If you like games you are probably loyal to the games you play - games such as Monopoly, chess, backgammon and Risk. People are often not into finding out and learning about new games but it would be worth your while. First of all, after a while it can be boring to play the same games over and over. Secondly, new games can mean new challenges and new ways to think.

A game which is starting to become quite hip to play is the Settlers of Cattan. This mixes the technique of risk with the dynamic nature of bingo. The purpose of Settlers is to be first to reach ten points. One gains points for a range of different reasons and does so thru the accumulation of resources. The resources come according to the roll of the dice ; if you have that number in question than you receive the resource.

The game kind of snowballs as the more places you build, the more resources you are eligible for and thus you will build more. The game is dynamic as the board changes every time. This means you need to be flexible and adjust according to how the board is. You can't always play the same way like you can in Monopoly. Also the average game lasts about 45 minutes which is just about the perfect time.

In recent years, bingo has grown in popularity. Suddenly there are bingo tournaments everywhere and everyone is having a bingo night at their house, but there are a number of other card and casino games which are just as exciting. For instance, something like keno doesn't take a long time to learn but is lots of fun, especially for female players who don't tend to get into things as seriously as men tend to.

In keno you have to select your numbers. The computer will then pick some from random. The more numbers you've matched up correctly the more you can win. One of the great things about keno is that often there is a big jackpot attached with the game so this means it can be quite lucrative. If you want to get into the game you can find out more about it via some of the free online keno games that are available.

While this is not a new game, many people do not know about mancala. This is a game of methodology and talent. It's a game which is millenia old and is in style with folk who travel thru Pacific Rim and South America. It's a complicated game and one that will take some time to get a grip on, but without doubt after you do it is worthwhile.

The same thing can be said for Perudo which is a game of dice. This is also a game with ancient origins. Perudo is a game of bluff and is a sort of poker meets dice game. People like to play this game when they are drunk but you need to be careful as the stakes can get high so be on your toes.