On 21st July 2012, Oh Jang Mi, a Jewellery Design student from Raffles Design Institute, Singapore, received a finalist award for her piece in the Malaysia International Jewellery Fair (MIJF) 2012. Before she set off for Kuala Lumpur, we caught up with her during the Jewellery Bazaar. At that event, she displayed her semester's work of garden-inspired rings and a necklace for sale.

Jang Mi's winning design was titled: "After Rain". It was inspired by the image of a rainbow after rain. White gold, white diamonds, and light blue sapphires were suggested materials to emulate a soft, heaven-like feel.
NecklaceFinaldesignafterrain Inspired by Rain: Korean Jewellery Design Student Wins Finalist Award in MIJF 2012

We had a chat with Jang Mi about her life as a Jewellery Design student at Raffles and her recent victory as a finalist for her entry in the MIJF 2012 necklace category.

What is the Malaysia International Jewellery Fair?

The MIJF is a trade fair for jewellers around the world to catch up on trends, brush up their skills, or look for new industry contacts. For students, trade fairs are great places to learn more about the field. They can also learn about the big companies to look out for during future job searches.

Visitors of the MIJF are usually trade visitors - suppliers, designers, manufacturers, buyers, or retailers. Perks of attending the MIJF include being able to purchase duty-free jewellery collections in Malaysia, be inspired by works of skilled designers, or attend seminars.

This year, the theme for the MIJF competition was "Nature of Earth". Students of art or design schools in Malaysia and Asia were welcome to participate. Participants could choose to sign up for any of the four categories: Necklace, Earrings, Bangle or Brooch, and Rings. Submissions from over 200 students were received. They came from countries like: Malaysia, Singapore, China, India, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Hong Kong.

Winning entries were selected based on several criteria such as: creativity, market request, aesthetics, compatibility, and compliance with the theme of their respective jewellery.

The Raffles recipe for developing award-winning Jewellery Designers

- We give them plenty of practice.

- Plenty of exposure to local and international competitions.

- Guidance from professional lecturers from around the world.

- Students receive the recognition and awards that they have earned.

Conversation with Jang Mi

1. Why did you decide to study Jewellery Design?

Jang Mi: I like to make things. And my mom asked me to take up this course because I was interested in making beads. Then she thought that I might have a talent in Jewellery Design, so she asked me to try studying here. I loved the course.

2. Why did you choose Raffles instead of the other schools?

Jang Mi: Uh, firstly, Singapore is a very safe country. And I heard that Raffles Design Institute had a famous jewellery class, so I decided to come here.

Previously, I was studying in Indonesia at Surabaya International School and I was looking for a Jewellery Design school in Korea and other countries. Most people suggested that I go to Raffles Design Institute at Singapore which is very near Indonesia.

After choosing to study at Raffles and completing my Advanced Diploma, I am now undergoing and would like to complete my bachelor degree course here in Singapore.

3. How long did it take to prepare for the competition?

Jang Mi: The winning design only took me one day. I made many other designs prior to that, but my lecturer, Sandra, requested for additional designs. It took me around two days to work on them.

4. How many designs did you create?

Jang Mi: I think I sent in almost six designs. The judges selected one design for the finalist prize and another one of my designs got a merit.
MERITdesignyellowbutterfly Inspired by Rain: Korean Jewellery Design Student Wins Finalist Award in MIJF 2012

5. Which part of Kuala Lumpur is the event held at? What kind of award will you be receiving?

Jang Mi: KLCC. They will have a show. And the certificates will be given out during the day. I plan to see the show after I receive my certificate.