Brief Product Description

The Fiona Bra is Moving Comfort's most popular sports bra.

It features seamless molded cups that has the capability of providing an excellent support for your breasts and prevents them from moving up and down.

Also, this Fiona bra has front adjustable straps and a hook-and-loop closure on the back of the band so that you can custom your fit and support.

Therefore, this Moving Comfort Fiona bra is a great sports bra to own especially if you love high-impact sports. The reason is because it can offer you the support your breasts, which we will talk more about it in the next section.

Provides Compression & Encapsulation Support For Your Breasts

The Fiona bra by Moving Comfort has combined compression and encapsulation support.

For compression, the bra cup is able to press breast tissues evenly against the chest wall to limit overall movement.

And as for encapsulation, its bra cup surrounds the breast fully to give it maximum support and maintains its shape. Hence, it can protect your breasts from movement during sports.

The Fiona sports bra is also available in a variety of cups and band sizes, and thus women of all bra sizes will be able to find one that fit them.

Therefore, no worries if you have a larger bra size, as the Moving Comfort Fiona bra will enable you to still be able to exercise and at the same time, still be able to get maximum support for your breasts.

Customers' Reviews Of This Fiona Bra By Moving Comfort

A great majority of the customers who have bought and used this Fiona Bra by Moving Comfort have given this product a big thumbs up, citing reasons such as the fact that it does not have any wires to break or poke them, and at the same time still be able to hold their breasts still so that they can run and play without any pain or discomfort.

They have commented that this bra is amazingly comfortable and supportive, with the velcro straps sturdy, comfortable, as well as very easy to adjust. Finally, users have also noted that the band is non-binding and very comfortable.

However, some customers have noted that there is insufficient fabric in this bra to provide good nipple coverage and comfort upfront. Also, some of them said it may be a little difficult to hook compared to other bras with back hooks.

Final Verdict

After reviewing this particular Fiona Bra by Moving Comfort, along with pros and cons as noted by customers who have bought and used it, we conclude that the Fiona bra can be a good choice as a Mother's Day gift, especially if your mom is one who is very active and loves working out.

Your mom will definitely be delighted to receive this great sports bra as it can provide her with excellent support during her exercises. The Fiona Bra is available in a variety of colors so you can even get her one in her favorite color.