Just like how the magic unfolds and grips you in page after page of J.R.R. Tolkein's book, the movie The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings movies does the same too. The first part of the three-part series is awesome. The first part is titled, The Fellowship of the Ring, the Two Towers is the second and The Return of the King is the third and final part of this series. All three parts are equally fun. Never once will you feel like it has derailed from the track.

The Fellowship of the Ring starts of with a prologue that sets up the legend of the ring. This is about eight minutes long. The crux of the story is that a ring was forged with the power to destroy the world. This ring passed from Sauron, the dark lord to a hobbit, Frodo Baggins. Frodo was a sweet natured, peace loving, smoking pipeweed, munchkin short, furry foot young fellow who lived in the Shire. He loved to pass his time with his friends Sam, Pippin and Merry. He belonged to the affluent class.

Once the ring came in to Frodo's hands, by way of inheritance from his uncle Bilbo Baggins, along with the property, his life and the lives of his three friends changed for ever. Other characters like Gandol, the white, Aragon, the human warrior, Boromir another human warrior, the elf archer Legolas and Gimli the dwarf form the fellowship of the ring to destroy the corrupt wizard Saruman. Frodo has to travel to Mordor to destroy the ring. His journey is going to take him across Moria which is filled with magic, dark riders on dark horses, ghosts, ringwraiths, giant trolls and orcs - rotten teeth and flesh, foul smelling, gigantic, ugly beasts.

The ring along with an invisibility cloak and a sword is that Frodo has got for his protection. Besides Saruman, Frodo is the only other human who carries the ring more than anyone else. Though his health suffers, by the end of the third part, on account of being the ring bearer, he understands his duties and tries to fulfill it with determination. The elf princesses, Arwen, with her delicate unearthly beauty and strange elf tongue adds romance in the movie. All three parts have many exciting battles. You will only find your self sitting on the edge of your seat through out the movie, wondering what's going to happen next.

Gollum is one of the most interesting characters. He constantly contradicts himself. His has a duel shaded character, the pitiful good side struggling not to be overcome by the revengeful, poisonous bitter side, is portrayed well. Gollum is at the right place, at the right time. He helps Frodo in going undetected while entering in to Mordor. It is Gollum who takes Frodo to Mordor through hidden paths and short cuts. Gollum's longing for his 'precious', the ring, takes the film to the end that it has because in the final moments, Frodo for a second succumbs to the power of the ring, and wants to keep it for himself.

Watch The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring online, free today. You might enjoy it a little too well. Before you realize it you'll be watching the other two parts at a stretch. The movies fantastic performances, the haunting new-age music, the complexities of each character and the cinematography will leave you breathless.