A seriously easy way to create a bit of joy to your bundle. Fabric headbands that snap made from simple Flower headband kits.

In just minutes you can make three different flowers that will snap on and off a neutral white headband, perfect for the little gal in your life, or as a gift for someone you love! I have four daughters, and this will make the Sunday morning hair-do fiasco that much easier :)The headbands and flowers will stay in your child's hair! Not only is this felt flower headband kit SUPER adorable, the design is brilliant with a simple snap-on, snap-off concept!

First start by: Taking your strip of fabric and, using the circle templates, make 10 circles in a range of sizes. Don't stress about getting perfect circles!

The next step will be to cut out a circle from the felt, making sure the silver snap is in the center. These snaps are already in the perfect place to get the flowers on straight.

Take your smallest circle; fold in half, and then half again. Thread your needle through the point of your circle a couple of times and then open it up.

Layer all of your circles starting with the largest on the bottom and finishing with the smallest one that was sewn on the top.

Secure all of the circles together through the center a few times with your needle and thread. Make a knot in the back and they will stick together.

Using your glue gun, apply the fleece circle (with the snap facing outward) onto the back of your fabric flower.

Determine the length of elastic that you need and hot glue the ends together. Make sure the snap is on the outside.

If you want to, use the extra fleece to make leaves and hot glue to the back of your flower.