New gifts are a child's dream. Toys are critical to the development of a child's imagination and practical learning skills. Green toys is a sustainable choice and an opportunity to teach your children about the environment too.

What are green toys?

Green toys are made from sustainable or recycled materials. These materials include paper, plastic, and sometimes wood. The child that is given a green toy will be happy to have received it. They don't mind whether the toy is made from new or recycled materials. The story that you tell them about the green toy is what will be remembered.

When to give a green toy

Whether it is a birthday, holiday, or a day where parents are feeling giving, it is a good day to give a green toy. A green toy can show how thoughtful you are and how eco-friendly your family is. A green toy offers a gift of happiness and a learning opportunity to the child receiving the gift.

Best green toy ideas

Green toys are fun and entertaining while being sustainable and responsible too. Here are a few ideas:

* Earthworm farm

* Wood play sets

* Natural building blocks

* Puzzles

* Stuffed animals using organic materials

* Cardboard rockets

* Recycled plastic sets

* Natural modeling clay

There are many possibilities in green gifting and it can be connected to product and packaging sustainably, environmental awareness, and importance of cognitive development and imagination of the child.

Green toys are great for kids

Green toys touch on areas of development and creative play. These gifts range from writing tablets and eating utensils to organic clothing such as T-shirts. These toys help children use their imagination whether it is playing with blocks or kitchen play from recycled plastic milk containers.

What is special about a green toy?

Children love receiving gifts. And while there are occasions when they want exactly what someone else has they are also drawn to gifts that are unique and rare. A green gift provides an incredible opportunity for play - and education too.

If you have children, then you know that children connect with the stories that you tell them. They will ask to hear them again and again. They will share it with their friends and family members. A green toy can help better a child's understanding of their role in the world.

Where to buy a green toy

Green toys are so easy to find. Visit Green Ostrich and you will find a variety of green toys and gifts for all occasions. Green gift giving demonstrates a growing awareness of the need for children to take a place in the world and be responsible with earth's resources. Toys can inspire children and can still be fun and educational!