There are two superheros, from different universes, who are considered the representations of physical might: Superman the Man of Steel for DC Comics and the Incredible Hulk for Marvel. As displays of their strength, these two mighty characters are often shown taking down entire groups of super-teams, or requiring entire groups of super-teams to stop them (this latter goes for Hulk, as he is an antihero more than a hero). Understandably, comic book fans from both companies have always tried to discern which character is stronger in impromptu Hulk vs Superman battles, and always relish the chance to pit one against the other in message boards and YouTube battles.

The Incredible Hulk's Power

Who is the Incredible Hulk, and why is he so darn strong? Dr. Bruce Banner is a nuclear physicist and one of the smartest men on earth; but a freak accident involving a gamma-ray explosion - that should have obliterated his physical form - unleashed a dormant beast of extraordinary power called the Hulk. The Hulk actually is very much a part of Dr. Banner and represents his id, an angry, boiling sub-consciousness of rage at all the things Dr. Banner hates. Whenever Banner gets angry enough, his puny form transforms into an absolute green powerhouse of virtually indestructible rage and immense strength.

Despite how strong Hulk is when he first starts out, the beast's main power is his ability to get even stronger as his anger level rises. And because his very existence is a testament to anger unleashed, it isn't very difficult to make Hulk angry. In the Marvel universe, the Incredible Hulk often requires several beings of significant power to pose even the slightest chance of taking him down temporarily once the rage-fest begins.

In addition to his almost incalculable strength, the Hulk has the ability to heal so effectively that he is capable of outright regeneration. He is, frankly, nigh-indestructible (though not invulnerable, Hulk is resistant to high-caliber rounds).

Superman - Kal-El, the Man of Steel

Born on the alien planet Krypton (well, not alien to him), Kal-El was sent by his father and mother to Earth on a starship, because his home planet was falling apart. He landed in Middle America, in a cornfield in Kansas, where Jonathan and Martha Kent stumbled upon the smoking starship and extracted his toddler form. They adopted him as their own and called him Clark Kent, raising him as a human child - which they thought he was. Clark didn't actually start developing his powers until later (depends on the writer; some say he started quite young, other say his first power of strength manifested itself when he was a teenager).

Powered by the yellow sun of Earth, Superman gained his incredible strength first, then his ability to fly (well, jump very, very far and then outright flight), his tremendous resistance to harm and finally, his heat vision. We can clearly see that in a Hulk vs Superman bout, the Man of Steel steps onto the battlefield with significantly more weapons. Although it's a fight that has been done before, it has yet to be done taking all of their powers into account and and as comprehensively as you will find in the links below in the resource box depicting Superman versus the Incredible Hulk.