Panvel city is the oldest and the most important city of Raigad district. It's the most populated city of the district. All the important government directories and all the government related work regarding the district is done in this city. This is because of the presence of the important government offices in this city. The tehsil office is situated here and the District court is also situated in Panvel. Panvel development has been a very serious issue as Panvel city's infrastructure lacks the modern technique which causes traffic at times. Considering the situation of Panvel, a New city was formed named New Panvel which was properly planned where the mistakes from the Old Panvel city were rectified. Looking at Panvel it gives you a look of the vintage Indian type. But still because of many work done in the past years, Panvel development factor can be clearly noticed.
The international airport of Navi Mumbai is based on this city itself though the project is been on a wait due to various reasons but the problem is being solved and the work will be started soon. When this project will be done there will be tremendous development seen in this area for sure. Though the development is still on progress as there were two big bridge project done which has cleared the long traffic in the city. Proposed international airport in Panvel will make this city more developed than any other metropolitan city. Due to this proposed airport there are waves of development happening in the Navi Mumbai city. There are many known Resorts and Water parks also made which increases the tourist to visit here. There are many big educational institutions from doing nursery till PHD every type of college or school can be found here.
This is all because of the decision taken by the local MLA of Panvel as the development is in progress at a very fast rate over here. In 2009, it was the first MLA here to become a Young Politician Leader. And as it says Youth power is the next power. Youth nowadays make huge difference in taking many important decisions and Youth entering into politics and showing positive vibes make huge difference and lead to the proper development. Similarly we can see that there has been a tremendous increase in Panvel development. As we know how passionate the youth is and how dedicate the youth is, so Young Political leaders is essential for the overall development in every sector. As the ideas with which they come out is full of passion and bright and strong point of views in it. As most of the youth is educated so it will definitely make a difference as it use to be early. The Young Indian Politician can make a huge difference in making great decisions as they won't give a second thought if development is caused by doing various good works.