Purple Turtle has been doing excellent work in the field of children's books. The story books that they publish have clean and family-friendly stories for all ages. It is accepted worldwide that reading books is good for children. However, many parents are not aware of the specific advantages that a preschool-age child or toddler can get by having exposure to the benefits of reading.

Reading kids' books to a child between the ages of 2 and 5 ensures that a strong relationship is built between the reader (preferably, a parent) and the child. As a baby grows older, it is constantly on the move, running, playing, and exploring its environment. Snuggling up for reading to the child allows parents to enjoy some sweet, cuddly, and quality moments. If reading books is not seen as a task or a chore, it becomes a nurturing and enjoyable activity that brings parents and children together.

Kids reading books exhibit academic excellence. One of the biggest benefits of reading to preschoolers and toddlers is a better aptitude for general learning. Studies have shown on numerous occasions that children who are exposed to reading books before preschool have higher chances of doing well in every facet of formal education. Kids exposed to books at an early age never have problems with putting words or sentences together, and thus have a better grasp over language, vocabulary, conversational skills, social concepts, science, and math that they are presented with when they begin elementary school.

Toddlers and preschool-age children learn important language and enunciation skills. By listening to parents read out to them, kids reinforce the basic sounds that go on to form language. "Pretend reading", i.e. a toddler browsing through the pages of a book with jabbers and squeals of delight, is a significant pre-literacy activity. The more a parent reads out to a toddler, the more the toddler sounds out words on its own.

Toddlers who have parents reading out to them or children who develop an affinity towards reading books from preschool-age are more likely to express themselves comfortably and be good listeners. They gain important communication skills and can relate to others in a healthy manner. Purple Turtle books are ideal for children as these are interactive and inviting. Check out the websites to know more about your choice.