Ambergis Caye in Belize is where you will find The Azul Hotel and Beach Resort, the most exclusive lodging on Ambergris Caye.

The Azul Beach Resort was specifically created to bring together the top end of the market with the very exclusive private villa and the very best amenities of a world class resort, and that has been incredibly successful. This can now claim to be the very best Belize resort and the ideal destination for an unforgettable honeymoon in Belize.

This may not be part of your everyday Belize vacation Package, but this is definitely beach front Belize at its very best, and is priced accordingly, but for your money comes sheer quality and exclusivity

Without visiting Ambergris Caye it is very difficult to visualize Azul Resort, but this article will attempt the near impossible in words and pictures.

Imagine a cluster of buildings with two dazzlingly white villas on either side of a round infinity pool, situated on 400 feet of private beach which is lapped by an azure-turquoise sea.

There are only the two villas and possibly the best restaurant in Belize called The Rojo Lounge, which is what makes the Azul Resort possibly the most exclusive if not the best Belize Luxury Resort. The food in the restaurant is innovative and quite superb, with good size portions

The villas are really like a very high class home from home covering of 3000 square feet. They are designed very much on open plan lines and marble tiled, with high ceilings allowing for a second bedroom and bathroom in a gallery style. The villa design has used local hardwoods that are unique to Belize and the design effect is one of total simplicity.

Perhaps the most outstanding feature of the villas is the use of the rooftop as part of the living space of the villa. This includes a built in day bed, a dining area and a Jacuzzi tub with a unique lighting system so it can be used day and night.

Alternatively you can dine out under the stars on the roof after watching the sun set over the mangroves and lagoon drinking a frozen Mojitos.

It is quite difficult to look at the fixtures and fittings without pinching yourself. There is a custom built state of the art Viking kitchen, but with the world class restaurant a few yards away it seems unlikely to say the least that you would ever want to cook. When you add to this Apple computers, 50 inch plasma flat screen TV, and Bose theatre system, then you might understand the sheer quality of your surroundings. In fact the even better news is the restaurant also supplies a private chef service to your villa for that meal on the roof.

Much of this may be reminiscent of other exclusive villas, until you add the hotel touches, such as maid service, room service, tour planning, in fact almost anything and everything you should expect and get from the very best, because that is what the Azul Resort and Villas are.

There is a wonderful combination here of the best of good taste and yet a uniquely casual elegance. Wherever you look there is somewhere comfortable to sit on or lie on to relax. Whether it be a hammock, a sun lounger at the beach, or at the table on the roof, the settee in front of the TV, you will find total relaxation everywhere.

The Azul Villas are a magical combination of tasteful and casual. Wherever you choose to come to rest, there is a welcoming spot which has been designed with comfort and beauty in mind: Under the palapas in a hammock, on a lounge chair at the beach, at a table on the rooftop, sitting at the kitchen table or sprawling on the couch.

One final comment is that the staff of the Azul Resort are both friendly and unobtrusively attentive. They have the great skill of only being there when you want them. They will do everything from great drinks, fantastic room service at the Villa, and fetch and carry you to and from the airport. Their performance is faultless.

The Azul Villas on Ambergris Caye in Belize could be just the ultimate best luxury hotel in Belize, and without a shadow of a doubt the only place to go for your honeymoon in Belize.

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