Every year my wife complains about how much money she spends hosting bunco! I see some of the bills and almost go into cardiac arrest myself. In a sluggish economy, everyone tries to save money, even at bunco. Hosting the event does not have to be overly expensive, but the trick is planning ahead.

Our house is a fixer upper that we had been eyeing for some time until we could buy it. Years later we are still working on our home from time to time. Luckily my wife's bunco group tells me a year in advance when her time to host is. Yet my wife and I continue to procrastinate. One way we could have planned better is to break up the cost of the house remodel quarterly instead of one big lump sum.

Hosting a Bunco party can leave you with a large amount of goods after the party is done. My wife over buys which is not a smart way to save money. Planning ahead when stores are having sales make a difference and some of the items can last for a few months. Again, buying items quarterly will take the sting out of one big purchase.

My wife's group knows a year ahead of time when they are hosting. If your hosting time appears near a holiday, buy the paper goods for after this year's holiday. My wife LOVES Halloween, and is hosting in October, 2009. She should be picking up napkins, paper plates, and cups as they are on clearance this Fall. Halloween home decor 75% off will make an economical bunco gift.

We always seem to do Halloween. Which is my wife's favorite holiday. Again we will be hosting in 2009. This year we bought stuff on clearance such as napkins, plates, and cups so we wouldn't pay a premium in 2009. A nice 75% discount never hurts.

Be sure to inventory what you have in your frigerator and cuppord so you won't buy items twice! Once again plan according so you can save time and most of all money!! Don't end up with 12 extra cans of pumpkin like my wife did!!

Bunco is an expensive hobby, but you don't have to make it unpleasantable for you and your wife. Plan ahead and save that hard earned money!! I know I will be!