Korean dramas are bustling with talented child actors. And that's not all. These cute little things are growing up into screen stars that rule Korean showbiz. They may be regular faces in celebrity pictures and gossip but with their child-like looks and talent to reckon with, this new crop of kids is fast rising to the top. Here's looking at some of the most famous faces that grew up before our eyes!
Lee Hyun Woo

Now 21, Lee Hyun Woo first caught the eye at the age of eleven with the drama 'Spring Day' (2005). He might look cute and adorable, but when it comes to acting, there's no denying his talent. He has starred in a slew of successful films and TV programs which include The Legend (2007), King Sejon the Great (2008), God of Study (2010). Projects Brain (2011), Man from the Equator (2012), and To the Beautiful You (2012) are proof of his wide range of emotional acting. Surely, he is on his road to success.

Park Shin Hye

This young actress has owned the K-Drama scene right from her debut in Stairways to Heaven (2003) to the recent Heirs (2013). With big eyes and fluffy cheeks, she presents a picture of innocence, but that's not to forget her undeniable talent. Best known for her roles in the dramas You're Beautiful and Heartstrings, she also starred in the movie Miracle in Cell No. 7, which became the highest grossing Korean movie of all time. She also won the Most Popular Actress award for her role in the movie.

Yeo Jin Goo

He debuted as a child actor in "Sad Movie" (2005) but is perhaps best known for his work in The Moon that Embraces the Sun (2012) where he played the younger version of the lead. His other notable work include Giant (2010) and I Miss You (2012). His forthcoming roles include the movie "Shoot My Heart", which tells a coming of age story.

Kim So Hyun

Starting with her debut in the drama A Happy Woman (2007) at the age of eight, Kim So Hyun has gone on to play a variety of roles but is most notably picked for villainous or outspoken characters. This feisty young actress is a refreshing change from the damsels in distress and is best known for her work in Rooftop Prince (2012), I Can Hear Your Voice (2013), and Triangle (2014).

Yoo Seung Ho

Hardly a kid anymore, this young actor first made his appearance in the movie The Way Home (2002) at the age of nine. His noteworthy works include Queen Seondeok (2009), where his cute and child-like looks were replaced by an Orlando Bloom-like style, Master of Study (2010) and Arang and the Magistrate (2012). He may still be in the Army, where he went for his basic training, but his popular and demand in the world of K-Drama is hardly dwindling.

These young actors who rose to fame as children are here to stay and rule the world of Korean dramas. They are regular fixture in celebrity news and we shall keep a firm eye on where success takes these young stars and their future performances.