If you are looking for a gun holster, look first to Blackhawk tactical gear. Truly, Blackhawk holsters are perhaps the most excellent heavy duty holsters available for military or on-duty uses. These tremendous holsters have been designed to hold up under the most extreme military conditions. For any purpose, leisure or specialist, Blackhawk tactical holsters can be relied upon for protection and success.

Blackhawk Holsters

Incredibly, the design of the holsters is top of the line to give strength, resilience as well as the advantage of light weight materials. The CQC holster is a carbon fiber and graphite composite made from aerospace materials for a lightweight and nearly indestructible holster.

In addition to its weight and wear benefits, the CQC Serpa holster uses a very unique locking system that minimizes confiscation of the weapon by individuals other than the wearer. This system allows the wearer direct access to the weapon, but includes a retention system that keeps others from being able to un-holster the weapon. This patented thumb break system is a fantastic feature that once again demonstrates the advantage of the Blackhawk holster.

Blackhawk holster systems come in a assortment of sizes to fit any number of weapons as well as plentiful types of holster system. Primarily a belt holster, similar ankle and shoulder holsters can be found. Although not as popular as the Blackhawk belt holster and certainly not as easy to use, these other types of holsters do present additional options to individuals selecting to bear a weapon.

Although Blackhawk is the leader in tactical gun accessories and holsters, it is not your only selection of weapon retention systems. In the case where the expense and features of a Blackhawk holster are not warranted, there are many other types of holster available. For those individuals who are not in law enforcement, a simple ankle or shoulder holster may better suit your requirements and supply the piece of mind that you are looking for without the expense of a high-end holster.

If you are simply a lover of firearms and looking for a holster with which to carry your weapon, you may select to go with a Blackhawk holster. However, know that you can also go with a holster system that is significantly less expensive. The selection of a holster is as unique as the pick of the weapon that goes into it. It all depends on the requirements of the individual