One of the songs played most often on American radio stations is "Torn" by Natalie Imbruglia. As an Englishman I get annoyed when I hear the D.J. saying something like "she was a one-hit wonder." Or "whatever happened to her?" In the USA she may well have had only that one hit, but worldwide Natalie has been one of the most successful Australian singers of all time and continues to have major success both in her home country and her adopted land of England, as well as Europe.

2007's "Glorious. The Singles 97 to 07" contained 14 tracks, all past singles and the title track "Glorious" which was her latest single release. Most of those singles have had major chart success outside the USA. "Big Mistake" for example, reached number two in the U.K., "Smoke" got to number 5, while her previous album, Counting Down The Days, released in 2005, debuted at number one on the UK album charts.

There is no doubt however, that "Torn" remains the Australian's greatest success worldwide, and it has been used as background music in many hit TV shows. The story I had always heard was that Natalie had heard the song as the B side of a single released by a Norwegian singer and had recognized the commercial possibilities of the song and asked to record it. In researching this article, I found that both a Norwegian singer, very famous in Scandinavia, named Trine Rein, and a Danish singer, Lis Sorensen, had recorded the song, but that it had actually been written by an American alternative rock group "Ednaswap" who had themselves released it as a single.

Despite the song being listed high in the most played songs of the 90s, and the video being one of the most popular ever on VH1, the song only ever reached number 42 in the Billboard Hot 100, as it was released as a radio single only and not on CD format. At that time airplay-only singles were not permitted to be included in the Hot 100 and by the time Billboard changed their rules the single had been around a long time and therefore peaked at that lowly position, which did not reflect the fourteen weeks it had spent at number one on the Airplay charts!

I remember when Natalie Imbruglia first burst on to British TV screens as "Beth" in the amazingly long-lived and successful Australian soap "Neighbours". Her striking good looks made Neighbours far more watchable, and indeed her career has continued as not only a singer but an actress and successful model as well.

On her newest album, due to be released in October 2009, she has joined forces with Coldplay's frontman Chris Martin. Perhaps, with Coldplay's incredible success inn the States, Chris martin's collaboration with Natalie Imbruglia will bring her, deservedly, back into the minds of the U.S.A. public.