Now that Christmas is over we think you may now have had enough of the humdrum boxes of chocolates which are usually handed around at this time of year. We think that since you are a true Chocolate Fan you are probably ready for some serious dark chocolate.

To help to choose we have taken a long look at one dark chocolate bar in particular; the Cafe Tasse Dark Chocolate Orange bar.

All year around you probably are used to buying and eating regular chocolate bars. Maybe you normally buy dark chocolate Bounty Bars or ark Chocolate Mars Bars. Well, in 2013 we can offer you something different enabling you to Buy Dark Chocolate Bars Online of all sorts.

Our choice for this chocolate review is the Cafe Tasse Dark Chocolate Orange Bar. As the name suggests is is a dark chocolate bar With pieces of candied orange peel which gives an intense orange flavour along side a rich dark chocolate taste.

We were impressed by the combination of rich orange flavour and smooth dark chocolate. This makes a great alternative to regular dark chocolate bars and are part of a range of dark Belgium chocolate bars.

This dark chocolate bar is made by Café Tasse who have a number of bars available on Chocolate Fan. Café Tasse specialise in making smooth and luxurious dark chocolate bars. This particular chocolate bar was produced using traditional methods that have been passed down through generations.

The mixture of rich sumptuous dark chocolate and aromatic candied orange peel combine to make a truly delicious gourmet chocolate bar. We think that chocolate fans will love it.

This particular chocolate bar doesn't have a intense dark chocolate bitter taste which some chocolate fans like to taste. The cocoa content is around 50% and is therefore a little lower than some of the other dark chocolate bars you will find on the Chocolate Fan website where cocoa content can be 70%, 80%, 90% or even 100%.

Even though the cocoa content is a little lower the combination with the intense orange flavour works well and provides something a little different. We think it would suit someone is perhaps may otherwise buy dark Chocolate Mars Bars or perhaps may buy dark chocolate Bounty Bars. The dark chocolate intensity is similar.

The Cafe Tasse Dark Chocolate Orange Bar comes as an 85 g bar but at Chocolate Fan you can buy a pack of 4 to save you money and enable you to share the experience with friends, family and other chocolate fans you may know.

The Cafe Tasse Dark Chocolate Orange Bar can be found by visiting the Chocolate Fan website and using the search facility. Enter the words Cafe Tasse Dark Chocolate Orange in to the search box in the top right hand side of our home page. To read more and place your order you simply need to click on the picture and follow the instructions which will allow you to pay and have this great dark chocolate bar delivered to your home.

We hope you enjoy the Cafe Tasse Dark Chocolate Orange Bar as much as we did and come back to the Chocolate Fan to read our next review of the best dark chocolate bars online.