During a break in filming for an upcoming Doctor Who episode at Victoria Station, spectators were started as a digital advert began to display a bleeding sulfur symbol followed by images of Jack the Ripper, Elizabeth Bathory, and American born killer Lizzie Borden. The video, available here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xbeag7OjSKM

Shows the animated ad run through what seems to be its entire cycle.

In late June a similar image, then only showing the bleeding symbol, appeared in the tube at Shepherd's Bush (see video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGvsdgmhPmc ).

It is all part of a marketing scheme by New York based Mezco Toyz for their popular Living Dead Dolls line of collectible beasties. Each summer they produce a special "Resurrection Series" of the limited edition horrors, the theme of the latest series is a murder mystery that has kept fans wondering not only who is the killer, but who is the victim.

Jack The Ripper, Elizabeth Bathory, and Lizzie Borden are all notorious killers, but they are also suspects in a murder mystery that has been slowly unfolding over the past eight weeks at http://www.resurrectionix.com/ . As Mezco Toys moves forward with the upcoming release of the world record setting doll's latest Resurrection Series, fans around the world are showing who they suspect is the "killer" of the mysterious fourth doll in the newest limited edition series.

Using the tags #LivingDeadDolls and #Mezco they are posting photos of themselves wearing shirts picturing one of the evil dolls who may be responsible for the demise of their fellow collectible.

In an interesting twist, Mezco isn't selling the shirts...they have posted them randomly to Living Dead Dolls fans. Mezco representatives won't comment on how fans were selected or how many shirts were distributed, but it appears at least a baker's dozen were sent to celebrities who expressed their love for the eerie effigies. Again, Mezco reps wouldn't comment on the record but did indicate that they had recently been told that they are the only people on Earth trying to get Magic Mike XXL star Channing Tatum to put a shirt ON.

Living Dead Doll fans and lovers of the macabre can follow the clues for the latest series at http://www.resurrectionix.com/, follow Mezco (specialization in the manufacture, design and marketing of toys and collectables for all) on Twitter at https://twitter.com/mezcotoyz, or visit Mezco's San Diego Comic Con booth #3445.