There are many coffee drinkers today that will tell you there is nothing greater than a cup that is made from beans just out of coffee grinders. They will boast of its palatable flavor especially when the beans have been roasted within the past ten days. Now anyone can have their brew just the way they like it.

The blade grinder and the burr grinder are the two types that are available. A burr grinder is also referred to as a mill. The style that you choose for home grinding has most to do with personal preference, because both types of grinders have their good and bad points. Choice is usually dependant on the attributes that you desire most from a grinder.

If you are limited in the amount of money you have to spend, the blade grinder will be your best choice. It will get the job done with a blade that spins rapidly while chewing up your beans. There are no settings so the beans will bring forth a flavor that is inconsistent due to how well the beans are ground. If you desire beans that are more finely ground like those needed for espresso, the blade is known to overheat. This overheating can cause the beans to have a burnt taste.

Known as a mill, the burr grinder is more expensive than the blade model. A more flavorful cup will result due to beans being ground between a blade and a smooth, flat surface. The wheel and the conical are the two styles of the burr grinder.

The burr grinder can be purchased for less than the conical type. This model makes a lot of noise when in use and can make quite a mess at the same time. The wheel moved rapidly to grind the beans and there is a setting for how coarse or fine you want the grind to be.

The conical grinder is a much slower model used to grind the beans. It results in a machine that has a lot less noise. It works on the same premise as the handheld models. It allows for very little heat build up and with the handheld mill you get no heat build up at all. You are able to grind the beans to a fine powder which will make a wonderful cup of espresso. The electric models naturally sell for more money than the handheld models.

A true coffee lover will never use their grinders for anything but coffee beans. There are some who foolishly use them to grind up spices and other similar spices. Nothing will ruin the flavor of a cup of coffee quicker. There are other models now available the will grind and brew using the same machine. If you choose to purchase a model like this make sure it has the burr grinder inside.