Travel agencies Hollywood offers special trips of famous celebs although it is difficult to select the very best Hollywood stars because the majority are accomplished, incredibly attractive and specialize in different movie genres. Still, there are those that get noticed and make it to the top 5. They are the ones who aren't stereotyped for one role. In fact, they have carried out roles which have been incredibly different from one another, making them a seasoned actor which has received the admiration of the viewers and those from the movie industry. Take note that these are not organized according to recognition or even preference. They are among the list of cream of the crop though and also worthy to become noted for excellence of their job.

Known for his performing skills and boy next-door charm, Tom Hanks started being a television actor then eventually gone to comedies. Sooner or later, he has been casted in blockbuster movies as the lead man. Out of many are Sleepless in Seattle, Forest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, Castaway and Catch Me if You Can. He has bagged a trophy from the Academy Awards and Golden Globe apart from many other recognition. An equally versatile actor, Johnny Depp has gained the hearts of a lot of adoring followers with his offbeat options of roles. He has been commended in the efficiency as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean as well as Willie Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He played a convincing playwright to find Neverland plus more lately, he was casted in Sweeney Todd. Travel agencies Hollywood offer special trips of a selection of their movie sets.

Robin Williams is acknowledged for his many performances that demonstrate his flexibility as an actor. He started out as a voice dabber but gradually became popular with his roles in Good Will Hunting, Patch Adams, The Birdcage and Mrs. Doubtfire. Definitely, his award in Golden Globe and Grammy is very well deserved. Academy Award winner Denzel Washington gained his fame with Malcolm X. From there, he received roles in movies like Philadelphia, The Pelican Brief, The Preacher's Wife, Much Ado About Nothing and several other popular movies. Being a Golden Globe awardee, Denzel Washington is really a name established in the industry so travel agencies Hollywood today provide tours of some of his movie sets.

A lot of celebrities owe a great deal to Charlie Chaplin. His endearing performances and being a pioneer of silent film movies, he has been the tramp who acquired the hearts of his audience. He's a genius and is immortalized by his excellent efforts to the movie and film industry. His popularity didn't dwindle through the years. Over and over again, several actors and actresses of the current generation look up to his work to seek motivation and to learn a suggestion or two from the master. Preferably travel agencies Hollywood would certainly do an "all about Charlie Chaplin" see. It's definitely something worth experiencing in LA.

This pretty short list is probably not enough to note all of the fine actors of Hollywood from then till now. Still, it really is good to consider them and their contribution to the industry of film. Contact travel agencies Hollywood to check if there's a tour of the home of your favorite actor. You may even get fortunate and see him live while shooting a movie. Contact travel agencies Hollywood now to find out.