Probably you already know who Morgan Freeman is. For sure, you have seen some of his movies, such as Driving Miss Daisy, Street Smart or Million Dollar Baby and I am sure that you just loved them. He is not only known as a great actor; he is also capable to capture the public with his wonderful played roles.

For the past years, Morgan Freeman has captured the interest of every viewer. He was able to wrap up various character presented to him. Playing his role distinctly and in accordance with the character he must portray. At the present time, he was a remarkable figure of the United States contemporary film industry. Thus many critics regard him as sparkling actors and positive comments are pouring onto him. Currently, he is an actor, film director and a narrator. Because of his films, he became a very prominent actor with various award nominations. Among of the awards he recently won was from Golden Global Award and Screen Actors Guilt Award.

Morgan Freeman took birth in the year 1937 at Tennessee. His acting career started during his childhood. He was only 9 years old when he started to perform in various school plays. After three year, he was able to perform a lead role in drama and was able to won that competition. Then he also tried performing in radios. A few years after, he worked in the United State Air Force as a mechanic. After that work, he became a transcript clerk. At the same time he was also engaged with dancing and singing and in a little while, his passion in acting surfaced.

His first riposte emergence was in Who Says I Cant Ride a Rainbow. But that did not give him any recognition. After some time, Morgan Freeman's performance got even better thus performing good roles which became a way for him to be well accepted by viewers. This led him to expose his acting skills and talents.

Morgan Freeman was good at playing elderly roles like that of a father which opened doors for him to obtain different roles like an army Sergeant Major Rawlings or Hoke. A few others of his well acclaimed films include Deep Impact, Seven, Unforgiven, and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

Morgan Freeman's acting career is revived in 1990s, bringing him many successful roles. His first one was Jurassic Park. For that, he specially went to the American Museum of Natural History. He was curious to see the prehistoric beasts. He confessed that until that time he did not know that the birds are a result of dinosaur evolution. As well, another great movie, Million Dollar Baby, brings to Morgan Freeman another award for his real-life character performance.

Morgan Freeman has been well-known in the film industry. As we watch every movie he created, we are being absorbed with the character he show thus bringing us to the world of his movies. This talented actor truly affects us in his movies and that's what you call outstanding.