. It was already released with a two-door coupe and convertible. Two-door hardtop car model also came into existence in the later years. A three-door station wagon, four-door sedan and five-door station wagon were the other body style models that were released in the first generation of the Ford Falcon during the four years. The engine types that were used are the 2.4 L I6 engine that came along with 170 cu in I6 and 260 cu in V8. The fuel economy that was provided was also comparatively good from among all the other American cars during that time. The six cylinder engine was the source behind producing such good fuel mileage rate to the Ford Falcon cars.

Second Generation (1964 - 1965)

The first generation Falcon underwent a major redesign and was launched with much modern-style and squared-off design in the second generation. Though the similar body styles were still maintained, the engines were little enhanced which came with 200 CID to 302 CID Windsor V8 and 144CID, 170 CID Thrift power I6 engines. Mustang and Falcon both had similar features like the stiffer suspension and a louder exhaust along with 260 V8 engine, but Mustang outdid in several fields from where the Falcon could never recover.

Third Generation (1966 - 1970)

Another major redesign was made in 1966 to re-launch the Falcon model with a new look. A long-hood and short-deck design was introduced in the Ford Mustang model. Different body sheet metal was used in the design and the two types - two-door hardtop and convertible, were removed in this generation of the models. Slowly and steadily, even the sales started declining and the Station Wagon and the Ranchero models started moving to the higher platform.

Other car models of the Ford Motor Company that were released along were the Ford Econoline, Ford Ranchero, Mercury Comet and Ford Mustang.

Ford Falcon cars were also released in the Argentina and Australia. In Argentina, these cars were in production from 1962 to 1991, whereas in Australia, the Falcons are still used till the current day starting from its launching in the year 1960. Ford Motor Company maintained the same body style throughout all the model cars it produced.


The Top 10 Massage Products Revealed

Have you ever wondered what makes the difference between an at home massage and a massage from a registered massage therapist? Except for the lucky few who have massage therapists as a spouse or close family member the difference is really in the training, equipment and massage supplies that professionals use. All of these things combine to create a relaxing and therapeutic experience.

In order to achieve this type of experience for their customers massage therapists need the latest and greatest in equipment and supplies. Here are the top 10 massage products on the market today.

The Celesta Deluxe Medispa package offers massage therapists the ultimate in ergonomic style and comfort. This electric lift chair also offers patients the utmost comfort with their Aero-Cel padding and on command height changes that help ease tension.

If it is a lightweight and portable massage table you seek the Advanta Massage Table is for you. The unique ergonomic design of the Advanta table alleviates unnecessary reaching and twisting. Not only is this massage table lightweight and portable it has the ability to support up to 550 pounds.

What better way to offer your patients a feeling of comfort then by using a Premium Flannel Sheet set on your patient beds? This Premium Flannel Sheet Set is made of 100% unbleached cotton and are machine washable.

The ProLuxe Provence Treatment Table is an ergonomic adjustable treatment table that offers increased comfort to massage therapists. Its ergonomic design helps to alleviate unnecessary reaching and stretching helping to create a comfortable experience for both masseuse and patient.

The adjustable air bolster is designed to work best with massage therapy or physical therapy treatments. It is designed with dual air chambers making it adjustable to suit your client's individual comfort level. This bolster is suitable for use under the neck, knees, ankles or shoulders.

Seated massage is becoming more popular as it offers people the ability to sit down anywhere in order to receive a massage. The Portal Pro Massage Chair offers you the ability to take your practice to where the clients are. Offering complete access to cervical, thoracic, lumbar and shoulder regions the massage chair is ideal in order to provide stress relief within the workplace.

Biotone's DP Massage Creme offers the perfect combination of workability and absorption. This dual purpose cream contains arnica and ivy extracts to help provide the ultimate in soothing relaxation.

For all of you on the go Massage Therapists and Physical Therapists the BOSS All- weather Portable Massage and Athletic Treatment Table may be right for you. The BOSS table is fully portable and lightweight. It is both water and puncture resistant and is able to withstand a load of 600 pounds.

The BioTone Revitalizing Massage Oil is unscented massage oil that will help ease even the most sensitive of skin types. It is water soluble and made from a blend of Kukui, Almond and Coconut oils, offering superior smooth texture.

Have oil conveniently at your side with an Oil Bottle Holster. Made of durable ballistic nylon this holster will adjust to fit up to a 40" waist. This holster also comes equipped with an 8 ounce pump bottle.


Aromatherapy And Herpes - One Person's Success Story

The Herpes virus is a difficult little bug; a so-called 'incurable' infection with painful skin lesions. The sores come and go, more frequenly for some individuals than others, and often flollow stressful life conditions where the immune system may be weakened. Allopathic medicine doesn't yet have a cure for this disease, only pills and creamse that must be used regularly to keep outbreaks from recurring and to lessen their duration. Incurable, painful, sort-of ugly, and with great names like 'oral-labial' or 'genital', this can be one challenging illness.

I've been through this personally - for many years, I had painful outbreaks that began with extremely painful cold sores on the roof of my mouth, then regularly manifested as smaller sores on my lips and gums. I've struggled with how to break the news to female partners, who, thankfully, never made it as big a deal as it seemed to me. Still, I often had those couple of days of feeling like I had a flu, followed by an outbreak - and at what always seemed like the worst of times. Being an athlete, heavy training also provided the 'heavy stress' conditions for an outbreak to come on, making it twice as hard to recover from hard workouts.

I freqently wondered in the midst of these bouts with HSV if this was something I'd have to deal with for the rest of my life - I tried doctor prescribed medicines, Lysine and other remedies, but none kept the virus at bay enough to really make a difference.

Then it so happened I got involved in essential oils - the powerful aromatic compounds distilled in small amounts from plants. You've probably heard of them - Lavender oil, Sandalwood, Frankincense, etc. They're getting to be fairly common these days. And then one day I stumbled onto research being performed with a particularly rare essential oil called 'Melissa' or 'Lemon Balm'. Melissa is steam distilled from the leaves of the Melissa herb - and in very small quanitities. The plant yields a small amount of oil relative to all the other aromatic plant species out there. Research has been being performed in Europe for several years applying Melissa oil to herpes outbreaks, with very interesting results. In fact, one German pharmaceutical company extracted the 'active' component of the oil and sold it in a prescription preparation for use by herpes 'sufferers'.

Perhaps the most impressive statement about the efficacy of Melissa on herpes outbreaks was made by Dr. Dietrich Wabner, a German scientist at the Technical University of Munich - he reported that a 'one time' application of 'true' Melissa oil could lead to a complete remission of outbreaks. A cure! It seemed expensive for a little bottle of clear liquid, but not so when compared to any other medicine - and the possibility of a 'complete remission of outbreaks'! I'd figured I had nothing to lose.

A little further investigation gave me a better idea of a protocol; The oil may not lead to a complete remission in one application - though much success was found when the oil was applied directly to the affected area when an outbreak felt 'imminent' (those of you dealing with this know what I mean). This was to be done a few times a day throughout the outbreak, and for the next several times an outbreak was surfacing. My outbreaks tended to occur on my tongue at that point - I would get the flu/fatigued feeling, then my tongue would swell a bit, and I'd get some cold sores on it. I still got lesions on my lower lip occasionally, but not as often if I kept protected from the sun. So I started on the Melissa; just one drop in my mouth a few times a day. It's a powerful oil, but I actually liked the taste, and the aroma was truly wonderful - very uniquely herbaceous and bright.

Well, perhaps the single dose worked for some folks, but I wasn't quite so fortunate - though I was certainly not discouraged. The history of Melissa and it's healing powers was renoun, and I kept up with the program. Despite continuing to have outbreaks, they were shorter, and they seemed to occur less frequently. And after a while, it dawned on me - the outbreaks had stopped completely! And believe me, my life has been no less stressful - more so if anything. Also, while outbreaks do tend to happen less freqently for some over time, I had been living with this for 15 years and they were still fairly regular. But no matter how stressful my days were, how heavy my weight training sessions or other athletic endeavors, the outbreaks have not returned!

Now to those who may have more sensitive skin than I, Melissa can be diluted in a carrier oil (like Hazelnut or Rosehip Seed oil) down to 10% or less of the total concentration and still be just as effective - taking any essential oil orally, and undiluted certainly, should be done with caution - pay attention to your own reaction and proceed accordingly. I haven't any experience with the 'genital' variety of the virus, but I it should work just as well - though this is where the carrier oil might feel a little nicer. But whatever way it's used, the protocol should be followed as closely as possible: apply the oil a few times a day to the affected area as soon as you feel an outbreak coming on, and stick with it until the lesions have healed. Then do it again the next several times an outbreak is surfacing. There are no guarantees, but I do hope this wonderful natural medicine can provide the same relief for others as it has for me.

For sufferer's of Shingles, another Herpes virus variety causing lesions of the skin, Ravensara (Ravensara aromatica, or 'True' Ravensara) oil has been used. Individuals have found relief using Ravensara in a 50-50 blend with Tamanu Nut oil. The Tamanu Nut sooths the skin during the healing process and keeps the Ravensara in contact with the sores. I have not heard of this offering a complete cure, but I have heard of this blend really helping relieve discomfort of this condition.

So if you choose to use aromatherapy oils like Melissa or Ravensara yourself (or to a recommendation), find a trusted source for the essential oils. Find 'true' varieties of each - Melissa is often adulterated, and the real thing is generally priced between $10 and $20 per milliliter (about 25 drops, which actually goes a long way); Ravensara should be of the 'Ravensara aromatica' variety. Be conservative with direct application - remember that diluting the oil has not been reported to reduce efficacy. Yes, I liked the Melissa oil straight, and never had a problem - but others I've known have had sensitive reactions - though this may have been related to UV exposure. Be good to yourself and listen to your body - may you achieve healing success!


80s TV Shows

Many 80s TV shows reflected a change in attitude about women's roles in our society. American women were no longer seen as limited in their abilities to hold any position in life that they desired. Shows like "Cagney & Lacey", "Falcon Crest", "Hart to Hart", "Moonlighting", "Murder She Wrote", and "Who's the Boss?" put women not only in command over their own lives; they also put the ladies in charge of men!

Non-traditional families were another very popular item on 80s TV shows. "Kate and Allie" and "One Day at a Time" showcased women who were raising children without the assistance of a man. There were just as many shows where the opposite was true. "Empty Nest" and "Too Close for Comfort" showed that men sometimes find themselves as the only parent. "Diff'rent Strokes" went so far as to emphasize that there's no reason why a single white wealthy man shouldn't welcome two Afro-American orphans into his home.

Of course, the 80s weren't about to ignore the ever present traditional family programs. Some of the most popular were "The Cosby Show", "Eight is Enough", "Family Ties", "Growing Pains", "Roseanne", and "The Wonder Years".

A new genre really came into its own in the 1980s. The primetime soap opera didn't start in the 80s (the first was "Peyton Place" in the 60s), but they truly became popular during the 80s. Shows like "Dallas", "Dynasty", "Falcon Crest", and "Knots Landing" kept audiences coming back week after week to see what horrible thing their favorite villain would do to their favorite, usually naive, good guy or gal.

The final category of the most watched 80s TV shows was private detective shows. "Moonlighting" and "Murder She Wrote" are two that were already mentioned as having strong, female characters as investigators. "Hart to Hart" had a husband/wife team where the wife was every bit as tough as her husband. Other more traditional 80s private detective series included "Magnum P.I.", "Riptide", and "Simon & Simon".

Music came to television like never before when MTV launched its music videos only channel in August of 1981. Many viewers feel it's unfortunate that their format has changed today.

Amazingly, 60 Minutes was in the top eight highest rated shows every single year during the 1980s. It was in the top two slots for five seasons during the 80s! By the way, it's the third longest running TV series of all time with only "Meet the Press" and "The Tonight Show" having more seasons on the air!

Another unbelievable performance was that of "The Cosby Show" that began its run in the 1984/85 season in the #3 slot and finished the rest of the 80s in either the #1 or #2 slot each year thereafter! Obviously, audiences of all races had finally come to accept an Afro-American family as a part of middle-class America!

A few 80s TV shows were especially endearing to audiences as they gave their viewers an opportunity to see their favorite stars from other series in a new setting. ABC hit gold with two of their most beloved shows, "Fantasy Island" and "The Love Boat". Both of them were fun entertainment and they had guest stars each week who were typically from other shows on ABC.

So if you find yourself getting nostalgic about those 80s TV shows you loved so much, you're not alone!


Red Leather Mary Jane Shoes

Have you been imagining what to have on with red Mary Jane? Nothing to fret, Mary Jane is a single like shoe type that goes perfectly with your attires. Both it is to pair them with jeans or with any limited skirts; these shoes really are a excellent bet for you personally.

The couture sector is catered using a wide variety of these shoes to match your just about every day outfit. The only thing you may need to carry out would be to choose the perfect pair that matches your costumes. Very well, if it is the event that you simply are willing to dress up with jeans, then platform Mary Jane shoes will likely be the correct choice for you to finish your outfit. This will likely give you a dashing and glamorous appeal.

You might have lots of pair of such sneakers therefore you are unable to choose 1 outside of them that can go well with your office attire. In that situation go for a pair of Mary Jane loafers or mules that may give you a remarkably specialist search. You can also go for your pair of Mary Jane pumps or chunky higher heels that can provide you with a smashing and formal charm. It's possible you'll be contemplating will it be very good to use chunky large heels in your place of work? Effectively, now it grew to become a pattern to dress in chunky heels at place of work to seem considerably wise and create our private vogue statement anywhere we go.

Its time and energy to social gathering and you simply are stressing tips on how to dress up your self? Well, a slinky use gown or extensive cocktail dress that has a pair of such open up toed sneakers will appearance fantastic on you. Rock your evening party despite a brief promenade dress and red high heel Mary Jane to steal the present. And for a casual start looking along with your caprices or extensive skirts, pair your toes with these wedge shoes to get quite casual.

Setting up for journey and wanting to know what to wear along with your extended pants or shorts? Then go for the pair of Mary Jane sneakers that could be great on your fun-thrilled adventure. These footwear are featured with fantastic shock absorption potential, cushioned insoles and traction leather to supply you superior grip above the terrain and ease your ft with comfort and ease.

Aside from outfits, many people stress about what to use with Mary Jane socks or stockings? Very well when you are using short skirts and want to show off your jeans then go for stocking (nude stockings) paired with substantial heels. This may provide you with an erotic appear and who is aware it could even steal the center of the beloved. But never ever don socks in excess of your stockings, it should give you a unattractive seem. And if you are a faculty girl or choose to seem like a faculty going lady then wear socks with vintage Mary Jane sneakers. Keep to the hottest developments in vogue and gown on your own based on the prevailing designs or manner around you. But from time to time even try out to produce models of your possess as "We make kinds and trends".


Buying Your Own Apple IPod Touch 32 gb 3rd Generation

The Apple iPod Touch 32 gb 3rd Generation was presented as an upgraded version of the Apple Ipod Touch 2nd generation. Apple did not omit the major features of the previous 2nd generation IPod instead they've just enhanced and added some newer features to the 3rd generation. One of the major upgrades included in this generation is the media player. Apple featured a faster version of the media player processor. This processor could also be purchased at a higher capacity rate. The capacity selection includes the 8 GB, 32 GB and the 64 GB models. The graphics and pixels are well improved to ensure that the consumer can enjoy a better resolution when they start viewing any videos and pictures through their iPods. However, the dimension remains unchanged. The exact measurement of the Ipod touch 3rd generation is 4.3 x 2.4 x 0.33 inches. However, you may find a slight difference in terms of the etching behind the Ipod or device. The touch screen remains the same having a 3.5-inch LCD with 480x320 resolutions.

One of the major improvements that can be found in the 3rd generation is the Genius play list feature which classifies songs into genres. With the help of Genius play list, selecting from the wide variety of songs is no longer an issue. Another breakthrough or well known feature is the voice control feature which allows you to command the iPod through a voice activation system. You can press the headphone remote button and command basic controls such as play, next song or even call out the artist's name through the microphone, and the iPod will do the task of searching and locating a certain command for you. The Apple iPod Touch 32 gb 3rd Generation is really a compact gadget for both music lovers and people who love to download movies and pictures.

However, with all the upgrades and product enhancements of Apple Ipod Touch 32 gb 3rd Generation, it is only understandable that the iPod is quite costly. If you are planning to purchase an Ipod better do a lot of canvassing to ensure that you get the best buy among all offers. Make sure that you purchase a brand new iPod from a legal retailer or store and never purchase a refurbished one. Avoid buying used ones especially if you do not know who the previous owner is. It might be too late for you realize that you purchased an iPod that is close to crashing or worse, it might already be dysfunctional. Some 3rd generation iPod owners claim that the third generation is by far the best edition of the Apple iPod series. However, some says that the additional feature is not usable or applicable at all. It is also important that you know what you want and what you need because purchasing a certain Apple iPod model. Each Apple iPod has its unique features which cater to different kinds of users. Make sure to purchase an Apple iPod that will suit your lifestyle so that you can maximize its use.


Acne Myths

Acne is a normal part of growing up. Kids get acne because of the changes that occur in puberty, the time when kids start growing up to the adults. There are many myths prevalent because of which people are misunderstood and can be very dangerous. So this article aims at providing the truth associated with this false myths.

Myth #1: Popping your pimples is the best way to get rid of them.
Picking or popping your pimples pushes germs further under your skin, which could cause more redness, throbbing, and maybe even a horrible infection.

Myth #2: The usage of chocolate is helpful in the breakout of acne.
The truth is that several research studies have found no relation between the utilization of chocolate and the breakout of acne.

Myth #3: Eating pizza exacerbates acne development.
This is far from the truth as there has been no evidence to suggest this claim. Consumption of pizza in moderation will not lead to acne breakouts.

Myth #4: Fried foods are cause acne breakouts.
No findings suggest that fried foods cause acne breakouts.

Myth #5: Consumption of Coca-Cola and other sodas are bad for you if you have acne.
Several studies have been conducted to check the validity of this claim, but no findings suggest that cola consumption promotes acne. It remains a myth. Drinks such as Coca-Cola are usually consumed by teens in fast food restaurants and if they frequent it often, or work there, the pores react to the grease in the environment and this could be the cause of flare-ups. Make sure to wash your hands if you have been handling oil or greasy foods.

Myth #6: Sitting in the sun or under a sunlamp will fight acne.
There is no truth to this as over-exposure to the sun causes skin cancer and premature aging. Alternatively, the sun does promote the production of vitamin D, which may help skin condition. If you are using Benzoyl Peroxide, we strongly recommend that you use caution in the sun by wearing a high SPF sun screen.

Myth #7: Dirty skin causes acne.
The claim that dirt causes acne may be another myth. Some connections have been found, thus keeping the skin pores clear of dirt may prevent bacteria from infecting the skin. Special oil absorbing microfiber facial cloths are probably the best way to grab dirt from the skin after using benzoyl peroxide.

Myth #8: Acne will no longer be a problem once someone reaches adulthood.
This is not true for many people who experience acne as an adult, though the severity may vary. However, people above age 50 rarely get infected with acne.

Myth #9: Stress causes acne.
Are you worried that the big test tomorrow or that next week's championship game will cause your skin to break out? Don't worry - the normal everyday stress of being a kid doesn't cause acne. If you're going through an especially stressful period in your life - such as moving to a new house or dealing with your parents' divorce - your skin may produce more oil, also known as sebum (say: see-bum), but that doesn't mean you'll get more zits.


Do You Know These Unique Children Day in Countries

Almost in all the countries in the world, Children are the future of the country and the hope of the nation, therefore almost every government try their best to create fine family environment, social environment and learning environment. Only under such circumstance, children can grow healthy, happy and joyous. What's more, there is a International Children's Day on June 1st, which is set up specifically for children. However, do you know that in addition to the International Children's Day and the World Children's Day, the fourth Sunday in April each year, there are too many unique Children's Days in many countries and the ways of celebrating have their own characteristics and pleasure, all of which not only reflect the different national traditions and customs, but also fill with endless celebration and vitality.

Children's day in Sweden
In Sweden, one European country, Children's day is divided into Boy's Day and Girls' Day. On August 7th every day, it is the Boy's Day, which is also known as the Lobster Festival. And the purpose of this festival is to encourage all the boys in the country to learn the spirit of lobster. On this day, the children should be dressed as lobster and perform some lovely shows. On December 13, it is the Sweden's Girls' Day, which is also known as the Lucia Goddess Festival. As is known to all, Lucia is the goddess in Sweden's legend which specifically protect the girls. On this day, the girls have to dress up as the appearance of the Lucia goddess and do something good for other children.

Children's day in Russia
Children's day in Russia and the International Children's Day are the same day, on June 1. Whenever the Children's Day is coming, all the children in the Russia will happily celebrate their own festival. For example, they would perform a number of ethnic dance and hold celebrations in school.

Finally, I will introduce the origin of International Children's Day, which is related with Russia. In November 1949, Women's International Democratic Federation hold the meeting in Moscow and all the representatives from too many countries angrily exposed the crime of imperialist and reactionary. For example, they always murder children. In order to protect the children's life rights , health rights and education rights, what's more, lives of children should be improved, the meeting decided to establish International Children's Day on June 1 every year.

By the way, there are three Children's Days in Japan,which is so amusing.


Arranging to Provide Customers and Visitors with an Onsite ATM

ATM equipment and service arrangements that will offer visitors and retail customers the ease and convenience of using a wider range of payment options can be a tremendous asset for retail businesses and shops. Finding the most affordable opportunities and arrangements will allow business owners to make use of an onsite ATM for less overall cost and effort. Easier ways to attract new potential customers and to provide existing ones with a more convenient shopping experience can make a big difference in ensuring any business is able to look forward to a brighter and more successful future.

Cost-Effective Service Arrangements

Stores and shops that offer a wider range of services and opportunities to their clients are able to enjoy considerable advantage when it comes to building a larger, more robust and more loyal customer base. Depriving visitors and potential customers the chance to complete a transaction using their preferred method of payment finds many businesses loosing sales opportunities at the last minute. Ensuring that customers, clients and other visitors are provided with a quick and easy way to make a cash withdrawal can improve many aspects of customer satisfaction and improve long term sales revenue.

Access to the Best Equipment and Features

Older machines and equipment options that may only be able to provide a limited range of features may not always provide the best available solution. Businesses that are seeking to provide their clientele with the latest features and options would do well to make use of a supplier who will be better able to meet their needs. Equipment suppliers who are not able to offer the latest range of machines, options and features could wind up being little more than a wasted expense for businesses who are seeking cost-effective ways to meet the needs of their clients and visitor.

Doing Business with the Best

Electing to make use of any service provider or equipment supplier who is unable to offer the best options, access to more agreeable terms and rates or the chance to meet the needs of customers with a minimum of inconvenience or expense can create no end of problems that most businesses would just as soon avoid. ATM rentals, services and other options are an important resource, one that will allow businesses to provide their customers with a range of financial options and conveniences. Doing business with the best equipment and service provider will allow businesses that are seeking to make use of an onsite ATM to make their arrangements more easily. Choosing the right supplier is not a concern that should ever go overlooked; working with the best offers businesses more versatile and cost-effective ways to make their arrangements and meet their needs. Get install atm parts for its proper functioning.


The Denver Nuggets Keep Going for the Gold of an NBA Finals Trophy

Since the 1976-1977 NBA season, the Denver Nuggets have been digging for gold. That gold is the NBA Finals trophy. The Nuggets have indeed achieved success in the NBA playoffs. They have appeared in the playoffs 19 times, have been Division Champions on five occasions, and have even reached the NBA Conference Finals twice. However, throughout their history they have continued to go for the gold.

How did the name "Nuggets" become good as gold? Before they were the Denver Nuggets, people referred to them as the Denver Rockets. "Nuggets" alludes to the gold mining industry, around which people built the city of Denver. Speaking of Denver, here are some interesting facts about the city:

* Year founded: 1858
* Year incorporated: 1861
* Elevation: 5,280 feet
* Average yearly snowfall: 55.4 inches
* Major injuries: communications, transportation, utilities

Getting back to the Denver Nuggets history, the team formerly existed as the Denver Rockets, from 1967-1974. Then prior to the 1974-1975 season, the Rockets transformed into the Nuggets. This honored Denver's first professional basketball team, which had played in the young NBA until 1950.

After the American Basketball Association folded in 1976, the new Denver Nuggets played their first NBA game on October 22, 1976. Unlike the other three ABA teams that joined the NBA, the Nuggets had a golden year. In fact, with a record of 50-32, the Nuggets ended their premiere NBA season at the top of the Midwest Division. However, the Portland Trailblazers would eliminate the Nuggets in the playoffs, by winning their series 4-2.

During the 1977-1978 season, the Nuggets achieved even greater success in just their second season in the NBA. Once again, the Nuggets earned the Midwest Division Title, ending the season with a 48-34 record. This year, however, the Nuggets won their first playoff series. They battled it out with the Milwaukee Bucks, finally defeating them in seven games. However, the Nuggets were unable to reach the NBA Finals, losing in the Western Conference Finals to the Milwaukee Bucks. The Bucks won the series 4-2.

During the next six seasons, the Denver Nuggets reached the playoffs four times. However, they would not match their 1977-1978 playoff success until the 1984-1985 season. The Nuggets made some bold and wise trades before the first jump-ball of the season. They finished the season with a commendable 52-30 record, and again won the Midwest Division of the NBA. The Nuggets first defeated the San Antonio Spurs with a 3-2 series win, and then demolished the Utah Jazz with a 4-1 series victory. However, the Nuggets lost to the Los Angeles Lakers 4-1, in the Western Conference Finals.

After the 1984-1985 season, the Nuggets were division champions again in 1988 and 2006. Unfortunately for Nuggets fans, they lost in their second and first series of the playoffs, respectfully. A return to the Western Conference Finals remained elusive.

The Denver Nuggets continue to go for the gold-NBA Finals gold, that is. Cheer them on with Denver Nuggets merchandise, as they mine for the greatest NBA nugget of all!


Review of Nestor Miranda Casa Miranda Cigars

Another great offering from Nestor Miranda, Casa Miranda is a brand that has received rave reviews from the connoisseurs who have tried this smoke. This luxurious offering is made in the United States and they are very proud of this fact.

They even went as far as to brag that even the box that contains these wonderful sticks is made in the U.S.A. Of course the company wanted to stress that the tobacco was not American.

Made at the Miami Cigar Company, it sports an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. It also has a Nicaraguan binder and filler. It is available in three sizes which are:

* Robusto (5" by 50)
* Toro (6" by 52)
* Belicoso (6" by 52)

This was one of the two brands that were released in 2009 by Nestor Miranda. Casa Miranda is a wonderfully received, humidor stocking favorite of many. More than one reviewer offered their humbling opinions about the smoke. A few of them in particular decided to give the Nestor Miranda Casa Miranda Toro a try.

The first thing that anyone will see is the very artsy band that encircles this offering. It reminds one of something that would be found on a fine bottle of wine rather than around a cigar. This is just to get the aficionado started on the road to having a very first class smoking experience.

Sporting a deep mahogany color, the wrapper shows a few veins but the double cap is considered flawless. It isn't soggy or soft throughout the body and some report that as the cap is approached, the smoke actually seems a bit firmer there.

As one takes in the aroma of the wrapper, there is a hint of woodsy earthiness to it. However, the foot offers an ever so faint smell of spice.

This Nestor Miranda Casa Miranda offers up a sensational pre-lit draw that leaves the lip tingling from the strong exhibition of tobacco along with a note of honey. Of course this is just a sampling of the things to come when it is lit.

Upon lighting this great smoke, the reviewers all proclaimed that the first thing that was noticeable was the very strong taste of a peppery sort. However, this very awakening taste soon begins to dissipate to the background. In its place one is left with a very pleasant citrus nuance that is complimented by the honey that was detected on the pre-draw.

There is a lot of smoke with this stick; so much so that it is compared to the scent that one would experience from lighting a fire in the fireplace. The ash is light gray and it holds on for a considerable amount of time.

The flavor throughout this cigar seems to stay with the woodsy notes but it finishes with a very creamy taste that has just subtle notes of citrus and smooth chocolate. The Nestor Miranda Casa Miranda Toro is definitely one that is recommended by the reviewers. A little aging in the humidor will make it the perfect smoke to enjoy with a nice glass of ale.


Mandy Moore Tickets - Mandy Moore: Teen Queen No More

Mandy Moore is still shedding her teen pop image after all these years! Moore is releasing her sixth studio album, Amanda Leigh, later this month (May 26) and continues her transition from pop into a mature musical artist. The "Candy" singer married singer/songwriter Ryan Adams in March and recently told Billboard online about her struggle to leave her early hits behind, saying, "I find it silly that there would be any sort of apprehension, as if it's really hard to believe that people grow up and evolve and change. I mean, it was 10 years ago, I don't think anyone wants what they did when they were 14 or 15 to follow them around."

Moore continued to explain, "I was proud of the work I was doing back then, but I was really just a kid. I'm going to continue to grow, and my musical tastes will change and hopefully I'll only get better and better and work harder and harder and study more. I'm not desperately seeking out credibility as an artist. I just love music. This is what I'm most passionate about."

Mandy Moore first emerged in the late '90s at the age of 15 in the same vein of teen queens like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera (and with the same blonde locks!) Although Moore failed to reach the commercial success of her contemporaries, she nonetheless secured platinum status for her 1999 Epic Records-released debut album So Real thanks to the single the singer would frankly like to forget, "Candy." The following year Epic issued a retooled version of Moore's debut titled I Wanna Be with You and the title track landed at number 24, yet Moore remained outside of pop's inner circle nonetheless. After 2001's eponymous album was another mere moderate success, Moore proved her acting chops when she starred in the film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' novel A Walk to Remember.

Moore first began breaking off from the pop music pack in 2003 with Coverage, an aptly-titled album which featured the singer covering tracks by the likes of Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon, Joe Jackson and Carole King. Epic dropped Moore when Coverage failed to sell many records and she concentrated on acting, with film roles in the indie flick Saved! and American Dreamz and TV parts on HBO's Entourage as well as Scrubs and The Simpsons. Moore left Sire after two years (and no albums) with the label and teamed up with EMI, beginning to write original material and collaborate with Rachael Yamagata, the Weepies, Chantal Kreviazuk and Lori McKenna as well. The resulting Wild Hope arrived in 2007 and Moore supported the album with tours alongside Yamagata, Paula Cole, Ben Lee and Vanessa Hudgens.

While Moore recently called Wild Hope "a big kind of studio album," her upcoming album is sure to be a different story. Moore recorded the bulk of Amanda Leigh at engineer Ducky Carlisle's basement studio outside of Boston with producer and co-writer Mike Viola. Moore also co-wrote tracks for the album with Lori McKenna and Inara George and told Billboard.com, "I enjoyed breaking it down even more from 'Wild Hope,' where we were in a beautiful, huge state-of-the-art studio and you had a bunch of people there for, like six weeks." She continued to describe the process as more acoustic and said that while she has "no solidified plans as of yet" in terms of touring, "We'll be doing our fair share of little things here and there." To catch a glimpse of her then, check online for Mandy Moore tickets.


How to Find New and Exciting Games

If you like games you are probably loyal to the games you play - games such as Monopoly, chess, backgammon and Risk. People are often not into finding out and learning about new games but it would be worth your while. First of all, after a while it can be boring to play the same games over and over. Secondly, new games can mean new challenges and new ways to think.

A game which is starting to become quite hip to play is the Settlers of Cattan. This mixes the technique of risk with the dynamic nature of bingo. The purpose of Settlers is to be first to reach ten points. One gains points for a range of different reasons and does so thru the accumulation of resources. The resources come according to the roll of the dice ; if you have that number in question than you receive the resource.

The game kind of snowballs as the more places you build, the more resources you are eligible for and thus you will build more. The game is dynamic as the board changes every time. This means you need to be flexible and adjust according to how the board is. You can't always play the same way like you can in Monopoly. Also the average game lasts about 45 minutes which is just about the perfect time.

In recent years, bingo has grown in popularity. Suddenly there are bingo tournaments everywhere and everyone is having a bingo night at their house, but there are a number of other card and casino games which are just as exciting. For instance, something like keno doesn't take a long time to learn but is lots of fun, especially for female players who don't tend to get into things as seriously as men tend to.

In keno you have to select your numbers. The computer will then pick some from random. The more numbers you've matched up correctly the more you can win. One of the great things about keno is that often there is a big jackpot attached with the game so this means it can be quite lucrative. If you want to get into the game you can find out more about it via some of the free online keno games that are available.

While this is not a new game, many people do not know about mancala. This is a game of methodology and talent. It's a game which is millenia old and is in style with folk who travel thru Pacific Rim and South America. It's a complicated game and one that will take some time to get a grip on, but without doubt after you do it is worthwhile.

The same thing can be said for Perudo which is a game of dice. This is also a game with ancient origins. Perudo is a game of bluff and is a sort of poker meets dice game. People like to play this game when they are drunk but you need to be careful as the stakes can get high so be on your toes.


Shiba Inu Breeders - Helpful Tips

Looking for a pet? Then, you might like to have a shiba inu. There are two ways that you can do in order to search for a shiba inu. One, find shiba inu breeders and two, go to a shiba inu rescue and pick them from their kennel as adult dogs.

The usual thing that happens when people search in the shiba inu rescue is that they can't find the right pet that they're looking for so it always end up in looking for a shiba inu breeder. Before anything else, you must need to know a few considerations about shiba inu breeders.

Finding a breeder is easier but finding a breeder that will provide you the best shiba inu is very hard. In this article, we will give you different things to consider. These things to consider will let you know the characteristics of a good shiba inu breeder. It's not actually on the shiba inu itself, but it is more on what kind of breeder that you are looking for. Of course, two good qualities of a good breeder are that they must possess a good reputation and is very reliable.

A shiba inu breeder must not be defensive. He or she must not hide anything from you and he or she may allow you to see the shiba inu that they breed and interact with it. This kind of characteristic can show that the shiba inu breeder is quite truthful and he or she will not hide anything from you.

The breeder should not have excessive amount of litters per year. The amount of litter will be a gage to see if he is a good breeder. Too much garbage in the kennel may prove to be dangerous to the dogs and if you adopt from this breeder, you may be bringing home a problematic puppy who is prone to diseases.

The breeder should also provide a good contract that protects you as the buyer and them as the sellers. Likewise, the guarantee on the health of the puppy should be in the contract and the clause that you may return the puppy when you are not satisfied can be a neat thing.

Moreover, there are a few breeders that do not like the idea of returning the puppy back to them. But, it is still your right so if they don't like it, go to another shiba inu breeder which is alright with this kind of condition. A breeder with a trait of being reachable at all times and having health certificates which are of NSCA should not be overlooked at. When you find this kind of breeder, adopt a shiba inu from them because these are the kind of qualifications are very hard to find.

The above mentioned are the good parameters of a shiba inu breeder. Moreover, you should also know the bad traits of shiba inu breeders to be avoided. Bad shiba inu breeders have a dirty place. If they won't let you go to your place, then choose another one quickly. Another thing is about the contract. The contract should state how much is the puppy and the different conditions once you buy from them. If the ones mentioned are not stated in the contract, then they are not trustworthy enough so go on and find another shiba inu breeder.


The Meaning Of Celtic Design Tattoos

There's been a growing interest in tattoos lately,and Celtic tattoo designs are no exception. Celtic tattoos have become a favorite design choice. It is no secret why these are so popular. They are oftentimes done in blackened color with lots of shading and the symbols used are intricate and beautiful. It's thought that Celtic tattoo designs trace their origins back to a clan that inhabited the British Isles called the Picts. Just about all historians think that the Picts tattooed themselves by puncturing their skin with red-hot tools to produce complex and permanent artwork on their body. Later on, they began to using a blue pigment derived from the leaves of a native plant.

The designs created by the Picts began to have a mysterious religious and symbolic significance. Celtic artwork and symbolism embodied a mix of Druid and Christian religions. The Celts didn't have a printed language and alternatively communicated their customs and beliefs by word of mouth. Once the first Christian missionaries arrived to the British Isles they established written communication within the Celtic culture. At the same time the monks adopted many of the active Celtic beliefs, and symbols into the Christian religion. This was done in order to bridge the gap between the Druid beliefs and those of the Christians. A great deal of this work was saved by the Christian monks in the "Books Of Kells" which is today housed at Trinity College in Ireland. Therefore the early tattoo designs of the Picts evolved over time and blended with Christian beliefs to form what we know of as Celtic artwork today. The Celtic Cross and Shamrock are two such designs that have survived the test of time.

The Meaning Behind Celtic Symbols

The Celtic Knot

Most Celtic artwork starts with a common knot design. These are attractive knots of interlaced lines that cross over one another repeatedly to produce an exquisite design. These knots don't have a start or an end they are simply a perpetual knot that goes on eternally. These interwoven lines are thought to symbolize the spiritual and the physical realms of life, which become entangled with each other.

Celtic Tree Of Life Tattoo

Among the favorite themes of Celtic tattoo designs is the Tree Of Life. This in all likelihood goes back as a symbol to the Druidic religion, which was a nature, based religion. Trees frequently symbolize life, growing from a seed into a tree much like a person grows from a child into an adult. Trees are often seen as a life giving plant and are venerated in many naturalistic faiths. There is also an association with Christianity in the Adam and Eve story in which Eve eats the fruit from a tree.

The Celtic Cross Tattoo

Among the most popular and most lasting Celtic designs is the Celtic Cross. The symbolism here is obviously Christian and comes from Jesus on the cross. These are beautiful crosses done with interlacing lines of Celtic knots.

Celtic Heart Tattoos

Another favorite Celtic design theme is a heart. Celtic heart tattoos are once again intertwined knot work in the shape of a heart. Generally done in black color only but can also be done in color. These are exquisite designs and make great tattoos. These are particularly popular among women.

More Symbols Include:

Anchor: Steadfastness
Bell: Weddings, Anniversaries.
Chain Links: Linking of Lives, # of children, Years together.
Cross: Faith, Marriage.
Diamond: Wealth, Good Fortune.
Dragon: Symbol of Wales, Protection.
Flowers: Affection or Courtship, Friendship.
Heart: Love.
Horseshoe: Good Luck and Happiness.
Key: Home
Knot: Everlasting, together forever.
Leaves: Love Grows.
Ship: Smooth passage through life.
Vine: Love Grows.
Wheel: Willingness to work for a loved one.
Double Spoons: The Couple Together Forever.
Triple Spoons: Family.


Then and Now: From Child Actors to Screen Stars

Korean dramas are bustling with talented child actors. And that's not all. These cute little things are growing up into screen stars that rule Korean showbiz. They may be regular faces in celebrity pictures and gossip but with their child-like looks and talent to reckon with, this new crop of kids is fast rising to the top. Here's looking at some of the most famous faces that grew up before our eyes!
Lee Hyun Woo

Now 21, Lee Hyun Woo first caught the eye at the age of eleven with the drama 'Spring Day' (2005). He might look cute and adorable, but when it comes to acting, there's no denying his talent. He has starred in a slew of successful films and TV programs which include The Legend (2007), King Sejon the Great (2008), God of Study (2010). Projects Brain (2011), Man from the Equator (2012), and To the Beautiful You (2012) are proof of his wide range of emotional acting. Surely, he is on his road to success.

Park Shin Hye

This young actress has owned the K-Drama scene right from her debut in Stairways to Heaven (2003) to the recent Heirs (2013). With big eyes and fluffy cheeks, she presents a picture of innocence, but that's not to forget her undeniable talent. Best known for her roles in the dramas You're Beautiful and Heartstrings, she also starred in the movie Miracle in Cell No. 7, which became the highest grossing Korean movie of all time. She also won the Most Popular Actress award for her role in the movie.

Yeo Jin Goo

He debuted as a child actor in "Sad Movie" (2005) but is perhaps best known for his work in The Moon that Embraces the Sun (2012) where he played the younger version of the lead. His other notable work include Giant (2010) and I Miss You (2012). His forthcoming roles include the movie "Shoot My Heart", which tells a coming of age story.

Kim So Hyun

Starting with her debut in the drama A Happy Woman (2007) at the age of eight, Kim So Hyun has gone on to play a variety of roles but is most notably picked for villainous or outspoken characters. This feisty young actress is a refreshing change from the damsels in distress and is best known for her work in Rooftop Prince (2012), I Can Hear Your Voice (2013), and Triangle (2014).

Yoo Seung Ho

Hardly a kid anymore, this young actor first made his appearance in the movie The Way Home (2002) at the age of nine. His noteworthy works include Queen Seondeok (2009), where his cute and child-like looks were replaced by an Orlando Bloom-like style, Master of Study (2010) and Arang and the Magistrate (2012). He may still be in the Army, where he went for his basic training, but his popular and demand in the world of K-Drama is hardly dwindling.

These young actors who rose to fame as children are here to stay and rule the world of Korean dramas. They are regular fixture in celebrity news and we shall keep a firm eye on where success takes these young stars and their future performances.


Before Buying a Remote Control Car

What is the first thing comes in your mind when you hear the word R/C cars? Generally your answer is, small version of bigger cars which run on batteries or fuel. But there are much more about them. One good thing about the R/C cars is you don't have to search a large open area, you can have an entertainment of running a RC car in any place. And there is no age limit as with RC vehicles, children and adults can easily learn how to control a RC cars. Its very easy for parents to develop a hobby, both you and your children will fun together.

If you are looking for buying Radio controlled cars for you and your family then you must know about these vehicles first. There are so many things you must be consider before you go and buy a radio controlled vehicle. The very first you make sure what type of vehicle you are going to buy. In market there are so many producers, design, models and types of R/C vehicles to select from. But there are some basic models you can buy in all price ranges.


More over this radio control car come in both electric and gas type. Both of them have some advantages and drawbacks. Electric cars are more quieter than the gas powered one and have no burn of liquid fuels which makes them good to enter in the world of radio controlled vehicles.

So which one you should go Ass or Electric? Well, its totally up to you, but there are some points that can help you take a good decision in your problem to buy the best RC vehicle for you.

Electric RC cars/ Gauss RC cars

In the electric cars, battery packs and DC electric motors are used for powering the vehicle on the hand in Gauss cars specially formulated fuels are used which are combustible and not a great choice to run inside the home.

Electric cars are quieter and more simple that the Gauss RC but not quite have as much power or speed.

Off road electric RC cars can option an average speed of 10 to 30 mph, while on road cars will achieve speed of 40 mph or better. As compare to this, On and off road RC burning cars can reach speed between 20 to 70 mph.


Make the Most of Your June Birthday With Great Birthday Invitations and Ideas

The weather is getting warmer and its time to get out and enjoy it. June is a great time for kid and adult birthdays. Take advantage of the great weather and host a great outdoor birthday parties. Celebrate your June birthday with fun party themes and great birthday invitations. June weather can make your outdoor birthday party shine. The time is right for a birthday cookout, picnic or barbeque to celebrate your June birthday.

Games and activities

While the usual yard games can work very well for a June party, but you might need something a little more original to make your party memorable. Get your construction gear out for a fun construction party. Lots of building construction starts in June, so play along with toy tools and building materials. Send your construction themed birthday day invitations to get all your 'workers' and guests in the mood.

June is also a great time for a carnival or circus. Try a petting zoo or mini-midway games to get your circus up and running. Hot dogs, cotton candy and popcorn can fit perfectly into your circus theme. If you have the budget there are lots of grand circus themed games and decorations. But even on a modest budget a circus theme can be fun and easy.

A pool party can be a great idea for a June birthday party, too. If you don't have a pool in your yard, check out your local community pool or rec center. Not only might they have a pool for you to use, but they may have a space for your event, too.


Once you've picked your theme and activities, start your theme off right with a great themed birthday invitation. Make a big splash with a pool party invitation or make a big statement with your carnival invitation. Not only is the weather perfect, but your possibilities are endless when it comes to themes for your June birthday.

Keep your colors and patterns bright and fun to keep with the season. June colors should be bright, maybe even a neon color or bright blue to match the bright June sky.

Don't forget; Father's day is in June. Make sure you don't overshadow dad's day with your birthday party. Save the third Sunday in June for Dad. Other than that, any day in June is a great day for a party.

One other word of advice; set a time limit. The weather in June will stay warmer well into the evening and your guests may want to linger. If you send out your birthday invitation with a definite time limit you guests will know when it is time to say goodbye.

Make the most of your June birthday party with fun outdoor themes and activities. It doesn't have to be fancy to be fun. Pick out games and activities that kids and adults will enjoy and you're on your way to a great party. Get outside and enjoy the warm weather of June and both you and your guests will have a great time.


Home Remedies that Work Wonders for Oily Hair

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100 years ago homemade remedies were the norm when it came to healing different illnesses and health conditions. In some parts of the world these remedies are passed down from generation to generation and they are used regularly for healing purposes.

Apart from using remedies for treating illnesses, people have also used homemade remedies for cosmetic purposes. Hair is one element that deserves special attention and special treatment.

Oily hair has always been a problem for many people and this is why there are a lot of simple homemade remedies that have been used in different cultures for treating this condition. This is a list of the most effective remedies for oily hair.

1. Egg yolk and honey are an ancient cure for hair issues. This is a well-known remedy in many parts of Europe and people have been using it for centuries to treat oily hair and hair loss. It can have an amazing regenerating effect on your hair and many people have been surprised by how well this works. How do you use egg yolk and honey for your hair?

Take 1-2 eggs (depending on your hair length) and separate the yolks. Mix the egg yolks with 2 spoons of honey, organic is best but you can use regular honey as long as it is natural (no added sugar). Use the resulted mask on your hair by covering the whole scalp area as well as possible. Wait for 30-40 minutes and then wash your hair thoroughly, rinsing a couple of times. Use only a nettle shampoo if possible and do not condition your hair (if you experience hair loss use only a little soap water instead of shampoo). After this, you can use lemon to rinse your hair. Repeat the procedure at least once a week for a few months.

This recipe nourishes your hair and prevents hair loss and oily hair. If you don't have honey or if you prefer not to use it, you can use the egg yolks as a mask by themselves.

2. Lavender water works well on oily hair. Lavender flowers have many therapeutic properties and a powerful aroma. It has anti-depressive, antiseptic, astringent, decongestive and anti-rheumatic qualities that make it a wonderful remedy for many illnesses. It can cure your migraines and your oily hair condition at the same time.

If you have lavender flowers in your garden you can use them successfully to treat oily hair. If you don't have them at hand they can be bought at flower markets. How do you prepare lavender water for your hair?

Take 10-15 lavender flowers and put them in 2 liters of water. Leave them to soak for a whole night (8-10 hours). Filter the water, take the flowers and boil them in 1 liter of water. Mix the 2 liquids and use the concoction to rinse your hair after each wash.

This will make your hair free of grease and it will have an amazing lavender smell. Some people use lavender oil directly on their scalp but this is not advisable for people that have an oily scalp skin.

3. Corn flour eliminates the oil in your hair. If you need a quick solution to getting rid of oily hair, corn flour can do an amazing job. This is a secret that not many people know about. How can you use corn flour to get rid of greasy and sticky hair?

Just put the corn flour into a salt or pepper recipient that has larger holes. Sprinkle the flour all over the hair and cover all the areas, but be careful not to overdo it. Leave it in for a few minutes and then just comb your hair over your bath tub or sink to get rid of the flour. The whole procedure is done on dry hair so this can be a great remedy when you need to go out and your hair is too greasy.

4. Vinegar and baking soda treatment also works well for oily hair. Baking soda should always be available as it is an amazing remedy. You can use it for stomach aches but also for your hair. How to use baking soda and vinegar for your hair?

Put 4 tablespoons of baking soda in a bowl and mix it with a little water until you have obtained a paste. Wash your hair with this paste and rinse. Do not use shampoo when you apply this treatment because the baking soda will remove the impurities and oil by itself. After this use 2 tablespoons of vinegar mixed with 1-2 liters of water and rinse your hair with this. Repeat this procedure once a week and the PH of your scalp skin will be regulated.

These simple home remedies can be very effective on oily hair. You just have to try them and see for yourself. Getting rid of products that contain a lot of chemicals and using natural homemade remedies instead is the first step towards healthy hair.


4 Make Your Own Recipe Book Ideas

You might wonder why you need to make your own recipe book when there are already tons and tons of cookbooks available, both in the stores and online. You probably already have tons of recipe books on your bookshelves I bet. How many recipes do you use out of each of those books? What if every recipe in a cookbook was something you wanted to make, a recipe your family would really eat?

A Grandma's Recipe Cookbook

My mom has an index box chock full of our family recipes. I'm sure other members of our family have their own little index boxes as well. The problem with index cards and a box is it's easy for the cards to get smudged, for the ink to fade and then those recipes are lost. Especially if you are talking about recipes a couple generations old. Keeping these heirloom recipes clean and legible is a great reason to make your own recipe book. You can also have everyone chip in so you have all the recipes of the family, and then give everyone a copy of the family recipe book. What a great gift that would be.

Family Favorites

Each week it gets a little harder to create a menu for my family. My husband is a picky eater. I can't always remember if he liked or didn't like a particular recipe I have tried. I usually go through the computer in search of something good, and end up losing the recipe or the ink gets smeared and I can't read it when I finally find something he will eat. I would love to make my own recipe book of recipes I know he will actually eat.

Chicken Favorites

Trying to stay fit and healthy includes eating more chicken in our house. My husband is not a huge fan of chicken so I'm always on the lookout for new chicken recipes. Some fair well, and some fall flat. It would be great to make your own recipe book filled with chicken dishes I know we are going to eat. It's such a waste to buy a cookbook and find three quarters of the recipes are nothing we would ever eat.

4 Seasons of Favorites

One of my favorite things to cook in summer is shrimp cocktail salad in a martini glass. Winter is now coming to an end and as I think about it, I'm not sure where that recipe is. I've been cooking hearty stews and plenty of crock pot creations for a while now. It would be great to have all my seasonal favorites in one place so I can always find them when that first hot day rolls around and I'm ready for a nice light salad.

As you can see creating your own cookbook has a lot of advantages. Recipes are so plentiful, and for those of us who love to cook, like me can have tons and tons of them around. Cookbooks made specifically for my tastes and recipes I know my family is going to like would be fantastic.


A Pittsburgh Party Bus Rental Can Completely Save That Upcoming Bachelor Party!

Maybe you weren't the one in charge of organizing this upcoming bachelor or bachelorette party, but things haven't gone according to plan and now you're called to save it. One of the first things you might be looking into is transportation. In other words, you're looking into a Cheap Party Bus Pittsburgh service.

Why a Party Bus in Pittsburgh is Great for Bachelor/ette Parties:
Whether it's a bachelor or bachelorette party, this is supposed to be a night to remember for the guest of honor. You might be planning some adult style entertainment or something a bit more refined and low key. Whatever the case may be, how everyone gets to the celebration can have a direct impact on the party itself.

If Everyone's Driving Themselves, Problems Can Arise:
You might be planning this bachelor party at a nightclub in downtown Pittsburgh. It might be the happening spot of the year, and you worked hard to get reservations to have your own section reserved. You managed to do it, but then started to question whether it was a good idea to have everybody just meet at that particular place.A missed opportunity, you probably realized suddenly. Imagine having everyone aboard a quality Pittsburgh Party Bus Rental from the start of this evening's celebration.

The Guest of Honor and Everyone Else Can Relax:
Everyone would meet at one particular place. It could be your house or someone else's house. From there, the quality Party Bus in Pittsburgh would show up to gather you all. If you choose a quality company, you will all be slack-jawed at the interior. It will look like your own personal VIP section at your favorite nightclub.

You can enjoy the nightclub style lighting, state-of-the-art sound system, incredible flatscreen TV and DVD player, open seating, and an open bar. Imagine having your own spirits while heading to your nightclub or other destination.

Maybe at first you had a certain idea for this particular bachelor or bachelorette party. Perhaps plans fell through or you started to question whether this was going to really knock the socks off the guest of honor.

No matter what the plans are, a Pittsburgh Party Bus Rental can truly make this particular evening one to remember, no matter what else you have planned.


Young Politician Leaders, Panvel - Stepping Forward For a Better Development

Panvel city is the oldest and the most important city of Raigad district. It's the most populated city of the district. All the important government directories and all the government related work regarding the district is done in this city. This is because of the presence of the important government offices in this city. The tehsil office is situated here and the District court is also situated in Panvel. Panvel development has been a very serious issue as Panvel city's infrastructure lacks the modern technique which causes traffic at times. Considering the situation of Panvel, a New city was formed named New Panvel which was properly planned where the mistakes from the Old Panvel city were rectified. Looking at Panvel it gives you a look of the vintage Indian type. But still because of many work done in the past years, Panvel development factor can be clearly noticed.
The international airport of Navi Mumbai is based on this city itself though the project is been on a wait due to various reasons but the problem is being solved and the work will be started soon. When this project will be done there will be tremendous development seen in this area for sure. Though the development is still on progress as there were two big bridge project done which has cleared the long traffic in the city. Proposed international airport in Panvel will make this city more developed than any other metropolitan city. Due to this proposed airport there are waves of development happening in the Navi Mumbai city. There are many known Resorts and Water parks also made which increases the tourist to visit here. There are many big educational institutions from doing nursery till PHD every type of college or school can be found here.
This is all because of the decision taken by the local MLA of Panvel as the development is in progress at a very fast rate over here. In 2009, it was the first MLA here to become a Young Politician Leader. And as it says Youth power is the next power. Youth nowadays make huge difference in taking many important decisions and Youth entering into politics and showing positive vibes make huge difference and lead to the proper development. Similarly we can see that there has been a tremendous increase in Panvel development. As we know how passionate the youth is and how dedicate the youth is, so Young Political leaders is essential for the overall development in every sector. As the ideas with which they come out is full of passion and bright and strong point of views in it. As most of the youth is educated so it will definitely make a difference as it use to be early. The Young Indian Politician can make a huge difference in making great decisions as they won't give a second thought if development is caused by doing various good works.


Inspired by Rain: Korean Jewellery Design Student Wins Finalist Award in MIJF 2012

On 21st July 2012, Oh Jang Mi, a Jewellery Design student from Raffles Design Institute, Singapore, received a finalist award for her piece in the Malaysia International Jewellery Fair (MIJF) 2012. Before she set off for Kuala Lumpur, we caught up with her during the Jewellery Bazaar. At that event, she displayed her semester's work of garden-inspired rings and a necklace for sale.

Jang Mi's winning design was titled: "After Rain". It was inspired by the image of a rainbow after rain. White gold, white diamonds, and light blue sapphires were suggested materials to emulate a soft, heaven-like feel.
NecklaceFinaldesignafterrain Inspired by Rain: Korean Jewellery Design Student Wins Finalist Award in MIJF 2012

We had a chat with Jang Mi about her life as a Jewellery Design student at Raffles and her recent victory as a finalist for her entry in the MIJF 2012 necklace category.

What is the Malaysia International Jewellery Fair?

The MIJF is a trade fair for jewellers around the world to catch up on trends, brush up their skills, or look for new industry contacts. For students, trade fairs are great places to learn more about the field. They can also learn about the big companies to look out for during future job searches.

Visitors of the MIJF are usually trade visitors - suppliers, designers, manufacturers, buyers, or retailers. Perks of attending the MIJF include being able to purchase duty-free jewellery collections in Malaysia, be inspired by works of skilled designers, or attend seminars.

This year, the theme for the MIJF competition was "Nature of Earth". Students of art or design schools in Malaysia and Asia were welcome to participate. Participants could choose to sign up for any of the four categories: Necklace, Earrings, Bangle or Brooch, and Rings. Submissions from over 200 students were received. They came from countries like: Malaysia, Singapore, China, India, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Hong Kong.

Winning entries were selected based on several criteria such as: creativity, market request, aesthetics, compatibility, and compliance with the theme of their respective jewellery.

The Raffles recipe for developing award-winning Jewellery Designers

- We give them plenty of practice.

- Plenty of exposure to local and international competitions.

- Guidance from professional lecturers from around the world.

- Students receive the recognition and awards that they have earned.

Conversation with Jang Mi

1. Why did you decide to study Jewellery Design?

Jang Mi: I like to make things. And my mom asked me to take up this course because I was interested in making beads. Then she thought that I might have a talent in Jewellery Design, so she asked me to try studying here. I loved the course.

2. Why did you choose Raffles instead of the other schools?

Jang Mi: Uh, firstly, Singapore is a very safe country. And I heard that Raffles Design Institute had a famous jewellery class, so I decided to come here.

Previously, I was studying in Indonesia at Surabaya International School and I was looking for a Jewellery Design school in Korea and other countries. Most people suggested that I go to Raffles Design Institute at Singapore which is very near Indonesia.

After choosing to study at Raffles and completing my Advanced Diploma, I am now undergoing and would like to complete my bachelor degree course here in Singapore.

3. How long did it take to prepare for the competition?

Jang Mi: The winning design only took me one day. I made many other designs prior to that, but my lecturer, Sandra, requested for additional designs. It took me around two days to work on them.

4. How many designs did you create?

Jang Mi: I think I sent in almost six designs. The judges selected one design for the finalist prize and another one of my designs got a merit.
MERITdesignyellowbutterfly Inspired by Rain: Korean Jewellery Design Student Wins Finalist Award in MIJF 2012

5. Which part of Kuala Lumpur is the event held at? What kind of award will you be receiving?

Jang Mi: KLCC. They will have a show. And the certificates will be given out during the day. I plan to see the show after I receive my certificate.




Cure of Bad Breath

Bad breath is a common health problem in the society. Offensive smell from the mouth may be due to various reasons.The main reason is the presence of anaerobic bacteria in the biofilm formed on the tongue .These bacteria degrades the proteins present in the food resulting in the production of some offensive gases like hydrogen sulphide,skatol etc.

Bad odor from the mouth in the early morning is seen in almost all individuals. This can be controlled by maintaining oral hygiene. Even after cleaning the mouth some individuals may suffer from bad breath due to some problem in the mouth or in the nearby areas. Some general disease condition can also produce bad breath. Exact cause has to be identified and should be treated accordingly. Some common measures to cure or reduce bad breath are discussed here.

1) Oral hygiene:

Mouth should be kept clean every time to reduce the bacterial action.After food gargling with lukewarm water is very essential.Even after small food articles like snacks,sweets,biscuits cleaning with water is needed.Brushing should be done twice daily.It is said that early morning brushing is for beauty and bed time brushing is for good health.

2) Brushing techniques:

Normal brushing technique should be followed for better result.Many people brush vigorously causing damage to the gums.Brushing after every food and drink can damage the enamel .Bristles of the tooth brush should be smooth but hard enough to remove the food particles from the gaps.The direction of brushing is the most important thing.The upper teeth should be brushed in a downward direction and the lower in upward direction.This is applicable to both inner and outer surfaces.Next comes the crown of the teeth;here brushing is done in anterior and posterior direction keeping the brush in same direction.This applicable to both upper and lower set of teeth.

3) Tongue cleaning:

White or yellowish coating on the tongue can cause bad breath.This is more well marked in the morning and should be removed twice daily with the healp of a tongue cleaner. Tongue cleaner must be used gently without damaging the taste buds on the tongue.

4) Tooth pick:

Tooth pick is a small strip of wood or plastic with a pointed end.This is used to remove food particles lodged between the gaps.Very useful after eating meat and fish.Should be used gently to avoid damage to gums.

5) Gargling:

After every meal gargling with lukewarm water is useful.For better result little common salt is dissolved in the lukewarm water .Different types of mouth wash is available in the market in different trade names.Gargling with mouth wash can also reduce bad breath.

6) Food habits:

Protein containing food articles are known to produce bad breath. Example; meat, milk, fish, egg etc. If these food articles are taken proper cleaning is essential.Some food articles are known to produce particular smell which may be unpleasent for others. Raw onion is the best example.It is said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away and a raw onion a day keep every body away.Small food articles taken in between can also cause bad smell(nuts,fried items etc).Maintaining regularity in food timing is the most important thing.

7) Water intake:

Dryness in the mouth can make a favourable condition for the bacterial activity resulting in bad odor.saliva is needed to keep the mouth moist and to reduce the bacterial proliferation.Production of saliva is closely related with water balance of the body and hence sufficient quantity of water should be taken to maintain the production of saliva.

8) Mouth freshners:

Natural and artificial mouth freshners can reduce the intensity of bad breath to some extent.Spicy articles are commonly used for this purpose.Chewing spices like clove,cumin seed,cardomom,cinnamon,ginger ect are useful. All citrus fruits can reduce bad odor.Mouth freshners and chewing gums are available in the market.these products are also helpful ,but some may cause damage hence should be used with caution.

If the above things doesn't work then what to do ?

Consider the following:- 1) Remove the cause:

Bad breath is common in some general and systemic diseases like diabetes,fevers,gastric disorders,liver diseases and ect.By removing or reducing the primary cause the bad breath will go automatically.

2) Modern medicine:

If bad breath is due to any infection suitable antibiotics,anti fungal or anti viral medicines will help.If it is due to any autoimmune or chronic inflamatory conditions steroids may also be used.Saliva producing tablets can also be used. 3) Dental cleaning:

Dental cleaning done by a dentist can remove the dental plaques and tartar. This can reduce the severity of bad breath.Visit your dentist atleast once in a year.

4) Filling of caries:

Since caries are one of the main cause for bad breath it should be filled by a dentist.Earlier silver amalgam was used ,nowadays it is replaced by synthetic materials.If the pulp cavity is affected by the caries root canal treatment can be done.

5) Tooth extraction:

If caries are deep with destruction of teeth with bad smell extraction is the better choice and a dental implant can be kept in the gap.

6) Tonsillectomy:

Patients with recurrent tonsillitis can have bad breath due to offenssive discharges and release of pasty materials from the crypts of tonsils.Such patients get great relief after tonsillectomy(removal of tonsils).

7) Psychological counselling:

Those who suffer from bad breath may be very much depressed and they be away from the public .This isolation hampers their daytoday activities.Such people should understand the fact that all humanbeings are having bad breath, but with slight differences in intensities.Mostly all people control it by taking personal care.Every human body has got it's own smell,that may or may not be tolerable for others.They should be adviced to do all hygienic meashures to reduce the intensity of smell.Improving the quality of life by all possible means can also help.Moral support from friends and family members are needed for such people.

Some individuals visit the doctor for bad breath without any real problem.It is included under somatisation disorder.They usually complain about pain, breathlessness,abdominal discomfort,bad smell ect.proper diagnosis is needed to rule out any real causes.These patients should be managed with a psychological approach.

8) Homoeopathy:

In Homoeopathy medicines are selected on the basis of physical ,mental,emotional,and social aspects of the diseased person.Considering the whole aspects a constitutional homoeopathic medicine is selected and given in suitable potency and dose.By this all health related problems including bad breath will be solved.On the basis of coating on the tongue,type of smell,cause for bad breath,and other associated complaints a medicine can be given to get relief from bad breath.In the homoeopathic medical repertory by Dr Robin Murphy there are 140 homoeopathic drugs mentioned for bad breath.On the basis of signs and symptoms of the individual a suitable medicine is given.Commonly used drugs are arnica, antim crud, pulsatilla, sulphur, psorinum, nux vomica, ars alb, merc sol, kreosot, hekla lava, silicea, asafoitida, graphites, kali bich, acid nitric etc.

Homoeopathic mother tinctures like cinnamon Q,kreosot Q,zingiber Q,rhus glabra Q,menthol Q and ect can be used for gargling after diluting in water.



Sato Travel Government -- What You Should Know

Please allow me to present you this topic as it wont take long before you will get to know everything about it.

As a state organization, Sato Travel government agency is one of the most important travel service provider in the US, selling tickets of almost $4.2 billion yearly. The agency has been functional for fifty years now and enjoys a good name for offering quality travel conditions to the U.S. government all over the world. Sato Travel government agency contracts not only airline tickets, car rentals and hotel bookings, as it is also specialized in airport meeting and leisure travel services, also proving end-to-end travel solutions. In the United States there are three hundred customer on-site offices, but the agency also has bureaus in ten other countries.

advantages of Sato Travel government agency refer to a very advantageous fee policy, the possibility to book routine travel on the Internet, the chance to use vouchers, all activities being tackled with superior management skills. The necessities of a military or a governmental traveler are unique in terms of service, and it is only natural that there be an organization to meet specific requirements. Sato Travel government policy relies on the use of the Defense Travel System that enables any military or government member to set the details of their trips in the best of conditions whether for work or leisure purposes.

Since its launch, Sato Travel government agency has served the purposes of the Department of Defense for good airline traffic at the highest extent. Thus, the agency covers all the departure details from the the booking and the specific estimates to the authorization approval. Moreover, the traveler receives weather updates as well as all sorts of tips for destination planning. The fees for the reservations are considerably lower as compared to any other travel agency. Yet, alarming reports and very serious accusations have been made concerning the purchase of millions of plane tickets that were never used or refunded, which equals with a very serious budget waste.

Presently, Sato Travel government agency is an official partner of FlyteComm, a top service provider of travel flight tracking solutions. The Sato Travel government clients receive recommendations for various kinds of flight tracking services that refer to real-flight data from many North American airports and airlines. The travel experience is thus expected to increase in terms of quality and efficiency, since the managing companies now have all the tools necessary to coordinate the flight traveling schedules of their customers in the most advantageous of ways.

In conclusion Id like to say thank you to you for reading this article and good luck with any issues related to this information.

Censorship feeds the dirty mind more than the four-letter word itself. ~Dick Cavett


Highest in its class prices to Buy

If you are searching for the perfect real estate project that presents luxury living at affordable real estate prices, then Hara Vijaya Heights on Kanakpura Road in South Bangalore is the best option for you. Launched by renowned real estate development construction Vijaya Enterprises, this residential venture is the ultimate destination for those looking for homes for end use or for those potential purchaseers looking to reap higher returns on investment? The following article will discuss about Hara Vijaya Heights and its specifications. This exquisite project is a masterpiece in terms of real estate. It presents 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments that are spread across an area range of 1100 square feet to 1525 square feet. These deluxe homes can be purchased for an economical price of Rs. 37 Lac to Rs. 51.9 Lac. Located on Kanakpura Road in Southern Bangalore, the latest venture by Vijaya Enterprises is being set up to present the best life-styles possible. The main objective of this development is to provide comfort living at economical prices through state-of-the-art amenities and supreme construction of superior apartments.

For Details of the Purva Fountain Square call @ 8971315026

The outdoors of this latestly founded project consists of sprawling open areas that are full of lush green gardens. These multi-storey towers will present several residential units. All the towers will reflect modern architecture and will be sturdily built with strong base and earthquake-proof structures. The interiors of the units will present an international look and feel to them. All the apartments have been desingned by professional interior designers who have specially designed layouts that manage to cater to requires and wants of the prospective dwellers. The houses will redefine extravagance and indulgent living with lavish interiors along with the additional attraction of world-class amenities. All the apartments have been built in accordance to the guidelines of Vaastu Shastra for a healthy and happy lifestyle of occupants of the homes. The residents can as well as utilize the special areas within the complex that have been allocated for walks and other recreational activities.

For pre launch offer of the Purva Fountain Square call @ 8971315026

Hara Vijaya Heights is presenting two different variants of real estate units - 2 BHK apartments and 3 BHK apartments. The 2 BHK flats are accessible in two sizes, one that covers a total built-up area of 1100 square feet and the other that covers 1125 square feet. The 2 bedroom units are currently accessible for purchase for Rs. 37 Lac to Rs. 38.3 Lac, while the 3 bedroom apartments can be acquired for Rs. 37.4 Lac to Rs. 51.9 Lac the possession of these plush homes is due in March 2016. There will be a hoard of attractions at Hara Vijaya Heights. The long list of special amenities that the residents will benefit from include - Sports facilities like children's play area, a huge big swimming pool, a grand gymnasium Security measures like Intercom facility, armed security personnel and CCTV cameras the other facilities consist of regular water supply, gas pipeline, electricity backup, high-speed lift and as well as rain water harvesting. Residents and their guests will as well as benefit from ample parking space for their vehicles.

For The Bookings of the Purva Fountain Square call @ 8971315026


How Physical Appearance Impacts Your Daily Life

Looking good can make you feel good. But it goes beyond that. We all want to live the best life possible. We want to be happy, healthy and prosperous. Want to have financial success, find the best mates, have good friends, active social lives and be respected by our peers.

Sure, there are more than a few ways to reach all of those lofty goals. But feeling good about your appearance is one way that will put you on the fast track to anything you hope to achieve.

Feeling good about your appearance is about more than being good-looking in the conventional sense. After all, how many people are there who just about anybody would say look great, but who hate the way they look? Many attractive people have no self-confidence and resort to eating disorders, depression, drug addiction and other destructive behaviors.

The ultimate answer is that feeling good about your appearance comes from within. When you can look in the mirror and tell yourself you look fantastic, that you are attractive, confident and ready to face the world, then you will go out into life fully prepared for the most difficult challenges. You will have a strong sense of self, and be able to navigate the perilous and obstacle-ridden path toward your goals. You will proceed purposefully, without stopping to worry about being judged or looked down upon for your appearance.

When you take care of yourself and present yourself well, doors will open for you. You will see more success finding a job. Once you're employed you'll move up the ladder faster. You'll get more dates and attract the interest of better-looking, smarter and more successful people. You'll have as many friends as you could ask for, and your schedule will fill up.

Conversely, if you don't feel good about your appearance, life will become more difficult. Whether or not anyone else agrees with you, if you walk through life thinking you look terrible, you will struggle to succeed.

You will have a harder time attracting mates because you won't have the confidence to project your qualities out to the world. You will be shy about approaching members of the opposite sex, because you've already defeated yourself in your own mind. People might think, Wow, that person is dynamite, but be put off when you show your lack of appreciation for yourself. You will struggle to get a job and have a hard time working your way up the ladder. You will be lonely for friendships.

Again, I'm not saying every person has to look like a model and start with uncontrollable weight loss diets. But I firmly believe that a huge step everyone should take in their lives is to find a way to believe they look good. And that can mean anything, from expensive haircuts to cheap baseball hats. For some, looking good might mean buying 500 dollar suits and driving a luxury car. For others it might mean jogging three times a week and wearing Converse All Stars.

No one should be able to tell you what you need to feel good about your appearance but yourself. If you don't like what you see in the mirror, then make positive changes until you do. You have everything to gain.


Get The Most Exclusive Eyewear From Prada Sunglass For Sale

We will discuss about the style and charisma of Prada sunglass later on but, I think we should first put emphasis on the importance of wearing sunglasses. Most commonly it protects the eye from the UV rays, it reduces the glare, headaches and eye strain and it also enhance vision. It becomes important to wear the sunglass when you are out in the summer time and it becomes more important and three times higher than the winter times. At the beach or near water or where it has most reflective surface that can hamper your eyes, in any of the case you will needing the highest quality eyewear and if it is Prada sunglass men then there is no second thought about it, whether it will protect it from the dust and debris or not. Prada sunglass men form a protective layer from the excessive layer of light including the visible and the invisible particle. It is very important to choose the right eyewear but at the same you are obsessed with the latest fashion and if you want your face speak the new fashion then Prada sunglass men is the right choice baby. The right pair of glasses can never go out of fashion and for men to accentuate the look there are very little things as compared to women. Hence any accessory they sport should complement their look and personality.

But when it comes to Prada sunglass women they have an advantage over men when we talk about the designs and women are more willing to ransack the store with their yearning yes to have more. Because it is only human to want more and they can try out the more flamboyant and breezy style when it comes to adorning your eyes. Prada sunglass women are known for the cutting edge style and women from all streams of life love to experiment with different looks. It gives an immediate and make over to the ladies and give them distinctive groomed look. Prada sunglass women is for the true girls and you can find the frames featuring elegant, dainty and eyeful colors of the rainbow, and you can also get away with the bright and bold colors like pink, lilac, red frames, purple and many more. There are some frames that have animal prints like the tiger or the leopard print; they are basically smaller and lighter than the men's frames.

We all love to look trendy and if it comes as a sale able merchandise then it becomes all the more alluring. Quality is something that is looked forward by the buyers when they buy the Prada sunglass for sale, but sale does not always mean they are of cheap quality, it is only that we just want to cater to different strata of people. If you will follow the latest market trends you will see why Prada sunglass for sale is highly in demand. Prada sunglass for sale is the bestselling products and the looks and feel of the sunglass is the same from that of the expensive ones.


"Iron Man 3" Prepares to Sweep the Summer Box Office

In the golden age of comic books, fans chose a side and stuck to that side. DC made a name for itself in the world of comic books films by launching the "Superman" franchise. The same company then bounced back with "Batman" and other films, while Marvel experienced problems with its entertainment division. After the failures of "Batman Forever" and "Batman and Robin," Marvel knew that it needed to step up its game, so "Iron Man" was brought to life.

Universal Studios originally obtained the rights to the character in the early 1990s, but the film languished in production for years. It wasn't until 2006 that Jon Favreau signed on for the film and casting actually began. Robert Downey Jr. ("Kiss Kiss Bang Bang") wasn't the first choice for the role, but after talking to him, Favreau admitted that he couldn't imagine anyone else in the role. The film grossed more than $98 million in its opening weekend, making "Iron Man" a hit among fans. Fans also loved the end credits, which showed Samuel L. Jackson ("Snakes on a Plane"). Jackson portrayed Nick Fury and the scene gave fans hope for a sequel.

"Iron Man" eventually grossed more than $500 million around the world, and it was the first film of 2008 to make more than $300 million at the box office. Downey credits the film with giving him a second chance at an acting career, and he enjoyed the role so much that he came back for a long cameo role in "The Incredible Hulk." The release of those two films showed Hollywood that fans loved good comic book films and paved the way for more Marvel films.

Fans who aren't sure how "Iron Man 3" might fare at the box office should just look at "Iron Man 2" and "The Avengers." "Iron Man 2" brought back many of the same characters and actors from the first film, including Downey and Gwyneth Paltrow, who played as his love interest Pepper Potts. In its first weekend in theaters, the film grossed more than $128 million, making it even more successful than the first film in the franchise. "The Avengers" served as the first film to bring together some of the top stars in the Marvel universe. Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Nick Fury, Black Widow, and Hawkeye all appeared in the film. "The Avengers" grossed more than $1.5 billion around the world, making it one of the highest-grossing films of all time.

Marvel did a smart job of connecting its superhero films, and fans flocked to theaters to see their favorite characters and stars. Every film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as fans call it, contains connections to past and future films. "The Avengers" showed a relationship forming between Bruce Banner and Tony Stark, which might carry over into the next film, and the film set things up for both "Iron Man 3" and the upcoming "Thor: The Dark World." If nothing else, fans will turn out to watch the ending scenes, which will likely show a hint of what happens in the sequel to "Thor" and the 2014 release "Captain America: The Winter Soldier."

Fans began eagerly awaiting the release of "Iron Man 3" back in 2012. The production company behind the film sent the newest Iron Man suit to the San Diego Comic-Con, and several of the film's stars showed up for a Q&A session with fans. The session ended with the group introducing a series of short scenes from the film, and fans instantly went online to discuss the new film. In March of 2013, fans got another chance to learn about the film on its official Facebook page. Several stills from the film appeared on the social networking page, giving fans their first look at "Iron Man 3."

Downey's contract officially ends with the release of "Iron Man 3," but the actor already announced plans to return for "The Avengers 2," which will arrive in theaters in 2015. He also made it clear that he hopes to return for additional films in the series. Early reviews of "Iron Man 3" point out that the film sets things up for additional films starring the superhero.

The buzz surrounding "Iron Man 3" started increasing in the days leading up to the film's official premier. Fans could watch a live stream of the red carpet, which showed the stars arriving and talking about their roles in the film. With "The Avengers" still on everyone's mind, no one should be surprised if "Iron Man 3" dominates the box office for the next few months.


Importance of cedar planks

The barbeque set in the backyard of the house is a common sight during summers. Stores too abound in barbeque accessories like silicone marinade brushes, various kinds of charcoal, stainless steel spatulas and grilling planks. One barbeque accessory that need not be bought from the stores is the cedar planks. One of the things that has gained immense popularity in the past few decades is plank cooking. More people are resorting to plank cooking as they are aware of an alternative healthy lifestyle. Cedar is the most preferred wood for making planks. Fancy planks are made up of cherry or apple wood for introducing that flavor in the food. You will find many recipe books suggesting the right kind of plank for the food you are planning to prepare.

Cedar planks are a favorite when it comes to grilling fish. The smoky flavor imparted by the cedar planks to the fish, makes it more delicious. Another reason why cedar planks have become the most commonly used grilling planks is that it stops over cooking of food. Cedar planks are considered best for grilling whitefish and salmon. The fish gets a smooth surface to rest on and the user can rest assured that the fish will not fall into the grill.

If one is planning to make cedar planks at home, then it can be bought from any hardware store. However, one has to make sure that the wood does not have any stains or is not treated with any chemicals. When the cedar plank is brought home, it has to be soaked in tepid water for thirty minutes. Experts are of the opinion that the grilling planks should be soaked in water as long as it will be used in the grill. Grilling planks can be soaked up to four hours. Cedar planks can be soaked and frozen for future use. Once the cedar planks are ready, all one needs to do is spray olive oil on the fish and place it on the plank. The skin side of the fish should always be faced down. Vegetables and spices can be added to enhance the taste. The fish will take in the aroma of the grilling planks and give a unique taste to the fish.

Salmon is usually cooked on cedar planks. The cedar plank is placed on the charcoal fire and heated. Olive oil is spayed on the grilling plank so that the fish does not stick to it. The salmon pieces are then placed on the plank. Salmon has been cooked on cedar planks for centuries for the rich smoky flavor that the fish gets. The salmon gets an earthly aroma of the forest, which is irresistible.

All kinds of grilling planks including cedar planks are available at all gourmet food stores, online stores and house ware stores. Some grilling planks like cedar planks are also doubled up as serving plates. Cedar planks can be recycled and fuel can be saved. After grilling the fish on the cedar plank for a few times, the later will become charred. The plank can then be used in the grill instead of charcoal.


Travel Agencies Hollywood Actor Home Tours

Travel agencies Hollywood offers special trips of famous celebs although it is difficult to select the very best Hollywood stars because the majority are accomplished, incredibly attractive and specialize in different movie genres. Still, there are those that get noticed and make it to the top 5. They are the ones who aren't stereotyped for one role. In fact, they have carried out roles which have been incredibly different from one another, making them a seasoned actor which has received the admiration of the viewers and those from the movie industry. Take note that these are not organized according to recognition or even preference. They are among the list of cream of the crop though and also worthy to become noted for excellence of their job.

Known for his performing skills and boy next-door charm, Tom Hanks started being a television actor then eventually gone to comedies. Sooner or later, he has been casted in blockbuster movies as the lead man. Out of many are Sleepless in Seattle, Forest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, Castaway and Catch Me if You Can. He has bagged a trophy from the Academy Awards and Golden Globe apart from many other recognition. An equally versatile actor, Johnny Depp has gained the hearts of a lot of adoring followers with his offbeat options of roles. He has been commended in the efficiency as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean as well as Willie Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He played a convincing playwright to find Neverland plus more lately, he was casted in Sweeney Todd. Travel agencies Hollywood offer special trips of a selection of their movie sets.

Robin Williams is acknowledged for his many performances that demonstrate his flexibility as an actor. He started out as a voice dabber but gradually became popular with his roles in Good Will Hunting, Patch Adams, The Birdcage and Mrs. Doubtfire. Definitely, his award in Golden Globe and Grammy is very well deserved. Academy Award winner Denzel Washington gained his fame with Malcolm X. From there, he received roles in movies like Philadelphia, The Pelican Brief, The Preacher's Wife, Much Ado About Nothing and several other popular movies. Being a Golden Globe awardee, Denzel Washington is really a name established in the industry so travel agencies Hollywood today provide tours of some of his movie sets.

A lot of celebrities owe a great deal to Charlie Chaplin. His endearing performances and being a pioneer of silent film movies, he has been the tramp who acquired the hearts of his audience. He's a genius and is immortalized by his excellent efforts to the movie and film industry. His popularity didn't dwindle through the years. Over and over again, several actors and actresses of the current generation look up to his work to seek motivation and to learn a suggestion or two from the master. Preferably travel agencies Hollywood would certainly do an "all about Charlie Chaplin" see. It's definitely something worth experiencing in LA.

This pretty short list is probably not enough to note all of the fine actors of Hollywood from then till now. Still, it really is good to consider them and their contribution to the industry of film. Contact travel agencies Hollywood to check if there's a tour of the home of your favorite actor. You may even get fortunate and see him live while shooting a movie. Contact travel agencies Hollywood now to find out.


Natalie Imbruglia is No One Hit Wonder

One of the songs played most often on American radio stations is "Torn" by Natalie Imbruglia. As an Englishman I get annoyed when I hear the D.J. saying something like "she was a one-hit wonder." Or "whatever happened to her?" In the USA she may well have had only that one hit, but worldwide Natalie has been one of the most successful Australian singers of all time and continues to have major success both in her home country and her adopted land of England, as well as Europe.

2007's "Glorious. The Singles 97 to 07" contained 14 tracks, all past singles and the title track "Glorious" which was her latest single release. Most of those singles have had major chart success outside the USA. "Big Mistake" for example, reached number two in the U.K., "Smoke" got to number 5, while her previous album, Counting Down The Days, released in 2005, debuted at number one on the UK album charts.

There is no doubt however, that "Torn" remains the Australian's greatest success worldwide, and it has been used as background music in many hit TV shows. The story I had always heard was that Natalie had heard the song as the B side of a single released by a Norwegian singer and had recognized the commercial possibilities of the song and asked to record it. In researching this article, I found that both a Norwegian singer, very famous in Scandinavia, named Trine Rein, and a Danish singer, Lis Sorensen, had recorded the song, but that it had actually been written by an American alternative rock group "Ednaswap" who had themselves released it as a single.

Despite the song being listed high in the most played songs of the 90s, and the video being one of the most popular ever on VH1, the song only ever reached number 42 in the Billboard Hot 100, as it was released as a radio single only and not on CD format. At that time airplay-only singles were not permitted to be included in the Hot 100 and by the time Billboard changed their rules the single had been around a long time and therefore peaked at that lowly position, which did not reflect the fourteen weeks it had spent at number one on the Airplay charts!

I remember when Natalie Imbruglia first burst on to British TV screens as "Beth" in the amazingly long-lived and successful Australian soap "Neighbours". Her striking good looks made Neighbours far more watchable, and indeed her career has continued as not only a singer but an actress and successful model as well.

On her newest album, due to be released in October 2009, she has joined forces with Coldplay's frontman Chris Martin. Perhaps, with Coldplay's incredible success inn the States, Chris martin's collaboration with Natalie Imbruglia will bring her, deservedly, back into the minds of the U.S.A. public.


Why You Should Use A Night Cream?

Most women have a morning routine of skin care usually includes applying moisturizer, sunscreen, and make-up. However they may be neglecting the best time to treat their skin, which is at night. At night during sleep, the body focuses on rejuvenating and repairing itself, and skin is more likely to absorb the nourishing ingredients of a quality cream. Therefore, in the evening, after the skin is cleansed is the perfect time to apply an enriching night cream.

Skin is bombarded everyday by free radicals, radiation from the sun, and air pollution. The purpose of a night cream is to improve the quality of skin and fortify it against the all these damaging external forces. Since their skin is already battling so much, many women opt for organic night creams, and avoid the creams with chemical bases. Many popular night creams contain synthetic chemicals like petrolatum, dioxanes, parabens, and fragrances. These chemicals can actually cause more harm to already stressed skin. Another concern is that night creams penetrate the skin so deeply, the chemicals can even enter the blood stream. Those with sensitive skin will likely find these types of creams cause irritation. Many chemical based creams even carry warning labels suggesting consumers test the cream in a small area to see if it irritates the skin. Organic night creams are a beneficial alternative.

Organic creams contain naturally occurring plant extracts, vitamins, and minerals that nourish and protect skin. Night creams should help skin remain healthy, replenish vital nutrients, and improve its overall appearance. For example, some organic night creams contain ingredients like avocado extract, which is wonderful for rehydrating dry skin and making it soft and smooth. Other popular organic ingredients that benefit skin include grape seed extract, jojoba oil, and Manuka honey.

When searching for a natural night cream, make sure that it is truly organic. Some creams are chemical based but highlight the addition of natural or organic ingredients on their labels. Look for products labeled "organic" or "100% organic."By law a product labeled "organic" must contain at least 95% organic ingredients. Choosing a night cream that is composed of organic ingredients will improve skin quality and greatly reduce the risk of irritation and breakouts.

Most night creams have a specific list of benefits. Choose one that targets your specific skin care issues. Women, especially age 30 and over, should use a night cream with anti-aging ingredients. These creams focus on the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles by increasing cell renewal and boosting collagen and elastin. When using any night cream, be patient when looking for results. It may take some time for you to see the full benefits of your nighttime skin care regimen.

Do not miss out on all the benefits of using a night cream. Night creams deeply penetrate, reduce the signs of aging, and improve skin health. Give your skin the help it needs to battle the effects of free radicals and the environment by choosing a chemical free organic night cream.


Fairy Halloween Costumes For All - Gauzy And Gorgeous Fairy Wings

Whether you are naughty or nice, fairy Halloween costumes come in all styles and colors. This basic look is a holiday favorite partly because of its versatility. You can take your look any direction you like. Get creative and add your own personal touches, so that yours will stand out among the many other fairy Halloween costumes that appear each season.

There are a few basic components of the fairy look. For starters, no fairy Halloween costumes are complete without some sort of wings. The wand is also a traditional part of the standard fairy costume. And while a dress styled garment is normally worn, you can wear pants or a leotard if you like; it will be up to you!

The first decision you'll need to make is determining the type of fairy you'll be. Are you going for the Tinkerbelle look or something completely opposite? Fairy Halloween costumes don't all have to resemble a character out of a Disney movie. You could have a more mischievous version of a fairy if you so desire. Once these initial decisions are made, the rest of the design should flow easily.

Men and women can both delve into the world of fairy Halloween costumes. While most people may consider the look to be purely feminine in nature, it does not have to be. Nor does a fairy have to be a pleasant and jovial creature. Your fairy persona could be quite dark and brooding, or even slobbish if you prefer.

The most important thing to remember about the Halloween holiday is that it is a time to be what you are not, so dress however you like. A man can sport a pair of wings, wig and ballerina shoes, if he wants to. The best part is, on Halloween, he will probably receive curious glances and smiles rather than scorn or worried stares.

Create a costume that fits you. You can add color or embellishments to wings and make them sparkle. Attach streamers to your wand, or buy really fancy tassels or streamers that include shapes. The color and style of these will set the tone for your look. Try something completely unorthodox! Be the first zombie fairy on your block. Maybe your fairy doubles as a plumber or waitress? You could put on an apron or tote a plunger with you for the evening. The fairy costume is extremely versatile, so use that to your advantage.

Remember that props must be kept in check when going to Halloween parties. Halloween costume wings can sometimes get in the way. Be careful when waving your wand to cast pixie enchantments, you do not want to hit a fellow guest mid-cast!

Yes, fairy Halloween costumes are still a great idea for a Halloween costume. You'll want to take the extra time of personalizing your outfit with embellishments. Take the old idea of what fairy Halloween costumes should look like and add to this by putting your own creative stamp to the design. Let the ideas flow and show the world that all the fairies don't look like Tinkerbelle. Edited by Hetsil Protage


Organic Chocolate - So Much More than Just a Delicacy

Emily Luchette said, "After eating chocolate you feel godlike, as though you can conquer enemies, lead armies, entice lovers." Well, we wholeheartedly agree. Chocolate makes us happy. Almost everybody is a fan of chocolate. And today, people have become really health conscious. They prefer organic chocolate over conventional chocolate as it is made of all natural ingredients. And also it does not contain pesticide residue. Organic chocolate has proved to have many health benefits. And also, this kind of chocolate is not especially fattening.

Another great kind of chocolate is organic dark chocolate. Dark chocolates are said to be the healthiest among all kinds of chocolates. And if it is organic then it is the best option ever. A number of harmful chemicals are used in farming and these have an adverse effect on our health. But if you consume organic chocolate which is made of organically grown ingredients then you are far from those health risks. Dark chocolate contains high antioxidants. These substances neutralize the cholesterol on the chocolate and prevent fat from entering our bloodstream. And this makes it absolutely non-fattening. All the more reason to eat chocolates and nobody can stop you. Dark chocolate has also been known to improve blood pressure. Also, it is good for diabetics. For all those chocoholics out there, you cannot find a better option than this one.

Now let's take a look behind the scenes. We all love chocolate and cannot resist its sweet temptation. But how many of us know about the process through which it is made? The beans that play a major role in the making of organic chocolates are known as the 'Cacao beans'. Cacao comes from the cacao tree named Theobroma Cacao. It is a small and handsome evergreen tree. Its seeds are mainly used to make chocolate and cocoa powder. Theobroma is a Greek word. It means 'food of the Gods'. The generic name is derived from the Greek words theos meaning 'god' and broma, meaning 'food'.

Organic cacao is a high quality product. The cacao beans that are raw and organic are not easily found. This makes the raw cacao nibs all the more valuable. Raw cacao nibs are generally known as raw chocolate. Cacao nibs also have a number of health benefits. It contains nutrients that keep you happy. That is why chocolate and cacao are often associated with love. It has certain unique properties. Eating cacao nibs has, in fact, proved to be very effective in losing weight. Cacao also contains a wide array of minerals and sulfur and magnesium. Magnesium is quite necessary for all our bodies. The deficiency of magnesium in our body can create a lot of health problems for us. It may lead to depression, irritability, mood swings, anemia, weakness, and a severe loss of appetite. Magnesium plays a major role in passing on nerve signals. It also helps in the processing of body fat.

Ultimately, it can be said that chocolate really is the world's perfect food. And organic chocolates will revive you. You can consume these chocolates with fervor. Visit http://www.sacredchocolate.com/ to know more!


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