The weather is getting warmer and its time to get out and enjoy it. June is a great time for kid and adult birthdays. Take advantage of the great weather and host a great outdoor birthday parties. Celebrate your June birthday with fun party themes and great birthday invitations. June weather can make your outdoor birthday party shine. The time is right for a birthday cookout, picnic or barbeque to celebrate your June birthday.

Games and activities

While the usual yard games can work very well for a June party, but you might need something a little more original to make your party memorable. Get your construction gear out for a fun construction party. Lots of building construction starts in June, so play along with toy tools and building materials. Send your construction themed birthday day invitations to get all your 'workers' and guests in the mood.

June is also a great time for a carnival or circus. Try a petting zoo or mini-midway games to get your circus up and running. Hot dogs, cotton candy and popcorn can fit perfectly into your circus theme. If you have the budget there are lots of grand circus themed games and decorations. But even on a modest budget a circus theme can be fun and easy.

A pool party can be a great idea for a June birthday party, too. If you don't have a pool in your yard, check out your local community pool or rec center. Not only might they have a pool for you to use, but they may have a space for your event, too.


Once you've picked your theme and activities, start your theme off right with a great themed birthday invitation. Make a big splash with a pool party invitation or make a big statement with your carnival invitation. Not only is the weather perfect, but your possibilities are endless when it comes to themes for your June birthday.

Keep your colors and patterns bright and fun to keep with the season. June colors should be bright, maybe even a neon color or bright blue to match the bright June sky.

Don't forget; Father's day is in June. Make sure you don't overshadow dad's day with your birthday party. Save the third Sunday in June for Dad. Other than that, any day in June is a great day for a party.

One other word of advice; set a time limit. The weather in June will stay warmer well into the evening and your guests may want to linger. If you send out your birthday invitation with a definite time limit you guests will know when it is time to say goodbye.

Make the most of your June birthday party with fun outdoor themes and activities. It doesn't have to be fancy to be fun. Pick out games and activities that kids and adults will enjoy and you're on your way to a great party. Get outside and enjoy the warm weather of June and both you and your guests will have a great time.