What is the first thing comes in your mind when you hear the word R/C cars? Generally your answer is, small version of bigger cars which run on batteries or fuel. But there are much more about them. One good thing about the R/C cars is you don't have to search a large open area, you can have an entertainment of running a RC car in any place. And there is no age limit as with RC vehicles, children and adults can easily learn how to control a RC cars. Its very easy for parents to develop a hobby, both you and your children will fun together.

If you are looking for buying Radio controlled cars for you and your family then you must know about these vehicles first. There are so many things you must be consider before you go and buy a radio controlled vehicle. The very first you make sure what type of vehicle you are going to buy. In market there are so many producers, design, models and types of R/C vehicles to select from. But there are some basic models you can buy in all price ranges.


More over this radio control car come in both electric and gas type. Both of them have some advantages and drawbacks. Electric cars are more quieter than the gas powered one and have no burn of liquid fuels which makes them good to enter in the world of radio controlled vehicles.

So which one you should go Ass or Electric? Well, its totally up to you, but there are some points that can help you take a good decision in your problem to buy the best RC vehicle for you.

Electric RC cars/ Gauss RC cars

In the electric cars, battery packs and DC electric motors are used for powering the vehicle on the hand in Gauss cars specially formulated fuels are used which are combustible and not a great choice to run inside the home.

Electric cars are quieter and more simple that the Gauss RC but not quite have as much power or speed.

Off road electric RC cars can option an average speed of 10 to 30 mph, while on road cars will achieve speed of 40 mph or better. As compare to this, On and off road RC burning cars can reach speed between 20 to 70 mph.