Whether you are naughty or nice, fairy Halloween costumes come in all styles and colors. This basic look is a holiday favorite partly because of its versatility. You can take your look any direction you like. Get creative and add your own personal touches, so that yours will stand out among the many other fairy Halloween costumes that appear each season.

There are a few basic components of the fairy look. For starters, no fairy Halloween costumes are complete without some sort of wings. The wand is also a traditional part of the standard fairy costume. And while a dress styled garment is normally worn, you can wear pants or a leotard if you like; it will be up to you!

The first decision you'll need to make is determining the type of fairy you'll be. Are you going for the Tinkerbelle look or something completely opposite? Fairy Halloween costumes don't all have to resemble a character out of a Disney movie. You could have a more mischievous version of a fairy if you so desire. Once these initial decisions are made, the rest of the design should flow easily.

Men and women can both delve into the world of fairy Halloween costumes. While most people may consider the look to be purely feminine in nature, it does not have to be. Nor does a fairy have to be a pleasant and jovial creature. Your fairy persona could be quite dark and brooding, or even slobbish if you prefer.

The most important thing to remember about the Halloween holiday is that it is a time to be what you are not, so dress however you like. A man can sport a pair of wings, wig and ballerina shoes, if he wants to. The best part is, on Halloween, he will probably receive curious glances and smiles rather than scorn or worried stares.

Create a costume that fits you. You can add color or embellishments to wings and make them sparkle. Attach streamers to your wand, or buy really fancy tassels or streamers that include shapes. The color and style of these will set the tone for your look. Try something completely unorthodox! Be the first zombie fairy on your block. Maybe your fairy doubles as a plumber or waitress? You could put on an apron or tote a plunger with you for the evening. The fairy costume is extremely versatile, so use that to your advantage.

Remember that props must be kept in check when going to Halloween parties. Halloween costume wings can sometimes get in the way. Be careful when waving your wand to cast pixie enchantments, you do not want to hit a fellow guest mid-cast!

Yes, fairy Halloween costumes are still a great idea for a Halloween costume. You'll want to take the extra time of personalizing your outfit with embellishments. Take the old idea of what fairy Halloween costumes should look like and add to this by putting your own creative stamp to the design. Let the ideas flow and show the world that all the fairies don't look like Tinkerbelle. Edited by Hetsil Protage