Almost in all the countries in the world, Children are the future of the country and the hope of the nation, therefore almost every government try their best to create fine family environment, social environment and learning environment. Only under such circumstance, children can grow healthy, happy and joyous. What's more, there is a International Children's Day on June 1st, which is set up specifically for children. However, do you know that in addition to the International Children's Day and the World Children's Day, the fourth Sunday in April each year, there are too many unique Children's Days in many countries and the ways of celebrating have their own characteristics and pleasure, all of which not only reflect the different national traditions and customs, but also fill with endless celebration and vitality.

Children's day in Sweden
In Sweden, one European country, Children's day is divided into Boy's Day and Girls' Day. On August 7th every day, it is the Boy's Day, which is also known as the Lobster Festival. And the purpose of this festival is to encourage all the boys in the country to learn the spirit of lobster. On this day, the children should be dressed as lobster and perform some lovely shows. On December 13, it is the Sweden's Girls' Day, which is also known as the Lucia Goddess Festival. As is known to all, Lucia is the goddess in Sweden's legend which specifically protect the girls. On this day, the girls have to dress up as the appearance of the Lucia goddess and do something good for other children.

Children's day in Russia
Children's day in Russia and the International Children's Day are the same day, on June 1. Whenever the Children's Day is coming, all the children in the Russia will happily celebrate their own festival. For example, they would perform a number of ethnic dance and hold celebrations in school.

Finally, I will introduce the origin of International Children's Day, which is related with Russia. In November 1949, Women's International Democratic Federation hold the meeting in Moscow and all the representatives from too many countries angrily exposed the crime of imperialist and reactionary. For example, they always murder children. In order to protect the children's life rights , health rights and education rights, what's more, lives of children should be improved, the meeting decided to establish International Children's Day on June 1 every year.

By the way, there are three Children's Days in Japan,which is so amusing.