The Chinese checkers game is one of the most favorite board games by every family because of the simplicity of its rules. Learning how to play it is very easy for it has few rules which are quite easy to understand. This board game is just great for players from ages seven years old and above. With the simple rules of that it has you will be able to master this in such short period of time.

This game was introduced as Hop Ching Checkers in the U.S. sometime in 1928. It was based on an old German board pastime called Stern-Halma and still known as Halma in most European countries. It was renamed Chinese checkers and retained its name even up to the present time due to the growing interest by the Americans in oriental culture.

The standard design features two overlapping triangles at the base to form a hexagon from the intersection of the triangles. Chinese checkers boards can be made from hardwood or metal and even fiberglass for long lasing use and durability. The most expensive type of material used for this board is the fiberglass. The shapes of the board may be square or round or hexagonal which can also be perfect ornaments or wall decors.

Some creative designers have made the other side of the board as a conventional chess board with matching chess pieces. This game can be played by at least two up to six players using sixty pieces of marble of six different colors in a set of ten for each color. Thee holes on the board are designed to hold one piece of marble. The instructions or mechanics of the game are often engraved on the other side of the wood. There are also instructions which are printed in a separate sheet of paper.

You can browse and check online on certain web sites and inquire as well about this type of indoor family entertainment. The board comes in so many different variations although the standard form and holes are being maintained. Playing this type of indoor fun is truly an enjoyable thing and learning it until you attain full mastery is quite easy in Chinese checkers game.